The Secret You Need to Know

The Secret You Need to Know is Science…

There isn’t a ‘secret to transformation success’ but there IS a FORMULA which works every time. That formula is proven by science. Over the past 25 years I have seen it work with my body and life and in the lives of thousands of my students. Here it is…

The Right Fitness Knowledge in Action over Time = RESULTS

That formula always works. It is scientific FACT not fad.

The first key is getting the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE. At Transformation Camp (our 3 day course of workouts and workshops) I educate participants and teach them about nutrition for fat loss and muscle strength. I try to get to the bottom line which is what works and what doesn’t. It is a lot to learn at once and also, when folks go home, they have to overcome their environment and old habits. They also continue to hear and read about diet secrets and fitness fads like KETO, and Paleo, and P90X, and fat burning miracle supplements. Over time, people get confused and even frustrated with the complexity of it all.

If you have been to or ever wanted to attend one of our Camps and/or participated in our Live Video Coaching and Workouts, I have something coming up that is going to be especially helpful to you. I have prepared an 8 hour crash course and knowledge update for YOU that takes away all the confusion and leaves you with CLARITY. Your best results in terms of fat loss, muscle gains, health improvements and feeling good are going to come to you when you move forward with CLARITY.

Bill Working Out

June 2nd I am having a LIVE video seminar and workshop that I’m calling “CAMP IN A DAY!” It is an 8 hour presentation that clears up any and all confusion you might have about eating for fat loss, meal planning, meal prep, grocery shopping, money saving tips to stretch food dollars and an ultra simple explanation and chart that shows you how to eat for your glycemic type. I can help you customize and dial in the protein, carb, and fat (macros) content of all your meals so you stay in the blood glucose and insulin zone that is best for losing bodyfat and building strength, energy and health! I also have an hour dedicated just to uncovering myths and lies in the popular fads… I will give you science that establishes the right FACTS so you can get past the clutter and see the truth!

To reserve your spot now, click the link below. It is quick and easy to enroll:

I will take you through the science of exercise and even have you grab your weights and workout with me June 2nd. I will explain in detail how to do our most basic 5-25 workouts and I will take you rep by rep, step by step, through my new method called “Bill’s Enduro-Strength Training” (B.E.S.T.). BEST workouts are done using lighter weights lifted for very high rep counts, very often 50 reps per set. BEST workouts are excellent for people over 50 who want to burn fat, improve heart health, boost metabolic rate, and build muscle without lifting heavy weights. Enduro-Strength Training is backed by science and is great to mix in with our basic 5-25 workouts. BEST workouts with ultra-high reps give me a chance to push myself and make progress even with my painful scar tissue from knee injuries. If you have sore joints or tendonitis that flare up from time to time and slow down your workout results, PLEASE join me June 2nd to learn about the breakthrough of BEST workouts. You will never train the same way again after our workouts on Saturday June 2nd.

Mindset, Goals, Vision, Daily Action Steps… this is a science in and of itself. It is the science of crossing the abyss between knowing and doing. Getting the Right Knowledge is the first step. Next is putting that Knowledge into ACTION. Again, CLARITY is the key. We will use brand new and improved worksheets to help you organize your thinking around the process and I will break it down into simple (not easy) steps that you implement each day. It is how you look at the process and how you measure your success that determines your mindset. You have to allow yourself to win. You have to celebrate daily progress and forget about perfection. I will teach you about the ‘motivation molecule’ that is built into our brain. Know how to spark the motivation molecule is breakthrough information. I teach you exactly how to work with your mind and not against it.


As we get older, we all see that there is more to life and well-being than workouts and eating right. I have studied and written about the fascinating connection between states of mind and emotion… and physical health. Anger for example, doubles your chances of having a fatal heart attack regardless of your cholesterol levels. Shocking is what that news is! Stanford University explored steps we can take to reduce resentments and inner stress that make life mentally and emotionally painful. I have four key ‘soul-set’ exercises I will introduce you to and give you step by step instructions of how to do them. They are not done in the gym. These workouts are called Forgiveness, Gratitude, Making a Difference and Having Fun. It’s not a religious course. It is the science of being fit and healthy inside and out. I believe in transformation of the whole person… no diets, no quick fix. I will open up and share my own adversity and talk about what I am learning from it all. Heart to Heart discussions only for the humble and mature are what this is all about.

