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 Right Nutrition Supplements
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We only make a limited amount of our products because the unique, high-quality proteins we use are not in abundant supply. We try to make enough product to supply our VIP customers, but we are not a big company that mass produces products.

Bill Phillips Right Nutrition supplements are scientifically developed and proven effective. We only use the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. We cater to customers who want the VERY BEST nutritional supplements available anywhere.

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** We will be shipping all back orders for our supplements early this week, and all new orders by mid-week. We want to get your order delivered to you promptly, so we’ll be working overtime and sending all shipments by FedEx special ground delivery. Thank You for your patience, and we greatly appreciate your business.

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Forgiveness: The Priceless Gift You can Give for Free

One of the things I’ve noticed about people in general is that they’re too darned hard on themselves. I see so many good people who don’t even know how good they are. They carry bags of guilt with them, filled to the brim, day in and day out, expending precious energy. Their internal dialog is critical far to often. I said if you talked to your friends the way you talk to yourself you probably wouldn’t have any friends!

baggageNegative thoughts and feelings are ‘baggage’ and like pounds of unhealthy bodyfat, it can weigh you down. We need let go of the baggage in order to move upwards and onwards. The process of breaking free involves forgiving. Forgiving others, and most importantly, forgiving yourself.

Perhaps you haven’t cared for your body the way you feel you could have or should have. Perhaps you’ve broken self-promises. Perhaps you’ve let yourself down. If so, you’re not alone. Virtually everyone has felt like that at some point. But you don’t have to let that stop you. The past does not equal the future if you don’t want it to. The key is to forgive and let go of what might be holding you back. Resolve to learn from the past and vow to do better… start by taking good care of your health right now and on into the future. Drop that baggage and move forward! ~Bill Phillips

Focus on What You Gain

I cannot emphasize enough that my programs and fitness challenges are not simply about weight loss. Unlike virtually all the popular diet programs that basically measure your success by how much less space you take up on the planet, my programs are different: It’s about gaining energy, increasing strength, renewing health, and decreasing bodyfat. So please, don’t make the mistake of measuring your success each day, each week, or each month, by the amount of weight a scale says you have lost. Measure your success by what you gain, not by what you lose. Gaining strength. Gaining muscle. Gaining energy. Gaining self-respect. Gaining self-awareness. Gaining self-trust. Gaining self-esteem. Gaining back control of your life! This is what Body for life, Transformation, and Back to Fit are all about! ~Bill Phillips

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Change Your Body and Life at Bill Phillips Fitness Camp!

group before to afterOctober 17, 2015

No one has helped more people transform their bodies over the past 25 years than Bill Phillips. Body-for-LIFE is THE original fitness transformation book which has been copied countless times. Bill Phillips knows what works and what doesn’t; he knows the science of fitness inside and out, but he also knows from personal experience how life’s adversity can knock you off track. Bill’s setbacks and comeback make him the caring and motivating teacher he is today at his Transformation Fitness Center in Colorado.

Through his world renown health for life Camps, Bill Phillips works with clients personally and in small group settings, helping them make inspiring breakthroughs in their bodies and lives. If you are working out and not getting incredible results, or if you need to get back on track and rebuild your body and health, please consider attending Bill Phillips’ 3-Day Transformation Fitness Camp so you can achieve success too!

Upcoming Camp Dates:
++ October 23, 24, 25 (only 2 spots left)
++ November 6, 7, 8 (4 Spots available)
++ January 8, 9, 10 (This special New Year’s Camp is filling up Fast)

What is required to attend Bill Phillips Fitness Camp? First and foremost, you have to be ready to CHANGE and ready to put into action the powerful fat loss and strength building information you will learn at Camp.

We limit the number of people who can attend each Camp so that Bill Phillips and his wife Maria can work with you individually as well as in the group. At Camp you will learn exactly what to eat to lose unhealthy body fat while gaining strength and energy. You will workout with Bill Phillips and learn how to get the best workouts of your life! You will be motivated and inspired over the 3-day Camp and you will be connected to a Team of like-minded people who will help you make incredible progress over the 12 weeks that follow Camp.

Your investment in the 3-day Camp, where you will work with Bill personally is $1,495. This includes over 20 hours of workshops, workouts, and nutrition planning. All your healthy meals during the three day event will be provided for you, as well as 12 full weeks of ongoing team support to help you stay on track and achieve breakthrough results. You will also join Bill Phillips, Maria, and the Camp group for a healthy dinner on both Friday and Saturday evening. You will have fun and also work hard all weekend. Please don’t miss out on this special opportunity to transform your body, your health, and your quality of life. This will be the best investment in yourself that you’ve ever made!

Someone reading this message right now is about to make a bold decision that will change their body and life in a very exciting way! Is it YOU? You may look back at this moment right now and see it as a turning point in your life.

Please remember that Bill Phillips has been through the transformation process personally and he has helped thousands of people achieve incredible success. He cares about your well being and his expertise is second to none. If you’re ready to make big and exciting changes for the better, please send us a message now and we will help you decide if Camp is right for you.

Write to us now at: for more information and to reserve your spot!

2015 Bill Phillips Challenge Rules and Recommendations


The Bill Phillips Fitness Challenge is intended as a fun and cooperative way to help people focus on their health and fitness and take action to make positive progress. The Challenge is free to enter and no purchase of anything is required.

By accepting the Challenge you have taken a big step in the right direction–most all of the incredible before to after transformations I have seen over the past two decades were from people who participated in one of my many Challenge events (going back to the very first one I promoted in 1992).

By accepting the Challenge, you have an opportunity to win rewards and by finishing all 12 weeks, you are certain to receive the very best prize of all: a better body and a healthier life. You have so much to gain by giving this Challenge your all!

