Deadline to Enter the $25,000 Challenge is TODAY!!


Deadline to Enter is TODAY!! Oct. 28, 2013

Q: Bill, can I still enter your new Back-on-Track Challenge?

A: Yes! The rule is that you can enter my Back-on-Track Challenge between September 30 and October 28. That means you can enter NOW! The absolute deadline to begin is TODAY, Oct. 28, 2013!!! Click Here to sign up and you’ll receive the Rules and Regulations right away by email.

Q: I’m just starting the Challenge and I’m really excited to connect with other participants for support, accountability, and encouragement. Can we have a Facebook group set up just for us?

A: Absolutely! We have set up a Facebook group just for people in the Back-on-Track Challenge. Click Here to request to be added to the group. Once we verify you are signed up for the Challenge you will be added to the group. It is a great place to give and receive support, encouragement, and daily accountability.

Q: What resources and supplements do you recommend for the Challenge?

A: If you’ve done Body-for-LIFE before and had great success with it, get out your book and do it again. My Eating for Life book is also a very helpful resource I highly recommend. You can also learn more by reading and following my FREE blog:

Click Here to read my blog about the breakthrough new supplement, STRONGEVITY Rx. I also now recommend Right Light protein shakes over Myoplex. You don’t have to use any supplements to participate in this challenge though — it’s FREE to enter!


  1. This is an Awesome Challenge Bill. Thank You so much for holding us accountable for Challenging and Healthy Changes. Keep Inspiring!!

  2. says:

    Hi, I sent in my before and after photo along with my story and have not heard anything and realized I forgot to enclose my contact information. I sent an overnight package for the October 22nd deadline. I have tried to reach out to someone but can’t seem to find any contact information other than a mailing address. I feel I had great progress please advise to my story and my application for the challenge that I started on July 15th.

    My name is Sarah and I am 46 years old. For most of my adult life I have been very active and always weighed between 90-105lbs and wore a size 0-2. I have been a single parent throughout most of my daughter’s life. In July of 2006 we left our wonderful life in Colorado to start a new life in Arizona. In Colorado we lived in the same area for the duration of my daughters early school years Kindergarten – 6th grade. The move was more difficult for my daughter than I ever realized. At age thirteen she got into the gang and drug scene. I then moved us to a different Community in Arizona in hopes she would get away from those bad influences and find better friends. For the past six years life became a constant stress with raising a troubled teen into drugs. With traumatic even after the other I have seen things no parent would ever dream of seeing and learned more about drugs I never wanted to know. I saw a heroin addict almost die in my front yard. Over the past four years it really took a toll on me as my whole entire focus was getting my daughter off drugs and on the right path. Year after year I began to gain weight, the more weight I gained the more depressed I became and the more I didn’t care about the way I looked. I began to isolate myself, pushed away all my friends and stopped doing things I loved to do. I stopped doing my hair and my makeup and would dress like a slob. I latterly would come to work with my hair wet pulled back with no makeup on and wear jeans and a t-shirt. In December of 2012, I was pushing 140lbs. My size six were too tight and was about to graduate to a size eight pants. (from a size 0). I was disgusted! I decided no more! I wanted my figure back! I started out taking Phentermine to help me lose weight and tried starving myself. That helped me lose the first twenty pounds but made me feel dizzy and shaky and several times I almost passed out. I remember one time where I was at the Dillard’s makeup counter and they had me lie down until I could stand up on my own. That is when I knew I had to change what I was doing. In April of 2013 my daughter at age nineteen moved out after a series of events this time it was cocaine. The house was so quiet, a sound that was so unfamiliar to me. I began to feel angry and depressed. I would cry every day, sometimes two and three times a day. I started having nightmares and would wake up screaming. I felt cheated and felt like everyone owed me an apology for losing (what I thought) six years of my life. I started getting suicidal thoughts. It wasn’t until after a call from my older sister Rebecca telling me that I needed to see a Doctor now that I decided to get help. I saw both a Psychiatrist and Therapist and was prescribed medications for both depression and anxiety and was diagnosed with PTSD. Weeks went by and slowly started to feel better but I still hated that mirror. I t was then when I saw the Bill Phillips Challenge that I decided I am going to do this! In 2001 I had participated in the Body-for-Life challenge and got the top 2000 finishers so I knew it worked. In July 2013 I joined Lifetime Fitness and got a trainer and changed my diet completely. I weighted in at 118 lobs with 34.1% body fat and ended the twelve weeks at 98.6lbs and 18.8% body fat! My journey back to health was wonderful! My peers at work started seeing the transformation and got on boards. I started a hiking group, soon my phone began to ring and all of a sudden I had friends again. I had so much energy! I weight trained 3 days a week and did cardio 3 days a weeks always taking a day off for my body to rest. I had six meals a day and the protein drinks I had were the EAS Advantage Edge Carb Control. I loved those shakes so much I would have a cooler of them in my car to chug after my workouts. I even met friends that way! I had more than one person come up to me at the gym parking lot to see what I was drinking. I swear I could be a Spokesperson for them! Today I am so happy. I have the energy of a twenty year old. When I look in the mirror I no longer shudder, I am proud, I have friends and a social life. And the very best part is that my daughter is clean off of drugs and we are closer than ever before and I think she even respects me and looks up to me. That is the very best part! Thank you Bill Phillips for giving me my life back!

  3. Thank you for this! I just signed up and look forward to the journey of the next 12 weeks! 🙂

  4. Tom Johnson says:

    Can you resend me the rules and guidelines?

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Karien Elkins says:

    I have yet to receive the rules and regulations and entered I think more than a month ago.

  6. I registered and i am not getting rules and regulations what do i do

  7. says:

    Can you confirm I am signed in?

    Carol A. Munzenrieder, A.S.I.D. Perspective Design Inc. 11420 US 1, PMB 161 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408 P.561.659.3221 F.561.627.0718 C.561.818.0548

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