1. In order to enter you just take a before and after pic and write an essay? I just want robe sure. Thank you!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Can a Canadian enter?

  3. So need this and ready for the change…thanks Bill for the challenge

  4. I’m in Australia, is the competition open to the wonderful people ‘down under’?

  5. I’m ready to give another try, been following you since the BFL days an I’m still struggling to succeed I believe by following your email advice I will be able to complete the 12 weeks and find the ME that’s been hiding in layers of fat 🙂

  6. Hello, I’m from India. Can I enter?

  7. whats your take on freedays these days Bill?

    • Hi Mark,

      I usually don’t have an entire day of ‘Free Eating’ each week like I use to beck when I was in my 30’s. I’m more likely to have two ‘Free Meals’ a week instead. These are typically dinners when I go out with family or friends and might be meals like pizza, lasagna, cheese enchiladas, hamburger and french fries, etc. Remember, it’s what we do most of the time not some of the time that shapes us when it comes to nutrition.

      Hope you have a great day and be sure to get in a good workout! =)

  8. Carol-Lynn says:

    I am just wondering if this contest is open to Canadian citizens.

  9. Love Bills advice and this new Blog thanks Bill for all you do for others to Transform.

  10. So glad to see you’re back, Bill! This came contest came along just when I needed it. Just took my “before” photos and I’ll be quite happy when those are a distant memory.

  11. I did your challenge 12 years ago and went from size 14 to a 4 and felt so good but a lot of stressful things have happened over the years which has caused me to be in the worst shape of my life. Your email and challenge has come at the time I need it most!

    • Me too Lisa. ❤ Glad Bill has settled into his new nitch. (Not surprised and so proud of you, Bill!) The time feels right. Yay! I'm so grateful for another opportunity. 🙂

  12. Liz Haskins says:

    Hi Bill, I am in South Africa, will i be able to enter.

  13. Metalman says:


  14. Karen pohl says:

    Im In!

  15. Christine says:

    Thanks Bill .. Can I enter from the UK?
    I’ve been a fan for almost 10 years .. And am a ” nearly” girl … ( well I’m 53 so should still feel like a girl !) I have yet to finish what I start… And as a result have piled twice as much (fat) as I’ve lost over 10 years…
    This is a wake up call…. COUNT ME IN ! (-:

  16. Just signed up. I need to succeed for my life to improve. ❤

  17. Alex Riker says:

    Loved the blog on strongevity. Do you ship to Canada? As I tried to order it said I needed to enter a state, but I live in a province? I need to order this today!

  18. I was already subscribed to the blog before you announced the contest. Can I still enter?

  19. Magdalena says:

    Hi Bill I am Latina and I speak little English I read your book Body-for-Life in Spanish my question is can I enter to the challenge? Do not matter that I can’t speak English I love all the info that I found in the book and I think you are the only person who can help me!!! Please help me to lose all this fat!!! I’m desperate and I feel lost and with out hope.

  20. Alex Riker says:

    I have to give a huge two thumbs up to this company. I ordered strongevity last week and paid for overnight shipping. I called fedex today to check the status and they said no one had given them the order. I was pretty miffed, so I called and left a message. I did keep my cool though as you never know what occurred. Within the hour I got a call back from Tobi telling me that fedex had screwed up my tracking number and the shipment was here already. The driver didn’t leave the order as directed though, so I’m going down to head office to pick it up tonight as opposed to waiting until tomorrow. That’s how excited I am to try this. Thanks for all your help people!

  21. what do I have to do buy shakes and special food from your company or can I buy food at the store like always? I need any special workout things

  22. I don’t see a link that says follow blog via e-mail. Can somebody help me out?

  23. Hey Bill, So July 15th is final date to start the challenge correct… I had made plans to start weeks ago but things happen an didn’t but with the 15th up an coming wanted to make sure it was the deadline and I think it be a proper time for me to start my BFL as it my birthday that day I see as the beginning to my New an healthy life that way by my next birthday I be fit looking an feeling years younger … that’s my goal just wanted to put it out there so I won’t go back on my word to myself.. Thanks BIll for being there an helping out

  24. Joseph Beck says:

    I am so happy to see you writing again like in the good old Muscle Media days. Back in 2003 I did the Body for LIFE challenge (along with my girlfriend) and reached the pinnacle of my physical conditioning at any point in my life. I believe that doing the challenge with my girlfriend helped bring us closer together and contributed to a bond that remains to this day (married with 2 beautiful daughters). Being blissfully married, I became comfortable with sitting back and enjoying everything life could “serve up” (literally). I have recently ballooned up to 272 lbs. While considering retracing my old Body for LIFE footsteps I thought I would look you up and see what you’ve been up to. I am thrilled with the 5/25 workouts and truly pumped to see that you’re beginning a fresh Transformation challenge that I can be a part of. I am typing this on a mobile device and there is no follow blog option in the upper right hand corner. Could you take my email address and enter me in the challenge please? I noticed you did that for one other person above. I hope it’s really you answering these comments and not just some paid assistant. Knowing you it probably really is you. Much love Bill. Thanks for the inspiration.
    – Joseph

    • Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for your note and for all the support. I have entered your email address and you will now receive blog posts and challenge news directly to your email. I look forward to seeing what you will do in these next 12 weeks, Good Luck!

  25. Lupe Atencio says:

    I am definitely in!

  26. Hello Bill,

    As far as the pictures, are they Supposed to be taken wearing only shorts as in the BFL days?Another question is how do I show the date in which they were taken? Thank you!!

    • Hi Cesar,

      Thank you for your question. Yes, it is best to take your photos in shorts. You can also include some wearing clothes in your challenge kit submission. To show the date you can use the newspaper from that day or have your camera date mark the photo. Good Luck!

      • Thank you. I m starting the challenge today. I plan to go to the gym later on. What program am I supposed to start with? Are we using the BFL schedule, intensity training, 20 minute cardio etc, as outlined in the book, or are we supposed to look for any new program, recommendations that you have? Thank you.

    • Hi Bill, I was unfortunately rather ill, and took my photos on the 17th (+8UTC) are they still valid for a before pic?

  27. Cheri Miller says:

    Am I in the challenge? I can’t find my message from last night.

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