After our June 2nd Camp in a Day, I invite you to join me for 28 days of implementing our knowledge. Adults learn by study AND practice. And reinforcement and reward. We have a great group of people already signed up for this one of a kind event. We have games and challenges and teamwork building courses all of June and I KNOW you will love the experience and wherever you are on the path, starting over and continuing on, you WILL benefit in ways that will help you truly change your mind, change your healthy, change your destiny.

NOTICE: IF you cannot attend all or even part of our June 2nd Camp in a Day online, live video course, YOU CAN still participate! All of the live video will be saved so you can pull it up at the time that works for YOU. Watch the seminar ON DEMAND instant replay. This is valuable for everyone because you can re-watch parts of Camp in a Day which you want to really study and take in. Or if you miss part of the June 2nd event you can watch it the next day or the next!

I guarantee the month of June can be a transformational experience for YOU or I will refund 100% of your investment of $495. You get the 8 hour course live video on June 2nd, followed by a 28 day program and workbook with NEW forms for tracking your meals, workouts, goals and achievements! Six days a week you will have a scheduled workout with me, Bill Phillips. Also, each day of the week, there will be a live or on demand workshop, discussion topic pertaining to the key action steps that give us all the results we will earn with our efforts.

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This Event happens only ONCE. The number of participants is limited so we can keep track of each person in the group and give them the support they each need to succeed. We have room for less than ten more participants. Please allow yourself to be one of them! One decision can change your destiny. Say YES now and let’s make this summer the healthiest, happiest one ever for all of us. Click the link below to sign up and I will send you detailed instructions for how to participate next week.

Very Sincerely, 

Bill Phillips 

PS: Members of our VIP300 and 220 Groups, you can sign up for Camp In a Day and the following 28 day Program and once you complete the program, you will get credit for 34 workouts when you do 24 in June. That is 10 Bonus workout credits which some of you need to hit 300 this year! 300s and 220s you can sign up for Camp in a Day or skip the course and use the old worksheets and workouts in June and you can join in the live workouts as always. Only those registered for Camp in a day program will be eligible to win one of the two brand new home gym prizes!

To sign up now, click the following link. It is quick and easy to enroll:

Wow! What an Exciting Time in Fitness


Wow! What an exciting day it’s been! What an exciting week it’s been on the Go LIVE workout page! What an exciting time it has been since the beginning of this group. Our workout week for wishes became 2.5 weeks and I was so happy that we got to give so many free workouts to those of you who gave so generously for our Make-A-Wish Fundraiser which was a huge success for the kids of this wonderful charity.

We ended up having more than 1 winner of our annual Transformation Fitness Challenge and that makes so much sense because so many of you have accomplished so much… you’ve all become healthier and that’s the ultimate WIN!

I am going to be on hiatus from in front of the camera workouts for the next month but Maria is doing another MP21 Challenge starting this Monday August 21, which, as I’ve explained is an excellent three week sprint that will help you fine tune your nutrition with very strict guidelines and extreme accountability. I’ve seen some of the guys and gals that have been working out with weights and building some good muscle get on Maria’s MP21 and take off 7 pounds of body fat in three weeks and really show an incredible change.

Maria’s 21 Day Challenge starts the day after tomorrow; Monday August 21 and she will be sending out guidelines and material to particpants tomorrow. If you are not signed up for Maria’s MP21 Challenge already, I’ve talked her into letting 10 more people from our GO LIVE team enroll with her while I am working on The New Body for Life book, franchise centers, Masters Camps, and other projects over the next month.

To register in MP21 you have to take action right away by clicking here.

Thank you all for letting me be your coach this past year. I look forward to getting back in action next month after I make some important progress with The New Body for Life Book and Franchise Program. In the meantime, keep going strong and never, ever, give up!

