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Don’t Believe This Lie Going Around about Exercise

beach-running-gett_2642708kI have been teaching people the benefits of weight lifting and of intense interval aerobics for more than 20 years. Six million Body-for-LIFE books were picked up by readers around the world and many of them put my quick, effective workouts to work with good results.

Now even though I am an advocate for interval workouts, I find the attached article absurd and borderline offensive. In the write up, a person who claims to be an expert on fitness, makes the claim that ‘cardio’ causes cancer, heart attacks, and increases in bodyfat.

The FACTS clearly show (facts backed up by thousands of published studies) that virtually ANY exercise is better than no exercise. Brisk walking, jogging, swimming, can all be safe forms of cardio-vascular and cardio-respiratory exercise. I want everyone to enjoy the benefits of physical activity–it is the best medicine there is for living longer and living better.

One meta-analysis published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Rehab looked at 33 studies with 883,372 total test subjects… researches determined that people who do cardiovascular exercise (‘cardio’) live much longer than people who don’t. “All-cause mortality was reduced 33%.”

If the topic is ‘over-training’ or doing extreme amounts of exercise, you can do that with weights, with intervals, or excessive jogging or running. Over-training is NOT the same as ‘cardio.’

Just because I am a lifter and sprinter, I would NEVER claim that it is ‘my way or the highway.’ Minute for minute, my intense workouts probably give you the best return on your investment of time in the gym… but that does not mean there aren’t many other healthy ways to get active! If you’ve read the attached article or heard other so-called experts claim that cardio causes obesity, cancer, illness, don’t believe it!! Common sense and science tell us this writer is dead wrong!

Click Here to Read The Controversial Article Titled, “Does Cardio Make You Fat?”


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Body-for-LIFE Bill Phillips has a New Plan to Help You get Back on Track!

Bill Phillips enjoys helping people get strong and healthy. He’s spent years learning everything he possibly can about training, nutrition, supplementation, motivation, and all the essential components of transformation. This pursuit has led him to train pro athletes, celebrities, and millions of people around the world. It also forms the foundation of his New 12-week Back to Fit transformation program.

Back to Fit contains a series of educational videos from Bill Phillips as well as daily workouts, motivation techniques, a full meal plan based on many successful transformations, a collection of healthy recipes, and much more—all for

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STRONGEVITY Rx is an easy to use and delicious orange powder drink mix made with pharmaceutical grade, quality ingredients. Stir a serving into a cup of cold water or blend it into your favourite protein shake. For women, I recommend using one serving (two scoops) in the morning. Men will want to use one serving (two scoops) in the morning and another serving right after working out for best results.

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Need Motivation? Check out this Transformation!

Mike Roemerman: Making a Change; Making a Difference!


This is Mike Roemerman in these before and after photos. Mike came to see me at fitness Camp here at my Transformation Center in Colorado last year. Like me, Mike is in the ‘over 45 group’ (he is 48 and I am 50). He got to that point where for the first time he was actually starting to feel ‘old.’ Mike is a very intelligent person and a great leader and he has worked hard to earn success in many areas of life. But like many of us, he got out of the habit of working out and didn’t make eating healthy a priority. Mike saw the direction his health was going and he made the decision to get well before he got sick–he decided to not wait until he had heart attack or health crisis to get back on track. And that, I think, is a very wise decision!

In a matter of a few months, following Camp, Mike completely transformed his body and health as you can see in these photos. He lost the unhealthy fat, gained muscle and strength, boosted his energy, and now he has a heart as healthy as any 29 year old! Mike came back to see me at another Camp and this time, he was inspiring and leading other members of our group. He has gone on to help fire up dozens of guys–showing them by example that you can get fit and healthy no matter what your age.

Mike succeeded because he committed to making this a lifestyle change. Mike did the humbling and hard work himself and he earned his great results! All I did was show him my exercise program while I worked out with him at my Camp. I taught him the key strategies for nutrition, supplementation, goal setting and gave him some insight on how to get and stay motivated. He did all the work–I just gave him the plan.

