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Body-for-LIFE author Bill Phillips has a New Online Program

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Energy Flows Where Our Focused Attention Goes


What have you been focusing on today? Are you sure you want more of that?

To make healthy and exciting changes in your body and life, it is important to become more and more conscious of what you do with your mental energy and awareness. It’s absolutely essential that you begin to realize that the direction your mind is most often set in, is most often the direction you will go.

This means it’s vitally important to be mindful of where your attention is focused. If you have a habitual pattern of looking at what’s not working, watch out… by focusing on it, you will be creating more of it — more of what’s not working.

On the other hand, if we mindfully choose to focus on what’s working and where we are making progress, we will begin to see even more of those good things showing up in our lives. Perhaps that’s because what a human being directs attention towards receives a flow of consciousness — of creative energy.  Think of it as sunlight; wherever sunlight shines in a garden there will be growth. This is true for flowers and weeds.

Very often, people’s mindsets can become affixed or stuck in a certain direction. When that happens, no matter how much they want to transform, they won’t be able to because they continue to see the same things day after day and they continue to create the same results
in their lives that they have before. It reminds me of the cartoon where there’s a character standing outdoors, the entire bright blue sky is filled with sunshine, except there’s a small dark cloud over just that one person. And the micro-storm follows them wherever they go.

“What you focus your attention on receives a flow of consciousness–of creative energy. Think of it as sunlight; wherever it shines in a garden there will be growth.
This is true for flowers and  weeds.”

Please remember that energy flows where your mental focus and attention goes. Throughout your day, start a practice of consciously focusing  on what you’re grateful for, what makes you feel strong, healthy, and alive. In doing so, you’ll be cultivating a positive and powerful perspective that will help you transform and improve your life! =)