Wow! What an Exciting Time in Fitness


Wow! What an exciting day it’s been! What an exciting week it’s been on the Go LIVE workout page! What an exciting time it has been since the beginning of this group. Our workout week for wishes became 2.5 weeks and I was so happy that we got to give so many free workouts to those of you who gave so generously for our Make-A-Wish Fundraiser which was a huge success for the kids of this wonderful charity.

We ended up having more than 1 winner of our annual Transformation Fitness Challenge and that makes so much sense because so many of you have accomplished so much… you’ve all become healthier and that’s the ultimate WIN!

I am going to be on hiatus from in front of the camera workouts for the next month but Maria is doing another MP21 Challenge starting this Monday August 21, which, as I’ve explained is an excellent three week sprint that will help you fine tune your nutrition with very strict guidelines and extreme accountability. I’ve seen some of the guys and gals that have been working out with weights and building some good muscle get on Maria’s MP21 and take off 7 pounds of body fat in three weeks and really show an incredible change.

Maria’s 21 Day Challenge starts the day after tomorrow; Monday August 21 and she will be sending out guidelines and material to particpants tomorrow. If you are not signed up for Maria’s MP21 Challenge already, I’ve talked her into letting 10 more people from our GO LIVE team enroll with her while I am working on The New Body for Life book, franchise centers, Masters Camps, and other projects over the next month.

To register in MP21 you have to take action right away by clicking here.

Thank you all for letting me be your coach this past year. I look forward to getting back in action next month after I make some important progress with The New Body for Life Book and Franchise Program. In the meantime, keep going strong and never, ever, give up!

With Respect and Admiration,
Your Coach,

Bill Phillips
The New Body for Life
Transformation Center

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