With Respect and Admiration,
Your Coach,

Bill Phillips
The New Body for Life
Transformation Center

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We’ve Raise $9,215 for Make-A-Wish–Goal is $10,000 by Tomorrow!

Thank You to EVERYONE who has signed up already for our Workout for Wishes fundraiser!!

We just need 9 more people to sign up for Workout for Wishes to reach our goal of donating $10,000 to Make-A-Wish Foundation! Once we get 9 more sign ups this group will be full-up and closed.

So far this week, 95 generous fitness fans have each pledged $97 to help us reach $9,215 … 9 more pledges and we breakthrough to achieve our fundraising goal of $10,000 in one week!

In return, I am giving a week of LIVE workouts and transformation tips to everyone who donates. Starting Monday August 8 at 7:00 pm MT we will be talking to you LIVE (by Facebook video streaming) from the Transformation Center here in Colorado. For 5 straight days I will be coaching you through the best workouts you can do for fat loss, muscle building, health and longevity. Workout WITH me during the broadcast… all you need is a pair of dumbbells. Before and after the workout I will be teaching you the practical science and explaining why we do what we do and how it differs from the fads and myths that confuse so many people today. (If you can’t watch live, no worries… you can watch the replay ON DEMAND at a time that works for you!)

You can learn more about “Bill Phillips LIVE Workouts for Wishes” and you can sign up at the link below. We need 9 more people to join in and then we will have achieved our ambitious fundraising goal of $10,000 in one week for Make-A-Wish Foundation! (Once you sign up, we will send you a private message with instructions how to enter the closed to the general public LIVE workouts broadcast and community page on Facebook. Just 9 more people and this group is full up! You will get your private information 48 hours before the first broadcast. We are going to have a lot of fun and get some great workouts!)

Click Here to Register:

Workout with Bill Phillips LIVE on Facebook!


Now You Can Workout with Bill Phillips LIVE On Facebook

Starting next Monday, August 8, at 7:00 pm (MT) and continuing through Friday August 12, I will be coming to you LIVE (on FACEBOOK’s new live-stream feature) for a series of workouts and talks about the best way to train for fat loss, muscle gain, health and longevity. Each session will include a 25 to 40 minute workout that you can follow along with at home or in your gym. You can watch Bill Phillips’ LIVE Workouts on your iPhone, android, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc. After the workout, join the discussion of how to get the best results from your workouts. I’ll answer your questions live, and give specific do’s and do not’s when it comes to lifting and intense interval aerobics.

If you have been to Camp and spent time with me already, you will be reminded of a lot of the workout principles you might have forgotten. I will also introduce new information based on years of research and practical experience… new ways you can boost intensity, increase gains, and get better results faster.

If you have not been to Camp and have not yet worked out with me in person, this is a way you can get up close and personal with me and feel what I am teaching and how it can help you, starting that day! It is also a way for you to get a feel for what Camp is like, without making a $1,500+ investment.

I’ve been paid over a thousand dollars an hour for personal training and coaching jobs with the rich and famous celebrities and pro athletes. We charge between $1,500 and $3,000 to come to our 3-day Camps. And we sell out every event we do. But with this LIVE workout week with me, I am asking for only $19.40 to workout with me live and to hear my top tips and techniques for making the best progress you have ever made. Five hours of workouts and seminars from me for just $97 (5 x 19.40).

ALL the funds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation so they can continue to help make life better for children ages 2-17 who are facing life-threatening illness. My goal is to give Make-A-Wish a check for $10,000 in just one week of fundraising. And I am not asking for something for nothing. I want to give you far more value than $97 for the week of LIVE workouts and seminar discussions. I think I can help you get motivated to workout harder, more often and with better form and strength. That will allow you to lose more fat, get stronger, improve your health and help you live a longer, better life. What you gain could change or even save your life. What you pledge, $97, will immediately make a difference in the lives of kids who need our prayers and support.

So what do you say? Yes? Yes! (Please say Yes!)

Then, get ready for a full week of awesome workouts with me, LIVE, and also be ready to learn how to get your best results ever. I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I have helped guide some of the world’s greatest transformations… I am confident I can help motivate, educate and transform you too!

