Right Inventory Shortage Warning

I’m sending you this second reminder (just incase you missed the first one) to let you know our inventory of Right Complete Protein nutrition shakes and the supply of our popular cellular energy supplement, Strongevity Rx, is running low. I can’t guarantee we will have those supplements available throughout May but we will have a new shipment in by mid June. I recommend you stock up now — that’s what I’ve done. To find out how to get 24 FREE protein shakes and stock up before we run out, click here ——–> http://burl.co/51522A3

Planning overrides Procrastination

What I’ve discovered is that one of the reasons people put off, procrastinate, and postpone is simply because they’re not prepared. Quite often, that’s what it comes down to. And while the stereotypical advice, “Stop Procrastinating!” certainly has merit and may be offered with the best of intentions, the solution is conspicuously absent. How do you stop procrastinating? How do you “Just do it!”? Procrastination is a side effect of a lack of preparation and planning. By “preparation,” I mean gathering the essential information and acquiring the knowledge you need to accomplish your goals. And by “planning” I mean deciding how and when you will apply the information you’ve acquired. When you are prepared, and you have a plan, you will not procrastinate. You will move forward and you will ‘just do it,” because you’ve prepared to do it and planned to do it! ~Bill Phillips

Invest Your Time, don’t just Spend it!

Time, much more precious than money, is there for you to invest or squander. Each and every day, we are given the exact same amount of time to work with: 1,440 minutes. Where you are in life and where you will go is highly determined by what you do with your time. Spend time carelessly and you will pay the price: poor health, low energy, depression. Invest your time wisely–by properly caring for your body, by exercising and eating right — and you will enjoy a healthy rate of return. Among the rewards are increased positive energy and clarity. Those paybacks will allow you to do more in the time you have to work with–more for yourself and more to make a positive difference in the world around you. As you move forward towards the achievement your goals, please think about what you are doing with your time. Are you wasting it passively or squandering your valuable time with complaining, or by making excuses, or procrastinating. How can you invest your time more wisely? Taking care of yourself and being a positive influence to your friends and family… making time to eat healthy, making time for daily exercise… those are the solid, fundamental investments that will bring you a wonderfully rich rate of return. ~Bill Phillips

Goals give you the ability to be self-directed and in control

BP1Setting goals, and reading them every morning and every night will help you stay on course. Committing your goals to memory helps even more as it harnesses the power of a part of your mind called the “frontal cortex.” Quite simply, the frontal cortex is a guidance system the directs your conscious and subconscious thoughts, patterns, and actions. Most people don’t intentionally program any specific target they want to strike, which leaves the power of this part of the mind untapped. Reading and memorizing your goals every day is like giving the frontal cortex the specific directions it needs to organize your thoughts and actions, and gives you the ability to be self-directed and in control. Also, when your mind is focused on achieving specific goals, you will notice reduced stress and increased clarity, satisfaction, and peace of mind. ~Bill Phillips

Update: Room for 2 More at Bill Phillips Camp in May

Bill Phillips here, and I am sending you this quick email because I know I can help you get the results you want with your weight loss and fitness. I have helped thousands of people get great results at my Transformation Fitness Center in Colorado and many more through my books Body-for-LIFE and Eating for Life. I can help you too, I guarantee it!

Exciting opportunity that came up today — 2 Spots open in the Last Scheduled Transformation Camp for 2015!

May 22, 23, 24 is the last Bill Phillips Transformation Camp scheduled this year. This event was completely sold out until today, when a couple changed their reservation to our April event.

Do you want one of the spots that opened up today? If so, send me an email right away to Bill@Transformation.com and we can get your reservation started. Couples receive a $500 discount when booking together.

Our Camp last weekend was incredible! We had a lot of fun but most importantly, everyone in the camp group was able to breakthrough obstacles which were holding them back. Many came in discouraged with their lack of previous results — many had tried and failed to lose weight and get healthy numerous times. Finally, they got the information, inspiration, knowledge, and support they have been needing to succeed!

What about you? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, so to speak? Ready for a REAL CHANGE in your body and life? If you are, drop me a quick email at Bill@Transformation.com and let’s get you to Camp ASAP so that you can make a complete transformation during this summer ahead!

++ Your investment in the 3-Day Transformation Camp, where you will work with me personally, is $1,495. This includes the workshops, workouts, nutrition planning, and all your healthy meals during the 3-day event. You will also receive 12 full weeks of ongoing community support to help you stay on track and achieve breakthrough results. I will also take you out to a healthy dinner on both Friday and Saturday evening. We will have fun, and also work hard all weekend.

Please don’t put off the decision to get healthy any longer. I promise that if you allow me to help you, you will get results! Let me know if you can make it to my May 22, 23, 24 Transformation camp. Please include your phone number in your email so that we can contact you to answer any questions and help book your reservation.

Send Your Email to: Bill@Transformation.com

Making the decision to attend my Transformation Camp could change your entire life. I’m looking forward to seeing you in person, getting to know you, and I am very excited about helping you become healthier, happier, and totally transformed this summer!


Bill Phillips

P.S. I am happy to share the following message from one of our clients who transformed his body and life after attending Camp. You can do it too!

Craig Johnson“Friends and family have asked about the benefits of going to the Transformation Center in person and my short answer is that it is LIFE CHANGING! In the last 3 months I have lost 44 lbs and 7 inches from my waist.  I have reduced my body fat by over 8%.  My knee is finally pain free which has allowed me to pursue my favorite activity of golfing again and I just finished my first 21 mile bike event and still had energy to burn! You can’t help but to be inspired to immediate action after seeing Bill’s honest approach to health and fitness and his enthusiasm for living a better life. Bill emphasized ‘progress not perfection’ which later became my mantra and changed how I would approach a healthier lifestyle that was not a “diet.”  Bill also took the time to address the important facts against the many myths of health and fitness that gave me the understanding of how to live a better life. Then, once I was armed with the knowledge, tools, and support provided at camp I began my own journey towards health and progress that I enjoy today! So, if you are sitting on the couch like I was and wondering can this really be worth the money or effort, let me assure you it IS worth it ten times over!  Bill’s Transformation Camp will be the best gift you could ever give to yourself.  As Bill says, “this is not selfish to learn how to be healthy it is self-care!”  So, ask yourself, are you worth it and if not now…when?”

~Craig Johnson, Retired Air Force, Husband and Father

Are you driving, or just going along for the ride?

I don’t know anyone who can honestly tell me they ended up in poor physical condition, overweight, or weak on purpose. It’s something that happens unintentionally. Oftentimes, when people focus their attention on their careers, their education, or dealing with a life crisis, they put their health and fitness on “cruise control.” They let go of the steering wheel and take their eyes off the road. Before long, their physical condition and health are completely off track. The style of living that causes poor health is not that complicated to understand. And, fortunately, neither is the process of getting back on track. But you have to disconnect the cruise control, put both hands on the wheel, and focus your vision on where you want to go. You have to start driving, and stop just going along for the ride. You have to intentionally undo the things that happened accidentally. ~Bill Phillips

One-Day Only SALE on Bill Phillips Supplements

From: Bill Phillips
Date: April 8, 2015
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