Need Motivation? Check out this Transformation!

Mike Roemerman: Making a Change; Making a Difference!


This is Mike Roemerman in these before and after photos. Mike came to see me at fitness Camp here at my Transformation Center in Colorado last year. Like me, Mike is in the ‘over 45 group’ (he is 48 and I am 50). He got to that point where for the first time he was actually starting to feel ‘old.’ Mike is a very intelligent person and a great leader and he has worked hard to earn success in many areas of life. But like many of us, he got out of the habit of working out and didn’t make eating healthy a priority. Mike saw the direction his health was going and he made the decision to get well before he got sick–he decided to not wait until he had heart attack or health crisis to get back on track. And that, I think, is a very wise decision!

In a matter of a few months, following Camp, Mike completely transformed his body and health as you can see in these photos. He lost the unhealthy fat, gained muscle and strength, boosted his energy, and now he has a heart as healthy as any 29 year old! Mike came back to see me at another Camp and this time, he was inspiring and leading other members of our group. He has gone on to help fire up dozens of guys–showing them by example that you can get fit and healthy no matter what your age.

Mike succeeded because he committed to making this a lifestyle change. Mike did the humbling and hard work himself and he earned his great results! All I did was show him my exercise program while I worked out with him at my Camp. I taught him the key strategies for nutrition, supplementation, goal setting and gave him some insight on how to get and stay motivated. He did all the work–I just gave him the plan.

Today, Mike continues to make improvements and his healthy energy is helping him take on new challenges and goals–he is running for Mayor of his city and he just got engaged to a wonderful woman named Etta who is also committed to living a healthy lifestyle (she has been to Camp too!).

Congratulations Mike! Keep going strong! You have my support and respect for sure!

Your Friend,

Bill Phillips


  1. Wow Mike you look awesome!!!
    Your a perfect example that if you do the work you get the results. Keep going!

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