The Stunning Transformation of Valerie (100+ lbs Lighter!)

Valerie Before to After

Please make a few minutes today to watch this video — you will see the STUNNING body and life transformation of Valerie. She made the decision to make a change, set her mind in a new direction, and followed through with consistent exercise and healthy eating. As Valarie shows us in this story, where there’s a WILL, there’s a WAY!! Keep up the good work Valarie and for all of you participating in the Summer Transformation Challenge, please give it ALL you’ve got! You will get out of it what you put into it. ~Bill

—- Remember, if you are receiving this blog to your email that means you are automatically entered in the Summer Challenge and you are eligible to win the top prize of $10,000 for getting in the best shape of your life. Participation is completely FREE!

You must begin your 12-week exercise and nutrition program by Monday, July 15!

CLICK HERE to Sign Up (if you haven’t already) and Review the Rules & Regulations 


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  1. Reblogged this on Bill Phillips Fitness News.

    • Wow! Wow! Wow! I am so touched by your story Valerie. I have signed up and ready to start my transformation starting next week after my wife and I move to our new rental. Thank you for sharing your story!

      Michael, Lancaster CA

  2. clinton morin says:

    bill is 9 lbs in a month good weight loss? and can u get ripped on the 525 workouts. im starting to get that stigma that i need to be in the gym longer, im wasted after my workout just curious.

    • Hi Clinton,

      Yes 9 pounds down in a month is great progress. Especially if you are doing it in this method, slow and steady. 5/25 is the best workout and if you are hitting the right intensity you will be getting “ripped” once your body fat gets low enough. Keep the nutrition clean and stay consistent. Good Luck!

      • clinton morin says:

        wow thank you bill for responding i know your super busy and it means alot to me to hear from you. i do my 525 weights religiously. but for cardio ive been doing a bootcamp class at the gym it is an hour long and super intense. i just feel i workout harder in a group when you feel the energy of everyone else. i am becoming a huge people person i thrive when i am around alot of people. thank you for caring so much about the health of the people of this nation. you are and have always been one of my idols.

  3. Michele Steggell says:

    Got it Thank you!

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Inspirational ! Thank you for sharing.

  5. clinton morin says:

    does anyone else have to wait for moderation for their comments? everytime i post i get that kind of annoying

  6. john1923 says:


  7. Wow Valerie! Wow! Tears of joy…. You did it. You are special. When can I cry like you and not quit half way?

  8. clinton morin says:

    k thanks bill i was just wondering

  9. Dana (Dildora) says:

    07/14/2013 it’s on! looking forward to October..

  10. Mike Behling says:

    Valerie, nice job on the transformation. Your story is inspiring and motivational.

  11. Valerie- that is amazing- I can relate to you and am starting my transformation- it is definitely inspiring

  12. Valerie, you are an amazing success story, your hard work and determination are inspiring. I’m sitting here with over 100 lbs to lose and a 14 month old little boy who means the world to me. . It was like you were in my head, I too feel unattractive most of the time, so how can my husband find me lovable? I will do it for myself, my husband and my precious little boy! Thank you for the inspiration!

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