2015 Bill Phillips Fitness Challenge

Bill Phillips Transformation Challenge 2015

I’m challenging YOU to stop procrastinating and start rebuilding your body and life!

I’m challenging you to get your health and fitness back on track!

If you’re at the point where you look in the mirror and honestly don’t like the body you see; if you’ve been in great shape before and would love to look and feel like that again; if deep down inside you’re anxious and concerned about the direction your health is going; if you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired…AND, if you’re ready to confront the situation head on, than this challenge is for you!

I’m putting up $10,000 in Cash as an incentive for those who give it their all!

Sign up for FREE to my new 2015 Challenge by clicking the link here:


Let’s take ACTION and make 2015 the healthiest year ever!

~Bill Phillips


  1. Bill, I did your last challenge and achieved great results. I did 5-25 workouts and ate super clean. I also used and still use Right light shakes and strongevity. Since I finished the challenge, I am kind of stuck. I can’t seem to lose more weight and I would like to drop another 10 lbs and get that really lean and ripped look. Can you provide me some tips and give advice how to get there? Thank you.

  2. Don’t hesitate to go to Bill’s camp. I did it 2 years ago and it changed my life (and over 50 Lbs.). It goes far beyond just nutrition and exercise. It helps you with the issue of emotional eating, eating/exercise psychology and above all, you become part of a great support group where all attendees will motivate and inspire one another… It works and the results speak for themselves! Koz

  3. Brandon Mays says:

    Where can I find the winners that were suppose to be announced on 12/31/14 for the last challenge? I entered it and submitted everything via email and the suspence is killing me! Lol!

  4. Cynthia Boykin says:

    Hello! Where can I find upcoming Challenge info? I click on links and can only get to the Camp (which I would give anything to attend…the thought alone literally brings me to tears…but as a mom of four and step mom of two…finances make it hard to even fantasize about right now.)

    I’m so impressed with everyone’s success no matter how big or small, and Bill and Maria I adore you.

  5. How are we supposed to track progress and submit photos? Will there be links, rules, etc. posted at some point? I can’t seem to find more than the sign-up page.


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