Today, Mike continues to make improvements and his healthy energy is helping him take on new challenges and goals–he is running for Mayor of his city and he just got engaged to a wonderful woman named Etta who is also committed to living a healthy lifestyle (she has been to Camp too!).

Congratulations Mike! Keep going strong! You have my support and respect for sure!

Your Friend,

Bill Phillips


Bill Phillips Next Level Fitness Events

NEW: Announcing Two Special Bill Phillips Next Level Fitness Camps!

March 27, 28, 29 (at Bill Phillips‘ Transformation Center in Golden, Colorado)

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IF YOU have previous experience following one of Bill Phillips‘ programs, then You’re Invited to apply to attend this New, Next Level 3-day Retreat!

To qualify you must have participated in one of Bill Phillips‘ previous fitness or transformation challenges or programs.

This is NOT the introductory course. This is for people who have hands on experience following one of BillPhillips‘ workout and nutrition programs — it’s for people who’ve had some success and are ready to take their results to the Next Level! 

You qualify to apply even if you have followed some of Bill‘s teachings from Body-for-LIFE or a previous Transformation Camp but have been knocked off track by adversity, stress, or the time and attention demands of everyday life. 

This is YOUR chance to not only get back on track but take your knowledge, results and healthy lifestyle to the Next Level! 

  • You will spend the entire weekend with Bill Phillips and his wife, Maria, both of whom have made the personal transformation from before to after and know the process inside and out.

  • At Next Level Camp you will learn from Bill Phillips Challenge Winners and Champions who have made incredible changes in their bodies and lives and can teach you the insider knowledge on how you can do it too!

  • At Camp you will discover new information about how to incorporate more whole foods and natural vitamins and nutrients into your recipes and meal plans. Learn which foods to avoid and which ones will help you live longer and become healthier!

  • Bill Phillips will reveal new scientific findings on how to maximize the benefits of every minute you invest in exercise so you can lose more bodyfat, gain more strength, and take your heart health and mental energy to the next level.

  • You will workout with Bill Phillips and learn his latest training methods, specifically developed for those over age 40. He will teach you the science behind the best training methods and how his workouts can help you live longer and live better!

  • Find out how to look and feel at least 10 years younger by the end of this Summer. This Next Level Camp is all about Fitness, Health, and LONGEVITY!

  • Connect with other people who have followed Bill Phillips‘ teachings and who are also embarking on the process of taking their health and fitness to the Next Level. You’ll make new friends and tap into the power of community and teamwork which has been scientifically proven to more than double your probability of success. 
  • You’ll also learn vitally important new information about the mindset to not only get back on track but stay on track and avoid the most common pitfalls which stand between you and long term success. 

People are traveling from all over the world to attend Next Level Camp at Transformation Center in Golden, Colorado. Participants who have already been accepted and booked are from: Seattle, Washington; Ontario, Canada; Boulder, Colorado; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Tampa, Florida; Dallas, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma. We also have participants coming from as far away as Greece and Australia to attend this Exclusive, 3-Day, Next Level Event in Colorado.

WARNING: Next Level Camp is NOT for everyone. If you do not have previous experience following one or more of Bill Phillips‘ programs this is not the right event for you. This Camp is only for people who have previous experience but are looking to take their knowledge and results a step further, with an emphasis in achieving sustainable, long term healthy habits and life transformation skills. 

Your investment in this exclusive 3-day Next Level Camp, where you will work with Bill Phillips personally for over 20 hours, is $1,495. This includes workshops, workouts, next-level nutrition planning, and all your healthy meals during the 3-day event, as well as 12 full weeks of facilitated online group support to help you stay on track and achieve breakthrough results. You will also go out to eat a healthy dinner with Bill at one of his favorite restaurants on both Friday and Saturday evening. You will have fun and work hard all weekend. If you are selected to attend, this will be the best investment in yourself that you have EVER made.

