NEW – Natural Growth Hormone Supplement, GH10x


NEW GH10x: Scientific-Research Based Supplement + Workout for Building Muscle, Burning Fat

Produced by the pituitary gland, growth hormone supports health in a variety of ways and plays a key role in lipolysis (fat burning) and the anabolic process of muscle building. Unfortunately, research shows that as we age, growth hormone levels diminish. For those of us 40 and over, this can be one of the factors that lead to weight gain, reduced energy, and muscle loss.

Prescription growth hormone (GH) medicine has been touted by some anti-aging experts as a kind of fountain of youth. Celebrities and world champion athletes have paid over $20,000 per year to receive GH injections. What many of them don’t know is that there is a much safer, natural, economical way to boost GH and receive the anti-aging as well as fitness benefits.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that taking safe dosages of key amino acids (building blocks of protein) can significantly increase growth hormone levels. Additional research shows that a specific method of exercise training adds to the supplement effects – producing a huge boost in natural growth hormone secretion. When it comes to GH the body is its own best pharmacy. With specific nutritional supplementation and exercise, we have a safe, practical way to enjoy the benefits of increased growth hormone without any of the side effects of prescription GH medicines.

GH10x is an all-new, scientifically designed, nutraceutical – a natural supplement with safe, medicinal like effects. I highly recommend this supplement for people over 40 who have already made a commitment to eating healthy and exercising intensely (GH10x will not work for people who do not exercise).

Use 2 servings of GH10x per day and follow the recommended workout and you will increase your natural growth hormone levels by up to 10 times, allowing you to lose more bodyfat, build more muscle, increase energy and prolong healthy lifespan.

GH10x will be available in our online store beginning in September 2014!

This is NEW and State-of-the-Art in Protein Science!


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For Right Light fans… we are sold out of Right Light at this time but we have a brand NEW product coming to you later this month.

While most protein supplements are going down-hill in quality, using inferior raw materials to cut costs, I have taken our formula up to the next level with the procurement of what is arguably the world’s best protein supplement source… 100% natural, pure, cold-processed, micro-filtered whey protein isolate with biologically active (undenatured) peptides, fractions (Immunoglobulins [IgG1, IgG2, IgA and IgM], Lactoferrin, Alpha-lactalbuminand), light molecular weight moieties that are assimilated with maximum efficiency (PER of 170 compared to egg white at 100 on the protein efficiency ratio scale.)

NO other protein source has this level of quality… it is medicinal protein which has been shown in scientific studies to increase protein/muscle retention, improve fat loss (in people who exercise), boost the immune system, and prolong satiety so we find it easier to manage our appetite (key for long term weight loss). The NEW Right Light has over 3,000 mg of glutamine per serving and over 5,000 mg of BCAAs which are very beneficial for those of us who workout with weights and who do intense aerobic training.

This protein source is the gold standard and it costs a lot to buy and put into this shake formula… I use this everyday though and I wanted a product that was THE BEST and state-of-the-art! THIS IS IT. We don’t sell it in health-food stores because there is no margin in it… no profit margin for the retailer. So we just sell it direct and keep the price down to half of what a Starbuck’s coffee costs these days.

Right Light offers the benefits of great nutrition in a convenient and simple to use nutrition shake that tastes great. It is loaded with vitamins, probiotics, anti-oxidants and electrolytes while being sugar free, gluten free, lactose free, fat free.

From MET-Rx to Myoplex to Right Light… nutrition shakes have been a key for eating right and staying healthy for me. This is a safe and scientifically-proven, sustainable, practical method for improving fitness. I eat two or three health whole-food meal a day and have two or three Right Lights each day. I have been using this new formula for about three months and it is absolutely the best nutrition shake and protein supplement I have ever tried.

The New Right Light is also cholesterol free which is important not just because powered cholesterol is bad for heart health but also because if there is cholesterol in your protein shake, it is NOT the best quality. Look at your protein label and if you see cholesterol, remember it is a sign the protein source isn’t pure or as good as it could be.

This new product is produced only in the highest-quality, FDA-certified, good-manufacturing practices compliant facility. This is pharmaceutical quality manufacturing.

The New and Improved Right Light complete-protein nutrition shake will be available later this month — I’ll share more information soon!


The 25-Minute Workout Which Burns Fat for 40 Hours!


Why Does High-Intensity-Interval-Training work so much better than old-fashioned cardio?

Forget about how many calories the cardio machines tell you that you are burning from your workout. The real measure of the exercise benefit is in how many calories your body burns AFTER the training is done!

In this chart, you see the results of a scientific study which measured the energy expenditure (calorie burning) during and after a HIIT workout vs. a regular effort workout (like jogging at a steady pace).

HIIT causes your body to burn more calories for 40 Hours After your workout. HIIT has been shown to help people lose twice as much bodyfat over 6 weeks of training (twice as much as people who did longer but average intensity workouts).

It was 15 years ago that I wrote Body-for-LIFE and taught people the ‘High-Point Training Method’ which is a form of HIIT. Today, more than a thousand scientific studies show it works best. Back then there were only a handful of studies and my suggestions of 20 to 30-minute workouts was criticized by the less informed ‘experts.’

HIIT is the BEST workout method for burning fat and also for improving heart health… and c’mon… EVERYONE can make time for 5-25 HIIT workouts!!

+++ See my specific High-Intensity-Interval Strength Training Workout video by clicking the link here: Bill Phillips 5-25 Upper Body Strength Training Workout

Christen Manak is our Newest $5,000 Challenge Winner!!


Christen Manak is our Newest $5,000 Challenge Winner!!

