Overview of Rules and Regulations for the Summer Challenge 2013

Rewards and Prizes

The overall Winner, who makes the most incredible Transformation during the Summer Challenge will win $10,000 CASH!

10 Runners up will each receive $1,000 and a 3-month supply of Right Light nutrition shakes (the highest quality, very best sugar free, fat free, protein and vitamin rich nutrition shake available anywhere).

All finishers who make progress and complete their Transformation and submit their before and after photos, and written Transformation story, will receive a Team Transformation workout shirt, and a Certificate of Achievement for making a healthy change which makes a difference.

Plus, everyone who starts and finishes the Summer Challenge WINS the best prize of all which is a healthier body and a renewed, more positive life!

All participants’ photos and stories will be reviewed by our Transformation Team here in Colorado and we’ll give you a score based 65% on your body change and the other 35% will come from your inspiring story of change (500 words).

Start your 12-week Challenge By July 15 (UPDATE: Extended to July 22) to qualify to win the $10,000!

Each of our Transformation Challenges are put together with the intention of helping people transform their health in the spirit of co-operation, camaraderie and friendship. Accepting the Challenge can benefit you adding the motivating element of positive pressure — of setting out on a mission to achieve something important within a specific period of time. In this case, the deadline to finish is exactly 12-weeks after you begin.

This is a 12-week Challenge. That means that everyone must be finished and take their after photos no later than October 14. Each participant needs to send their before and after photos along with a 500 word letter to: Transformation Challenge, 221 Corporate Circle, Suite K, Golden, Colorado, 80401. The deadline for doing that is October 22.

The $10,000 Winner will be announced in or before October 30, 2013 right here on this blog, Bill Phillips Fitness News, and ‘Bill Phillips Transformation’ on Facebook.


  1. Please advise if I am welcome to join. Thanks!

  2. Beverly Weldon says:

    I think I’m registered…but I’m not sure.

  3. I hope I was lucky enough to get in. I want to transform my life and not just my body…

  4. David OC says:

    I have entered my email severaltimes in the follow blog follow email severaltimes and I don’t know if I am registered in the contest

  5. I am signed up right???

  6. Am I too late?

  7. mwnjrmax says:

    Team Transformation,
    I just wanted to make sure that I am in. I am excited about my transformation.

  8. Pat Godinez says:

    Hi Bill, I just tried to post a message about competing, but I don’t see it. I’m sixty, and this would be so good for me, and my doctor approves! We want to see positive results with my health challenges. thank you!

  9. Beau Marshall says:

    I tried to sign up last night and I am not sure it took. Am I in?

  10. Hi Bill, Can my sister and I still enter please? Her name is Kellie and her email is kelmason1@yahoo.com. THANK YOU!

  11. Hi Bill, can I still enter please?

  12. Conklin says:

    Can i still get in this bad boy? I’m going to do something anyway!

  13. Hi Bill, can I still enter please? Thank you!

  14. I just saw this. Is it to late ro enter?

  15. Can I still join the Transformation contest that started yesterday. I was sick yesterday and fell asleep waiting for my husband to get off the computer. I was too embarrassed to ask him to get off because I have tried to transform before and have failed miserable. But I really feel like I have a greater desire to change, follow-through…. So you can imagine my disappointment when I woke up with my teeth not brushed and my contacts still in my eyes and I had missed my chance. Feeling disappoint all day today. Obviously starting one day late means that I just need to work harder. Sincerely, Kara D.

  16. I am not sure 100% if I sign up right and I am in.:-/

  17. Douglas Prince says:

    Sign me up.

  18. Terri Storm says:

    I tried to “CLICK HERE to Sign Up” per the instructions above but nothing happened. Am I signed up?

  19. Hi there! Can’t find my original request to sign up! Am I in?

  20. Kathleen says:

    Eeek. I really want to do this this time for sure. I realize I’m a day late but please can I still sign up?

  21. callie walshaw says:

    Tried to sign up on the14,not sure if it went through.also when do I submit my before photos?

  22. teralyn ogletree says:

    I couldn’t find my post from the 15th. Trying to make sure I’m in

  23. I tried signing up my sister and I before but it said waiting for a moderation response. Are we in?

  24. Hi, did it work now? Am I in? 🙂

  25. I couldn’t get in two days ago. Is it too late?

  26. michael says:

    Can’t wait to get going I know I am late but busy at work

  27. Robin Parlee says:

    Going for 12 weeks of happy and healthy! Thanks for being there for so many folks!

  28. Robin Parlee says:

    Hope we all get in!

  29. Robin Parlee says:

    Let the fun ( and daily commitment) begin!

  30. Hi Bill am i in for the challenge or is it to late?

  31. I’m just making sure the deadline to start the challenge was extended to today. I hope so. I was going to start last Monday and got hit with a stomach bug that had me down for a few days. I’m going to enter the challenge anyway, but am hoping today is the last day to take my before & after photos. I have to hold up a newspaper to show the date of the pics, correct? I got my Strongevity in last week and am so excited!

    • How exciting! You made it in just in time! Yes, if you start today, July 22, you’re eligible to win the $10,000 top prize! Take your before photo, set your goals, and get started! ~Bill

  32. This is a very powerful message

  33. Natasha Martinez says:

    13lbs thus far and feeling better than I have in a very long time! : )


  1. […] (If you are signed up to follow this blog you are entered in the Challenge. You don’t have to participate — it’s completely FREE to join in though. Be sure to Click Here to re-read the Rules and Regulations to learn all the details.) […]

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