To take the next step in the enrollment and qualification process, please send an email to and briefly explain your previous experience following one of Bill Phillips‘ health and fitness programs. We will contact you promptly after you send your email to learn more about your condition and goals and from there we will let you know if you qualify to attend. 

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Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you soon at Bill Phillips Next Level Camp!


Bill Phillips, Supplements

Fitness Supplement Q & A

Q: I have a question for Bill — I used your EAS supplements and got great results when I was in my 20’s. Now I am 40 and need to lose about 35 lbs of bodyfat while I build my muscles back up. I wonder what supplements you are using these days. What can you tell me about your Right protein shakes, Strongevity Rx, and your GH10x supplements? Should I start with one of these or all of these? What do you suggest?

A: What I recommend is that people approach supplementation in this order: First, make sure that you’re getting  the full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals every day. Also, make sure that your body has an ample supply of the high quality protein it needs to recover from your workouts. I get a lot of my protein and vitamins from meal replacement nutrition shakes. 24 years ago I introduced the nutrition shake MET-Rx to the fitness world and a few years later developed the EAS Myoplex line of meal replacements. Literally millions of athletes and fitness buffs have used these products to fuel their muscle performance. One of the great things about high quality nutrition shakes is that they are so rich with nutrients while still being low in calories. This makes them an ideal solution for people who want to get fit and strong while also losing unhealthy bodyfat at the same time. NewRightBTF-2_large Myoplex was a great product in its time but today we know even more about protein science and how to filter out the highest quality, most pure protein powders and this is what I use in my new RIGHT nutrition shake. You will not find this in MET-Rx or Myoplex. Right Complete Protein Shakes are built on state of the art nutrition science — up to date for the year 2015. Some of my previous formulas at EAS have not increased in quality over the years and the formulas have changed possibly in the opposite direction.  I always recommend starting with RIGHT Complete Protein Shakes to make sure that you’ve got your essential nutrients covered.

STRONGEVITY RxThe next level of supplementation would be adding STRONGEVITY Rx to your workouts and healthy meal plan. This breakthrough formula includes the scientifically proven effective supplement micronized creatine monohydrate, ubiquinol, and ubiquinone forms for CoQ10 (which medical research has shown works synergistically and additively with creatine), and the biologically active form of Vitamin D3, called Cholecalciferol. These are three key nutrients that when taken together will increase muscle strength, mental energy, and improve recovery time. STRONGEVITY Rx is a supplement that not only helps you get better results faster from your workouts but it is also a longevity formula – studies show that these nutrients help improve both quality and quantity of life and so I especially recommend STRONGEVITY Rx to people over 40 who are working out and transforming their health.

GH10XLevel 3 supplementation is the next step up. This is only something for people who are already working out consistently, eating healthy, getting their protein and vitamins each day, and supplementing with the cellular energy nutrients in STRONGEVITY Rx. GH10x is that next tier product which helps our health and fitness through a different pathway. Gh10x can increase our body’s nitric oxide levels which increase blood flow to muscles and therefore help more nutrients and oxygen be delivered to hardworking cells. Gh10x also helps support the natural growth hormone response we get when we workout following a high intensity interval method. Natural Growth Hormone plays a key role in helping us lose fat and build muscle, and beyond age 40 our natural levels decline significantly. Anything we can do to boost them back up naturally can give us big benefits. Unlike synthetic growth hormone injections, natural GH boosters have no side effects and are much less expensive than the pharmaceutical products. Another benefit of GH10x is that is also contains key amino acids that help volumize muscle cells which helps to give the body that firm and toned look and feel.

In summary, first make sure you are working out hard and consistently. Next, eat healthy, balanced meals. Then, add the Right Complete protein nutrition shakes. After that, you can get better results faster from your workouts by adding in Strongevity Rx. Once you feel that you have all those basis covered, then consider GH10x to take it up a notch. ++ To learn more about Bill Phillips Fitness Supplements visit