When you sign up, you will be sent a private group link (on or before August 6) that you will be able to use to gain VIP access to our private/closed group on Facebook. This is where the workouts will air live and where you can get answers to your questions about training for the best results. In the Facebook group, you can also connect with others, who, like you, are transforming their health and fitness. After you sign up, you will get an email with detailed and easy to follow instructions for how to join ‘Bill Phillips LIVE Workouts.’

++By the way, if you can’t join me live because you have something else scheduled in our live broadcast hour, no problem! Just go to the website address on Facebook that we will give you after you register and you can watch the show ON DEMAND… at YOUR time. Watch the live recorded show and join in!

++August 8 – 12 is the ONLY time we are doing this event. One week of LIVE workouts with Bill Phillips — all proceeds support Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado.
To make a pledge and sign up for the private, LIVE workouts with me, visit our sign up page at the link below:

Click Here to Register: 

Grandmother Transforms from Fat to Fit



Grandmother Transforms from Fat to Fit: Becomes Youthful and Vibrant and Healthy Again!

Incredible transformation! I met this super-fit gal at our last Body of Work Camp. Her name is Terry, and YES that is actually her in both of these photos. These pictures were not taken very far apart either. In a matter of months, Terry totally rebuilt her body, at age 50, and renewed her life by following our program. Here’s where it gets even more cool… Terry is the Mother of Amber Loucks Bullard who has become one of our dear friends over the past couple years. Amber and her husband Rick and their great kids Seth and Madi have all been to our fitness camps on multiple occasion. Amber and Rick are both active duty Air Force (we thank you and respect you both for your Service, we really do!).

Amber and Rick have each made incredible changes in their health since we met. But what surprised me more than anything I have seen in quite a while is the TRANSFORMATION OF AMBER’S MOM!! She lost more than 45 lbs of unhealthy weight and she is building strong and shapely muscles now too! She looks 10 (maybe even 15?) years more youthful!

Terry you are an inspiration and Amber you are the KEY. It is one thing to be able to change yourself (and that’s a good place for us all start). And it is an even more incredible phenomenon when you can inspire others in your own family to transform their health and fitness. Amber, you have the makings of a true grand champion… we’ll see how that progresses over the next year… never know, you might need some new garage space for a Bentley prize one day… anything is possible for you! Terry, Amber, Rick, Seth and Madi… your family is setting an inspiring example of health transformation and you are all making a big difference!!

So proud of you all! Please keep up the Good Work! ~Bill Phillips

Accept Bill Phillips’ Challenge to Change Your Health, for Life! Win Incredible Prizes while You get in the Best Shape of Your Life. It is FREE to Enter and You’ll Receive an Invitation to our Challenge Support Group as well as insight in the best Training, Nutrition, and Supplementation Plans to Achieve Your Goals. Click Here to Sign up Now: 

Body-for-LIFE transforms to HEALTH for LIFE

Just received results from my recent medical check up which included an in depth blood test by Boston Heart Diagnostics. (Ask your doctor for that blood work if you are over 45 because it is the best information you can get on your heart health and more.) This chart (which is very personal information by the way…) shows some of my important results.

Folks over 45 (and over 50 like me) are crusin for a brusin if they neglect their health. Over a million people in America will have a heart attack this year. Don’t imagine for a second that you couldn’t be one of them. We ALL have to work to be healthy, myself included.

On my test results, you see information pertaining to 3 of the primary causes of disease and preventable death: 1) Cholesteol and other Blood lipids; 2) Systemic Inflammation (if chronic, inflammation is probably the number one cause of early death; and 3) Blood Sugar/Insulin (I eat carbohydrates with every meal and my blood sugar readings are spot on optimal–don’t believe the BS that you have to go no carb or even low carb to have insulin and glucose balance).

