Congratulations to the Summer Challenge Winners!


I have recently enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to review some incredible before and after photos as well as read through many inspiring success stories from participants in our Summer Transformation Challenge. I am proud of EVERY BODY who started and FINISHED the 12-week Challenge. Everyone became healthier, stronger, and improved their quality of life — these are the best prizes of all!

In this Challenge we have some extraordinary stories and it was virtually impossible to pick just one as the best… I just couldn’t get comfortable at all with giving any of these people (listed below) second place. That’s because they each worked so hard and overcame so much to achieve their success. And so I am giving 5 first place awards–each gets the winners medal and a share of the top cash prize of $10,000 ($2,000 is going out to each of the 5 top finishers). I am going to list 4 of these winners’ names here, now, and I will announce the 5th winner on Friday (there is a surprise announcement coming up!). I will then also list the names of all the runners up who each get $1,000 and a silver medal and other gifts.

In the next few days I will begin to share the before and afters and inspirational stories of these winners listed below on Facebook (Bill Phillips Transformation on Facebook) and on my blog at — If you’re anything like me, you will be uplifted and motivated by their incredible accomplishments! Congratulations again to these winners and all of you who made it through all 12 weeks! Keep going strong! You are making a difference and inspiring others to get healthy too!

(Winners names listed alphabetically by first name–all are equally top finishers!)

+++ Chris Perry, Ohio
+++ Jenifer Lyon, Indiana
+++ Jennifer Loewen, Texas
+++ Joyce Garrison, Tennessee

The 5th top finisher will be notified in person by me on Friday!


  1. elsie pallanes says:

    The challenge was fun and a great motivator for me to get back in shape. I went from 129 pounds to 109. Now I’m at 105, it was just what I needed to get strong and healthy again. Thank u bill for these challenges. It gives many of us. The kick in the rear that we need to do for ourselves . Sincerely, Elsie pallanes, midland, tx

  2. Lupe Atencio says:

    I am so proud of all our winners…I personally know Chris Perry….so happy for you, my friend! Yes, and all of you!

  3. Great job everyone! It’s not easy doing what all of you have done by making big changes to your lifestyle and overcoming habits that were formed over many years. The great part now is that it’s really just beginning. You have had a wonderful transformation and now it’s time to use those new bodies to take advantage and do all the things you have wanted to do for years. So go on and take that trip to the beach wearing that new suit you look so good in and revel in your success!!!

  4. Congratulations to each of those being recognized for their outstanding accomplishments, as well as all who entered and completed the Challenge. The first wealth is health. Enjoy your riches.

  5. Participating in this challenge was a defining moment in my life. Thanks for the opportunity. I am looking forward to starting another one soon.

  6. Nicholas P Pasqualichio says:

    When I started this contest I couldn’t even lift my arm I was still in therapy and ended up transforming into a shredded body. Dissapointed I didnt win because I put my blood, sweat, and tears into this. Congradulations to all the winners I’m sure they deserved it!!! I appreciate the opportunity, it really gave me the motivation to become a better person.

    Thank you,

    Nicholas Pasqualichio

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