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To lose bodyfat, gain muscle, and get your body and health in top condition, you need to follow a complete plan of action that includes exercise, nutrition, supplements, mindset and motivation. I have a new, FREE program available starting today that gives you specific instruction for each of those keys. You can learn all about this program I call BACK to FIT and sign up by visiting today. I hope you enjoy the Free program and instruction and I hope it helps you achieve your health and fitness goals! ~Bill Phillips

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  1. I’m happy to be a part of this. Thank you

  2. Julie Kaufmann says:

    Hi, My name was Julie Kaufmann and now is Juliw Morgan. I love all the newsletters. Could you please send them to Thank you,

    Julie Morgan

  3. Bill,
    Can you use Strongevity and GH10X at the same time? I bought them both and was wondering the best way to use them. Thanks!

  4. been trying for a long time now at 70 I just might be able to do it. always said he was the best. thank you for your time. Earl

  5. Sai Prasan says:

    Wonderful Guide to kick start but Can we replace the meal with a protein shake like whey? You told to add up protein, carbs and veggies to each meal. Can u help me bill?

    • Sai, yes you can use a high quality meal replacement shake instead of a whole food meal. I use my Right complete protein shakes but whatever you use make sure it has zero cholesterol and only uses whey protein isolate.

  6. Jacques van Schalkwyk says:

    Hi Bill. I stay in Pretoria; South Africa. You have been since I bought your Book: Body for Life and completed Crossing the Abbys for setting my goals to completing with huge success the 12 week challenge a huge passionate inspiration. Since not just my body but the whole Transformation which affected every fasset of my life…..I am since been Qualified as Coach and helping others Transform their lifes. I will definately be Part of this. Greetings.

  7. Bill,
    Will Back to fit give me as good results as P90X?
    I’m looking forward to getting results in 3 months.
    Thanks Bill!

  8. Trey Miller says:

    Back in 2003 my wife and I did the Body For Life Challenge and we both got into great shape! We both did pretty well maintaining up until the summer and fall of 2009 respectively. In the summer my wife ended up have two different surgeries. One was planned and the other was an emergency! Then in late October of the same year I was in a big accident causing me to have three different surgeries over a period of the next three years. I ended up gaining almost 60lbs of goo. I’ve since lost 35 of those pounds but I’m now stuck!

    I was 35 when I did the Body For Life Challenge back in ’03 and I was 41 when I got hurt! Now I’m 47 and ready for a new challenge!

  9. Please help! I just want to clarify, on this program its only 2 days cardio a week. When i did the original program 10 yrs ago it was 3 days. I want to lose weight. I just want to make sure. Please let me know! ! Thank u so much

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