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 12.54.49 PM

In all 3 of these areas shown in the chart, the results are optimal. Further artery tests indicate no aging the last 4 years; in fact, with my consistent workouts and supplements and eating right most of the time (not all the time) my cardiovascular system has literally become renewed and ‘younger.’ I am ‘younger’ at 51 than I was at 47 believe it or not. (My wife Maria is very much a force in me transforming my health after hitting a very low point some years ago.Thank you Maria!!)

carotid arters Bill.jpg

My Dad used to say don’t take advice from someone who isn’t doing well in the arena they are teaching. For example, don’t take wealth building advice from a person in poverty. Don’t take mental health advice from someone who is crazy.

For health advice, find someone who is getting the results you want and do what they are doing… that might be a smart approach. (Its weird because many doctors are overweight and unhealthy as are many personal trainers).

Anyways… if you’ve been to my Transformation Camp, you know exactly what I am doing because I go over and over it and then it is what I ask you to do. Those who follow through and also FTDI (Follow The Darn Instructions) are often stunned by the results not just in their body change but in their HEALTH TRANSFORMATION.

Back in the Body-for-LIFE days the focus really was on building a better BODY. Today, what I teach is focused on your HEALTH. The good news is, if you do what you need to do to make a sustainable Health Transformation, you get a better body in the process. I used to say transformation can change your body and life. Today I say it can change your health and SAVE YOUR LIFE.

I want to say this again because it is so important: More than a million people in America will have a heart attack this year, don’t be one of them. Every 39 seconds on average, an unsuspecting man or woman in our country dies of heart disease–that’s 2,200 deaths just today! Most of the time it is preventable.

FREE ADVICE TODAY: If you’re not exercising consistently, START today. Walking and weights are a good place to begin. See your doctor for a check up if you haven’t been this year. Work your way up to doing intense interval aerobics and intense free-weight exercise, about a half hour a day, 5 or 6 days a week. That is what I do. Lifting (and lowering) free weights is safe, effective, efficient… we go for low impact and high intensity. Intensity in lifting is more important than variety.

With nutrition, you don’t have to eat right all the time… get it right MOST of the time and you’ll lose fat and get more fit. I eat a balance of healthy protein and carbs frequently throughout the day and I don’t eat at night… I give 10 to 12 hours between my last meal (dinner) and my first meal (breakfast) of the next day. Get all the essential vitamins and minerals everyday. If you are lifting weights for your workouts, take in extra protein. Don’t diet! Don’t over do it with exercise (4 hours a week is plenty if you do it in intense intervals).


It also helps to be a part of a healthy, supportive group like the teams that come together for our LIVE video workouts and workshops program, “BPLIVE”. You can find out more about the next session, and how you can get involved, at the following link:

Focus your mind by having a long-term vision for your health and then set short and mid-term goals for your health and fitness. Your goals only have meaning and are only motivating if they are aligned with your long-term vision and values.

If you won’t get healthy for YOU, do it for your FAMILY.

And of course…

Once you get started, don’t stop! Keep Going Strong, even on days you are ‘too busy’ or ‘too tired.’ Forget perfect and focus on progress. NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER QUIT ON YOURSELF!

Health-for-LIFE is the direction things are going. Don’t miss out! ~Bill

Can You Really Transform for Life?

BP1Can You Really Change? Is long-term Transformation Even Possible?

Recent news reports about overweight and obesity have sent the message that no matter what you do, it is very unlikely that you can change your overweight body into a fit one… and stay that way.

Yes, most people do regain weight after they diet. Most lost weight is found, true. But does that mean you can’t succeed? No it doesn’t and YES you can make lasting change for the better. You must have the right knowledge and you must put that knowledge into action. You must also have the right support and you have to understand that it is lifetime recovery through daily action steps that are repeated to the point they are permanently ingrained habits. Those habits must form routines. Those routines must become a new, healthier way of living… a new style of life… a new LIFESTYLE.

I have been teaching and practicing and researching and learning about this topic for three decades. There are a lot of myths out there and a lot of misinformation. A lot of ignorance, even among the so-called experts. And there are a lot of lies being intentionally told by a disreputable diet and fitness industry. Sweeping away the surface swill takes time and skepticism; research and study; trial, error, practice and persistence. Having poured myself, wholeheartedly, into this process for years and years, I have come to some basic and fundamental principles that work. Perineal truth that stands out and endures over time. Protocols and programs that I have formulated have been replicated with positive results; outcomes are predictable certainties. What worked twenty years ago works today and will work twenty years from now.

