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Q: I have a question for Bill — I used your EAS supplements and got great results when I was in my 20’s. Now I am 40 and need to lose about 35 lbs of bodyfat while I build my muscles back up. I wonder what supplements you are using these days. What can you tell me about your Right protein shakes, Strongevity Rx, and your GH10x supplements? Should I start with one of these or all of these? What do you suggest?

A: What I recommend is that people approach supplementation in this order: First, make sure that you’re getting  the full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals every day. Also, make sure that your body has an ample supply of the high quality protein it needs to recover from your workouts. I get a lot of my protein and vitamins from meal replacement nutrition shakes. 24 years ago I introduced the nutrition shake MET-Rx to the fitness world and a few years later developed the EAS Myoplex line of meal replacements. Literally millions of athletes and fitness buffs have used these products to fuel their muscle performance. One of the great things about high quality nutrition shakes is that they are so rich with nutrients while still being low in calories. This makes them an ideal solution for people who want to get fit and strong while also losing unhealthy bodyfat at the same time. NewRightBTF-2_large Myoplex was a great product in its time but today we know even more about protein science and how to filter out the highest quality, most pure protein powders and this is what I use in my new RIGHT nutrition shake. You will not find this in MET-Rx or Myoplex. Right Complete Protein Shakes are built on state of the art nutrition science — up to date for the year 2015. Some of my previous formulas at EAS have not increased in quality over the years and the formulas have changed possibly in the opposite direction.  I always recommend starting with RIGHT Complete Protein Shakes to make sure that you’ve got your essential nutrients covered.

STRONGEVITY RxThe next level of supplementation would be adding STRONGEVITY Rx to your workouts and healthy meal plan. This breakthrough formula includes the scientifically proven effective supplement micronized creatine monohydrate, ubiquinol, and ubiquinone forms for CoQ10 (which medical research has shown works synergistically and additively with creatine), and the biologically active form of Vitamin D3, called Cholecalciferol. These are three key nutrients that when taken together will increase muscle strength, mental energy, and improve recovery time. STRONGEVITY Rx is a supplement that not only helps you get better results faster from your workouts but it is also a longevity formula – studies show that these nutrients help improve both quality and quantity of life and so I especially recommend STRONGEVITY Rx to people over 40 who are working out and transforming their health.

GH10XLevel 3 supplementation is the next step up. This is only something for people who are already working out consistently, eating healthy, getting their protein and vitamins each day, and supplementing with the cellular energy nutrients in STRONGEVITY Rx. GH10x is that next tier product which helps our health and fitness through a different pathway. Gh10x can increase our body’s nitric oxide levels which increase blood flow to muscles and therefore help more nutrients and oxygen be delivered to hardworking cells. Gh10x also helps support the natural growth hormone response we get when we workout following a high intensity interval method. Natural Growth Hormone plays a key role in helping us lose fat and build muscle, and beyond age 40 our natural levels decline significantly. Anything we can do to boost them back up naturally can give us big benefits. Unlike synthetic growth hormone injections, natural GH boosters have no side effects and are much less expensive than the pharmaceutical products. Another benefit of GH10x is that is also contains key amino acids that help volumize muscle cells which helps to give the body that firm and toned look and feel.

In summary, first make sure you are working out hard and consistently. Next, eat healthy, balanced meals. Then, add the Right Complete protein nutrition shakes. After that, you can get better results faster from your workouts by adding in Strongevity Rx. Once you feel that you have all those basis covered, then consider GH10x to take it up a notch. ++ To learn more about Bill Phillips Fitness Supplements visit

Video: Keys to Eating Right–lose fat; gain muscle and energy!

Exercise is important and so is nutrition. For most of us, we know that we should eat right most of the time, and we also know that knowing is not enough… it’s knowing and doing that transforms us! One of the reasons it is such a challenge to change our eating habits is because those patterns are deeply engrained. When you look at how many years you’ve spent developing those patterns, it can add up to decades. It’s not going to take that long for us to get back on track with healthy eating if we follow the right approach. Watch my video at the link below and learn more keys to eating right: Back to FIT Nutrition

Body-for-LIFE Bill Phillips’ New Fitness Program

bill books

Body-for-LIFE author Bill Phillips has a New Online Program

Bill Phillips has a new, FREE program available online right now that gives you specific instruction for how to get back on track with your health and fitness. Discover how to get better results faster from exercise; learn how to eat for healthy weight loss and renew your energy for life! You can learn all about this program called Back to FIT for FREE when you visit:

Bill Phillips’ Transformation Camp is February 20, 21, 22

Body-for-LIFE author and EAS founder, Bill Phillips, is having a 3-day seminar, workout, and workshop at his fitness center located in Golden, Colorado (15 minutes west of Denver).

Bill Phillips works directly with camp participants in a relaxed, fun, and energizing small-group environment all 3 days. People who attend camp have gone on to transform their health, many losing over 50 lbs of unhealthy weight while gaining strength and energy. The emphasis is on learning the keys to fitness and then putting them into action to achieve exciting short term, and LONG TERM results.

Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners, Managers, Marines and full-time Moms have all taken what they learned at camp and applied it to change their bodies and lives. This is a program for anyone who is serious about making real and lasting changes in their health. Bill Phillips has helped more people make the change from before to after than any other fitness expert or coach. If you are ready to make a real and lasting change, Bill Phillips can help you too.

There is room for two more people to enroll in the February 20, 21, 22 camp. The investment is $1,495 per person. (Discounts for couples and alumni are often available). If you would like more information about attending camp and if you are serious about losing unhealthy weight while gaining strength and energy, please send us an email to:

Pre-Order Right Protein Shakes — Get 24 Shakes FREE!

