Body-for-LIFE Bill Phillips’ New Fitness Program

bill books

Body-for-LIFE author Bill Phillips has a New Online Program

Bill Phillips has a new, FREE program available online right now that gives you specific instruction for how to get back on track with your health and fitness. Discover how to get better results faster from exercise; learn how to eat for healthy weight loss and renew your energy for life! You can learn all about this program called Back to FIT for FREE when you visit:


  1. Bill,
    Starting your fit program next week.
    Glad your back too!
    The 90 day x intense programs don’t really work like yours because you can’t sustain like your workouts.
    Can I sub 25 minutes of Martial Arts as my cardio?
    Thanks, best of luck, and continued success!

  2. Ronnie Ledford says:

    Bill I followed your body for life program and got in the best shape of my life. with your new products,”Right Light Nutrition Shakes, Strongevity Rx and GH10x”, what do you think about using hydroxycut along with them. I want to get ripped.

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