Okay, so What Really Works?

Weight loss and fitness transformation is a process of lifetime recovery. You never ‘get there’ to a point where you are done and no longer need to pay attention to it. That is the biggest diet myth of all… the myth that once I lose the weight and get fit, well then I’m done. It does NOT work like that.

At my 3-day seminars, workshops, “camps” the first emphasis is on getting the right knowledge. The second emphasis is on putting that knowledge into ACTION. Basic daily action steps, repeated over and over again, is where the abyss between knowing and doing is crossed. The habits must be practiced, reinforced with reward and feedback, and done with conscious intention every day. It is not complicated when you have the right method to follow.

Transform for LIFE one day at a time, one action step at a time.

1) Exercise most days. Lift weights. Do interval aerobics. A half hour a day with intense effort is better than longer workouts with low effort. My methods are safe, sustainable, effective and efficient. Consistency and intensity are the keys that make workouts work.

2) Plan your meals ahead of time and follow your plan. You can’t go wrong with eating a balance of healthy foods, smaller meals more frequently throughout the day and an occasional off day or free day gives flexibility and practicality which are key for long-term results. Take vitamins and supplement with quality proteins IF you can’t get in enough healthy whole-food meals each day.

3) Connect with a support group to give and receive encouragement and accountability. Transformation is a Team sport so to speak. Connect with a community of other people who are also trying to make healthy changes and you more than double your results in the short and long term.

4) Think it through! We get out of shape by not paying attention to what we are doing. We get in shape by taking the opposite approach which is to pay attention to our health! Don’t take your eyes off the road! Take a few minutes each evening to review how you did that day, give yourself feedback, make note of several things you did right that day and identify one thing you can do even better the following day. THINK, plan, prepare as a daily habit.

5) MINDSET is key! Set your mind in the right direction–cultivate a positive, healthy mindset by seeing your progress as success. Heck just making an effort to improve your health is success! Be proud of even trying because most people don’t! Success must be measured by the completion of key daily action steps and not just by the scale. Measure your success by what you have accomplished, not by what you haven’t. Focus on progress, not perfection!

6) Develop a long-term Vision for your Health (your vision is guided by your values). Set mid and short term, measurable, specific GOALS which are aligned with your Vision and Values… goals can be behavior or performance based (I Will Workout at least 60 times over the next 12 weeks) as well as result based (I Will be 30 lbs. Lighter within 6 months). Use your goals to answer the question, “What can I do between now and this time tomorrow to take a step in the direction of my goals and vision?” Remember that human beings are motivated by the prize more than the penalty… reward yourself in some personally meaningful way for the achievement of goals and you will get inspiration to set new goals and work to achieve them too. Momentum is a powerful force.

You CAN Change–There is Living Proof

I have seen so many people lose fat and gain muscle, transform their health, and change their lives over the long term with the approach I just described. Now is that the only way? No. There is more than one right way. But when you decide to change your health and improve your life, how many proven effective ways do you need? One! So pick one that works and stick with it for goodness sake! Don’t settle for a body you don’t like and a life you don’t love!

Accept the fact that you CAN change; YOU have the ability; and with that ability comes the RESPONSIBILITY. It is up to YOU to own that responsibility. No one is going to do this for you. You are the one your new body and life is waiting on! Make the decision to transform and doors will start opening for you!

When you change your health and life for the better you inspire others to do it too. Your change makes a difference. And Lord don’t we need it now in this country more than ever before! You can change the world around you by changing yourself. It’s true. And with the right method, it is pretty simple… I didn’t say EASY, I said simple.


Warning: Whey Protein Isolate is not the same as Concentrate

I only use Isolate and it works incredibly well for me and my clients at Transformation Center. Why not use whey concentrate? I get that question all the time and at my 3-Day Camp I explain my reasons in depth. Because so many people are confused about this topic, I am going to post a 4-part article in my blog at — this is the first part.