+++The top transformation wins the grand prize — an all expenses paid trip for two to Maui, Hawaii!

All finishers who make progress and complete their Challenge and submit their before and after photos, and a written (500 words or less) transformation story, will receive a Certificate of Achievement for making a healthy change which makes a difference.

Plus, as I mentioned before, everyone who starts and finishes the Challenge WINS the best prize of all which is a healthier body and a renewed, more positive life!

All participants’ photos and stories will be reviewed by our Transformation Team here in Colorado and we’ll give you a score based 65% on your body change and the other 35% will come from your inspiring story of change (500 words).

Start your 12-week Challenge as soon as Monday, September 7, 2015 and no later than September 30, 2015 to be eligible for the rewards. You must be finished with your 12-week program no later than Wednesday, December 23, 2015 (this is a strict deadline and cannot be extended for any reason!).

This is a 12-week Challenge – that means the before photos and after photos must be taken 12 weeks apart. Photos from the front required, side and back photos optional. At the end of the 12 weeks each participant needs to send their before and after photos along with a 500 word letter, by Sunday January 3rd, to:

Transformation Challenge,
221 Corporate Circle, Suite K,
Golden, Colorado, 80401

The Grand Prize Winner will be announced on or before January 29, 2016 on my blog at and ‘Bill Phillips Transformation’ on Facebook.

The Challenge is open to people from all nations and everyone over the age of 18. I especially encourage people who have had success with Body-for-LIFE in the past to dive into this Challenge wholeheartedly and prove that no matter what your circumstances or age you can get back on track when you work for it!

Make some time to read my complete program and watch my new videos at — this is a complete exercise and eating plan to help you lose fat and build back your health and fitness!

Also, visit to get step by step instruction explaining my complete, and favorite, upper and lower body workouts. Click on these links: Upper Body WorkoutLower Body Workout

I recommend my Eating for Life Nutrition Plan to anyone who wants to lose body fat, gain strength, and improve their health. Learn about the right FACT’s and see an example meal plan by clicking the link: Eating for Life Nutrition Plan. See my nutrition overview video where my wife Maria and I give important tips on how to feed your body the right way. Click this link to watch the video: Nutrition Video

We’ll continue to send you additional exercise and nutrition resources and tips through the email address you provided in your sign up information.

Congratulations for taking the first step by accepting my Challenge — now follow it up with action and cross that abyss between before and after — you will win no matter what by finishing all 12 weeks!

~Bill Phillips

+++Please check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise and nutrition plan. Please know participation in the Challenge is your choice and your liability. Prizes are not transferable and cannot be exchanged. Rewards are compensation for endorsement of the Challenge and not a sweepstakes, lottery, or gambling. No purchase of any kind is required to participate. This Challenge is organized and promoted in the spirit of good people working cooperatively to make healthy changes in their lives which inspire and make a difference in the lives of others.

Bill Phillips Birthday — 51 Years Young Today


Very happy and grateful to become 51 years young today! I was putting together some snapshots that show a quick reflection of my life today and I thought I would share it here with my blog readers.

I’m telling you, with fitness as a consistent part of your lifestyle you don’t have to look bad, feel bad, and become overweight and unhealthy as you age. With just a half hour of exercise a day, and relatively healthy eating most of the time (and taking my vitamins and creatine) I stay at about 8.5% body fat and my muscles are almost as strong as they were 15 years ago. I can’t do everything I could when I was much younger, but I can do a lot and I am grateful for that. My doctor says that fitness has kept my heart health excellent and that is a benefit of working out I really value these days.

I am so lucky to be married to a beautiful and smart woman…Maria is my best friend and love of my life. Her and I have both been through health transformations of our own a few years ago. We know what it’s like to be out of shape which makes being fit feel that much better. Maria and I get to do the work we love — helping others rebuild their bodies and renew their lives at our Transformation Fitness Center here in Colorado. We keep work balance though — we take plenty of days off to travel and enjoy life and our time together.

Life isn’t perfect of course… but it is very good and I feel so lucky to have made it to 51 years and to still be going strong. Thank you so much to all the friends who come to our Camps and who allow us to be a part of your lives. And thank you to everyone who has wished me well today (there are so many kind and thoughtful people in the world today). And thank you Maria for making everyday worth celebrating. I am looking forward to many more years of living life! ~Bill Phillips

Rick Lost 53 Lbs of Bodyfat and Gained 12 Lbs of Muscle!

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 7.15.49 AM

This is Rick Bullard, a 15 year active member of the Air Force, stationed in Idaho. He saw a picture of himself stepping out of the water on New Year’s Day (Polar Bear Plunge). At 250 lbs, he said he could hardly recognize himself. He made the decision to make a change and signed up for my Transformation Challenge along with his wife Amber. They traveled to my 3-day fitness camp at our center in Colorado and got connected to a supportive community of good people who were all striving to get their fitness back on track. 

Throughout this year, Rick made steady progress by following my workouts, nutrition, and supplement plans to the T. When I saw him again last week at Transformation Camp, I could hardly believe how much he had changed. He has dropped 53 lbs of bodyfat, added 12 lbs of muscle, practically doubled his strength and there’s no doubt he has improved his heart health and mental clarity as well.


We named Rick and his wife Amber, who is also active duty Air Force, as our $5,000 winners in our last contest. I look forward to sharing more about Amber and the incredible changes she has made in the near future. For now I just wanted to show you all what’s possible — Rick did it with a full time, demanding job in the Air Force, and with a busy schedule his family keeps. Rick has set new goals and is aiming to improve even more over the next 12 weeks.

Congratulations to Rick and Amber and thank you for your sacrifice and service! ~Your friends, Bill & Maria Phillips 

++ Sign-up for the new Bill Phillips Challenge before the deadline of September 30th. Visit



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