Bill Phillips’ Transformation Camp is February 20, 21, 22

Body-for-LIFE author and EAS founder, Bill Phillips, is having a 3-day seminar, workout, and workshop at his fitness center located in Golden, Colorado (15 minutes west of Denver).

Bill Phillips works directly with camp participants in a relaxed, fun, and energizing small-group environment all 3 days. People who attend camp have gone on to transform their health, many losing over 50 lbs of unhealthy weight while gaining strength and energy. The emphasis is on learning the keys to fitness and then putting them into action to achieve exciting short term, and LONG TERM results.

Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners, Managers, Marines and full-time Moms have all taken what they learned at camp and applied it to change their bodies and lives. This is a program for anyone who is serious about making real and lasting changes in their health. Bill Phillips has helped more people make the change from before to after than any other fitness expert or coach. If you are ready to make a real and lasting change, Bill Phillips can help you too.

There is room for two more people to enroll in the February 20, 21, 22 camp. The investment is $1,495 per person. (Discounts for couples and alumni are often available). If you would like more information about attending camp and if you are serious about losing unhealthy weight while gaining strength and energy, please send us an email to:

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