I have been researching and using protein supplements for nearly three decades. In 1991 I introduced the fitness world to a product developed for clinical nutrition called MET-Rx and it became the number one selling protein of that time. Then I designed a protein supplement and meal replacement shake called EAS Myoplex which has been used by millions of athletes over the years. Now I make and use a new and improved, protein rich, high quality version of Myoplex called RIGHT Nutrition which is not sold in stores and is made in small batches just for me and my clients. (MET-Rx and Myoplex are now owned and distributed by other companies and they do not contain the quality ingredients they originally did.)

Even though there is a legitimate science of nutritional supplements which has advanced over the years, the facts are sometimes hard to find because the fiction (and nonsense) is so pervasive. Supplement consumers have been fed a steady stream of half truths and lies about whey protein by the bodybuilding, and nutritional supplement industry. Over time, you notice that this deception permeates the field of nutrition so fully, that even some intelligent, and well meaning fitness pros and even some from the medical field unknowingly recommend low quality, and even potentially harmful, whey proteins to their clients and patients. You see there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between the low quality whey concentrate and the high quality whey protein isolates.

Look closer at whey protein concentrate and you’ll see a number of problems. For example, notice there is cholesterol in many inferior protein supplements which are produced with whey concentrate.

Research indicates that the cholesterol found in powdered products like whey protein concentrate has a tendency to go rancid or oxidize in this form. That is bad news especially for us over age 40 fitness buffs because oxidized cholesterol in particular can be responsible for the start of arterial plaque build–up in heart disease, as well as many other degenerative effects of aging.

The scientific literature clearly shows that powdered cholesterol is prone to oxidize, and that oxidized cholesterol is decidedly harmful. But this information is covered up and withheld from the users of supplements which contain whey protein concentrate. Concentrate is a much less expensive ingredient compared to the superior whey protein isolates which are free of cholesterol. Isolate, unlike concentrate, is also lactose free, fat free, and sugar free. Isolate is flat out better but is rarely used as the main source of protein in supplements because it costs so much that it cuts into the profit margin most companies try to make. I don’t use concentrate because being healthy is the main reason I workout and eat right today. At age 51 the fact that exercise and good supplements help the body look better is kind of a secondary benefit; avoiding heart disease and living longer is what matters most to me.

Unfortunately, many of the companies which have profited greatly by selling whey protein concentrate have done such an effective job of marketing over the years that most of the information you’ll receive on whey protein from fitness magazines, online ‘experts’ and supplement stores will usually fail to include even a passing mention of the harmful effects of oxidized cholesterol. And when it comes to the problems of whey protein concentrate, oxidized cholesterol is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll continue this discussion soon in part 2 where you’ll learn that whey concentrate is up to 53% ‘dead’ protein (denatured) and does not have the unique and powerful health enhancing effects of bioactive, pure, un-denatured whey made with the proper, state-of-the-art isolation methods and technology.

George is 150 Pounds Lighter!


George Umbreit attended one of my 3-Day Transformation Camps at my Center in Colorado. Incredibly, he went on to become 150 lbs lighter (385 lbs to 235 lbs — he’s 6’4″) by following my 25-minute workouts five days a week and eating 6 times a day (smaller healthy meals, and some nutrition shakes as meals). The keys for George’s success were CONSISTENCY and SIMPLICITY. He did the work I asked him to do–he followed the instructions. He didn’t do more exercise than I asked; he didn’t eat less than I asked. He took it one day at a time and he didn’t try to measure his success with a scale. He did the work and he let the results happen. Each month he made more progress. In about a year, his transformation looked like what you see in these photos.

George has kept the weight off for more than two years now and he has moved on with his life. He is a competitive ballroom dancer and a very active, strong, and energetic young man. He survived cancer as a child and suffered from depression for many years after that. George is grateful to have another chance at life and he is making the most of it.

If you have a lot of weight holding you down, be like George and do the work to set yourself free. You didn’t gain the weight overnight and it won’t go away quickly either. You don’t want the fastest way to lose weight… you want the healthiest way… a way you can sustain for life. Don’t ever give up because if you keep trying, like George, YOU WILL SUCCEED!! ~Bill Phillips

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