Life Gives You a Choice

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that life has numerous challenges in store for each of us, some expected, some unexpected. Some are merely “speed bumps,” and others are like a brick wall. I’ve also learned that the mindset you use (or decide not to use) to face your life’s challenges has a powerful impact on your experience of life, the development of your character and courage, as well as your self image and self esteem. Through the process of completing a fitness or health program, like Body for Life, you’ll learn invaluable skills and undergo a great deal of training that will help you not only face but overcome your life’s challenges! Literally and metaphorically, you will learn to overcome resistance, improve your ability to creatively solve problems, and discover courage and character which, like a muscle, become stronger through proper training. Maybe life has knocked you off plan recently — you already know what to do, but need to start doing more of what you know. I want to use this opportunity to encourage you to get back on track and recommit to your healthy habits of consistent, intense exercise, eating right most of the time, and setting your mind in the right direction. Keep Going Strong ~Bill Phillips


  1. Aaron Roop says:

    Is this really Bill Phillips?? Man…I thought you had disappeared! So glad to see you post if it is you. 😦 💪

  2. Daryl Norton says:

    Thanks for the encouragement

  3. Jo Ann Shane says:

    Hi Bill, Thank you for the reminder! You I have here for more years than i need to mention, and this certainly took a baseball bat to my life and just started swinging! But as you say i know what to do and in the process of creating the ability to accomplish it! Thanks for reach out!!

  4. Laura Simmons says:

    It’s like you’re speaking directly to me. Thank you for this.

  5. Eric Hevel says:

    I have more setbacks than advances, but I keep getting up. Been through neck fusion, shoulder surgery, chemo and radiation, but am still here and trying. I have followed your since MM2K, used and recommended your book to many. Thank you for the knowledge and inspiration you have imparted to many. Still have your book and read it.

  6. Kathy Draper says:

    Thanks for the great reminder Bill! Time to get back to keeping those self-promises you always talked about! Hope you are doing well!

  7. Jim Lutz says:

    Hi Bill! Good to hear from you. COVID for me became one of those situations where when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Sugar free of course. Early in the pandemic, I gave up my bay in the garage bought a bunch of new and used exercise equipment. To my surprise, I found it easier to stick to a regular exercise schedule because I had a lot more time! I still worked a 40+ hour week from home, but no longer had the 40 minute round trip to the Y and back. I’ll probably go back to the Y after I get vaccinated because I like the community aspect of it, but I now have the option of being able to do a complete workout at home.

  8. Great reminders as we “spring” into a new season today, especially after a year that challenged so many people in so many different ways. I can’t control the environment, but I can choose how to react to it. Thanks for the recharge!

  9. Bill, I have been following your excellent advice and listening to your words of encouragement since 1993 and as (always) you are Right on the mark. I hope to finally meet you in person sooner than later to Thank you and actually shake your hand my friend!

  10. Bill, I have been following your advice, listening to your encouragement for 28 years since 1993 and as always you are -Right on the mark- I hope to meet you sooner than later to Thank you in person and actually shake your hand my friend!

  11. James C. O'Malley says:

    Perfect timing! I was just saying to Kate, I think its time to blow the dust of the weights and remove the clothes from the equipment. Just got a big boost of motivation. Thanks Bill!

  12. Richard Eller says:

    Love your app but trying to cut down everything right now. Would love to continue soon and even get some of your products

    Sent from my iPhone


  13. Brian Battles says:

    Thanks Bill! I deleted all my social media so I haven’t been seeing any posts. I was glad to see this pop up in email.

  14. Charlie Young says:

    Your note came at a perfect time. I needed a jolt to shake me up to realize I’d stopped doing things that benefit my body and mind. Drifted off for a while. You just woke me up!!

    Many thanks for your motivation!!!

  15. Mick Hoepfinger says:

    I remain…LOVIN LIFE.
    Thanks Bill

  16. Charlene Beaman says:

    Just what I needed to read this morning. Thank you, Charlene Beaman >

  17. Kimberly Taormino says:

    Thank you for this Bill, your encouragement is always welcomed & motivating!
    The timing is perfect! Thank you! Thank you!

  18. Truth and knowledge 💪🏼❣️💪🏼

  19. Always great inspiration and thanks, Bill. Down 50lbs this year. My best and many thanks to YOU!

  20. Jazmin Biernacki says:

    I so admire you Bill !
    Following you since 2000.
    I also deleted all social media last year and so am delighted you reached out with your inspiring email.
    I am using your Strongevity Rx… here in Canada 🇨🇦 and love the science behind it.
    Honestly wish you and your Maria 💙❤️ would do more videos … they are very informative and helpful !
    Keep on keeping on you guys, here’s hoping that in the new normal we can meet one day !
    Jazmin Biernacki

  21. Thomas Mammon says:

    I’ll be back on track after hip replacement

  22. Richard B Thatcher says:

    I learned the hard way to respect the bumps in life and on the road. I’m a medical services driver in Jacksonville, FL and clock 60k miles every year doing performing my work. The bumps make me slow down and focus for a moment.

    I like your BFL books and will be starting a new training program (4/1-8/1) using your book as its base with guidelines from Duke University’s DIet & Exercise program.

  23. This is so well written and so wonderful. Thank you so much for this! Look forward to more of your articles.

  24. micahlegare1 says:

    Wise words Bill!

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