From: Bill Phillips
Date: January 28, 2015

Hi, I’m sending you this quick message to invite you to reserve your next supply of Right Protein Shakes and STRONGEVITY Rx. We apologize for being sold out of inventory for so many weeks — our supplements have been literally selling faster than we can make them.

Our new shipment of supplement inventory is arriving next week. If you’d like to place your order now, we will make sure it goes out first. You get 24 FREE Right Protein Shakes when you place an order for 8 containers — that’s a savings of $70.00!

Right Protein Shakes are 6 key fitness supplements in one delicious and satisfying drink.

1) A Top Quality Pure Whey-Protein Isolate Supplement which helps support protein synthesis, muscle recovery, and immune system strength.

2) A Complete Vitamin and Mineral Supplement which helps you optimize overall health, metabolism, and energy production.

3) A BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acid) Supplement which helps you retain and even gain muscle while losing fat at the same time.

4) An L-Glutamine Supplement which supports cellular energy, prevents excess muscle breakdown, and helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

5) A Probiotic Supplement which supports healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.

6) An Anti-Oxidant Supplement which helps neutralize free radials and protects the body from disease causing oxidative damage.

You get ALL of these high quality nutritional supplements in every serving of Right Protein Shakes.

Right Protein Shakes are Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, Lactose-Free, Gluten-Free, Low-Glycemic, Hormone-Free, and Non-GMO. Right Protein Shakes are manufactured only in an FDA certified, Good Manufacturing Practices Facility.

Enjoy two or three shakes per day along with two or three healthy whole food meals for best results. Right Protein Shakes help you get better results faster from your workouts and take the guesswork out of Eating Right!

Get 24 FREE Right Shakes When you Pre-Order Now!

To Learn More and Pre-Order Now Visit:

+ (Please allow up to 10-14 days for delivery. All orders will be shipped first come first served. Offer only good while supplies last.)

Get Bill Phillips’ FREE Transformation Program Today!


To lose bodyfat, gain muscle, and get your body and health in top condition, you need to follow a complete plan of action that includes exercise, nutrition, supplements, mindset and motivation. I have a new, FREE program available starting today that gives you specific instruction for each of those keys. You can learn all about this program I call BACK to FIT and sign up by visiting today. I hope you enjoy the Free program and instruction and I hope it helps you achieve your health and fitness goals! ~Bill Phillips

Lean More Here:

Transform Your Body, Your Health & Your Life!

From: Bill Phillips, Body-for-LIFE
January 18, 2015

Earlier today we had someone reschedule from next week’s Transformation Camp to one in February. That means I have one open spot for next weekend’s event. Are you interested in coming to Camp to work with me personally? If so, please read my message below! Thank You! ~Bill


Are you sick and tired of being overweight and not feeling healthy? Have you been meaning to start eating right, exercising, and making some positive changes? Would you like to finally get started and do so with the help of real experts, who have helped thousands of other people transform their body for life?

If so, please accept this invitation to join me at my Transformation Fitness Center here in Colorado. This 3-Day course is all about helping YOU get in the best shape of your life!

At my Camp, you will work directly with me and you will join a team of other positive people who will support and encourage your success during Camp and for 12 weeks afterwards. Coming to my Camp will help you get motivated and focused. It will help you overcome obstacles that might be standing in your way — no matter what it is, we will figure it out and get you moving towards a renewed body and healthier life!

During the 3-Day Camp, I will help develop a scientifically proven and practical nutrition, supplementation, and exercise plan that will work for YOU. We will develop a safe, smart program that you will follow for 12 weeks to achieve your health transformation goals.

I will also spend time with you in workshops where I will give you some inside secrets to developing and maintaining a positive “CAN DO” mindset. It’s vitally important that we get your mind set in the right direction for you to make.

Our previous Transformation Camps have all been sold out and fully booked– we just have one last minute opening for our January 23, 24, 25 Camp. (We have room for one person or one couple!)

It’s time to realize that you have the potential to make incredibly healthy changes — to lose unhealthy bodyfat, gain strength and energy and confidence! I’ve worked with many good, intelligent people who have enjoyed success in other areas of their life, but who have struggled to get their body in good shape. Until you have the practical knowledge, a proven plan of action, and the coaching that you need, success can be elusive. But, when you do have the right formula and the right support incredible breakthroughs are not only possible, they’re probable.

Over a thousand people have already come to Transformation Camp and have lost between 25-150 lbs of unhealthy bodyfat while building muscle and gaining energy and health. I will give you the same help that I gave them… the fact that others have been successful is proof that you can do it too!

If you are ready to make a real and lasting change in your body and life, please send me a note right away at the following email address:

Please provide your phone number and a brief statement about what changes in your body and life you would like to make as a result of coming to work with me for three days at my Fitness Camp.

After you send me an email at we will get back to you right away and be happy to answer any questions you might have. Then, we can help you reserve your place before this last Camp is Sold Out and fully booked.

If you’ve tried the Body-for-LIFE program and had good results before, but you’ve gotten a little off track over the years, this is the Camp Event for YOU! If you’ve been putting off losing weight and procrastinating, NOW is the time to make the decision to get your health back on track. You can do it, and we can help!

Your investment in the 3-Day Transformation Camp, where you will work with me personally, is only $1,495. This includes the workshops, workouts, nutrition planning, and all your healthy meals during the 3-Day event. I will also take you out to dinner on Friday and Saturday evening. We will have fun, and also work hard all weekend.

Make the decision to make 2015 the year you get in the best shape of your life! Start now to get back on track. Make that decision today. It will be the best investment in you that you’ve ever made. Send me an email message and let me know you want to join me and change your life:

Learn More at:

I’m looking forward to helping you successfully transform your body so you can begin feeling more energetic, stronger, and healthier than you have ever been before!

Bill Phillips


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