Christen Manak is the women’s category $5,000 winner of our Transformation Challenge Contest, which started at the beginning of this year. We selected her because not only did she make great progress during the time of her 12 week Challenge; but also because of the incredible perseverance, patience and determination she has shown over the past 3 years. Christen has successfully completed challenge after challenge — moving forward each time towards the direction of her long term health and fitness goals.


Christen has been a positive and active member of the Transformation Challenge support groups and has been a humble hard worker — leading by example.

Christen Manak’s story has now come full circle in a beautiful and healthy way. She started this journey at 214 lbs and set her sights on getting back to a healthy weight after becoming a Mom. Now, 65 pounds lighter (149 lbs) with a lifetime filled with healthy habits around eating and exercise, Christen and her supportive, loving, husband are now blessed again with another baby on the way.

Congratulations Christen Manak for truly Transforming your Health for LIFE and inspiring others to do the same!

Bill and Maria Phillips

+++ Christen shares part of her story in her own words below:
From Christen Manak: I started my first challenge three years ago. I had just finished a difficult pregnancy and because of bed rest and lack of healthy nutritional choices I had gained sixty five pounds! Over the past three years I’ve had some life setbacks with a broken leg/ankle and long distance move, but I’ve kept returning to a healthy lifestyle and it feels great!

At the conclusion of this challenge, my husband wisked me away for a romantic tenth anniversary cruise to Bermuda! It was so amazing to get dressed each day and see the pride and joy in my husbands eyes as he looked at me. Even at my heaviest he always made me feel loved and told me how beautiful I was to him. As he looked at me on that cruise and again whispered how beautiful I was to him, I could finally believe it! I knew it to be true!

But…I guess being so beautiful and fit has it’s consequences! About a week after our return home, we discovered someone else jumped on board through our romantic getaway! I am so excited to welcome this new little baby into our lives and I’m also looking forward to continuing to live healthy and not fall into my previous unhealthy pregnancy patterns. Body-for-Life has been put on hold for Body-WITH-Life, but the knowledge and habits I’ve formed don’t need to change! ~Christen Manak

+++ Bill Phillips Invites YOU to join his newest Health-for-LIFE Transformation Challenge. Get in the best shape of your life and WIN $5,000! Sign up for FREE at


Transformation Camp Attendees Give to Make-A-Wish Foundation

This weekend we’re enjoying another Health Transformation Camp here at our fitness center in Colorado. My wife, Maria, and I want to thank each and every person, from the bottom of our hearts, who has attended one of our Camp this summer. It’s because of each of YOU that we have been able to donate Camp proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and help grant more wishes for children facing a life threatening disease. The attached letter from the Make-A-Wish Foundation is addressed to Maria and I, but it really is for all of you who have attended and supported our Health Transformation Camps. You are not only making healthy changes in your lives, you are making a positive difference in the lives of others. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Bill and Maria




Make-A-Wish Child, Alexandria

Who Else Wants to Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, and Win $5,000?



From: Bill Phillips
July 17, 2014

Congratulations Joszef Hajdu — You are a $5,000 Winner in the Back-on-Track Challenge!

The photos here are taken 12 weeks apart and show the healthy transformation of Jozsef Hajdu, a 42-year old father from Florida. He is a winner in our Back on Track Challenge which began earlier this year. He has put his health and fitness back on track — burning off 25 lbs of bodyfat while gaining 8 lbs of muscle… all in just 12 weeks! He said he entered the challenge because he was, “sick and tired of feeling sick and tired” and through his hard work and dedication he changed his body, renewed his health, and regained the energetic, confident and happy part of himself that had been gone for a while. After the 12 weeks he kept going and now, he is in even better condition! Jozsef explains the basic keys to his workouts, supplements, and mindset like this:
From Jozsef Hajdu: “I simply followed Bill’s 5-25 program for lifting and for cardio also. It’s not easy but a simple program, give your very best EVERY SINGLE TIME when you’re working out. I followed EFL also, and since I work 10-14 hours per day I had to prepare my meals for the long day to make sure I can follow it properly. Right Light shakes helped me greatly, I drink 2-3 every day and drink Strongevity RX too. My main motivation was the “PROMISE” I made myself and my family that I will finish the 12 weeks NO MATTER WHAT. And now I’m transforming not just physically but mentally too. My family loves the new me, I am a lot better husband and a better dad, and that is worth every moment of struggle!”

+++Now it’s your turn! Sign up for our brand new Health-for-LIFE Challenge Today — it’s FREE to join and you might just get in the best shape of your life and win your share of $10,000 in prizes! (There will be a men’s winner and a women’s category winner.) Sign up now by visiting — sign up for our new Health-for-LIFE Challenge Today!


Science News: Build Muscle, Gain Energy Faster

Originally posted on Bill Phillips Fitness News:

“I started with MET-Rx, then launched EAS and Body-for -LIFE. Now I’ve developed STRONGEVITY Rx, a new supplement that takes it to the next level. It’s not just for better fitness — it’s for a better life.” ~Bill Phillips


I’ve been using STRONGEVITY Rx since last year and I’m stronger now than I’ve been in a decade. And my doctor recently commented, after a thorough check-up, that I have the heart of a 25 year old.

When I started using the pilot production samples of STRONGEVITY Rx, the benefits kicked in fast — I started feeling stronger and more energetic within 2 weeks. I gained the endurance to workout even harder and recover more quickly. And I’m absolutely certain that this breakthrough has the potential to restore, rejuvenate, and empower you too.

“I started with MET-Rx, then launched EAS. Now I’ve developed STRONGEVITY Rx, a new supplement that takes it to the…

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