The Super-Power of Positive Pressure


Harness Your Abilities to Transform

What I’ve noticed is that when someone has a personal health scare or reaches a moral rock bottom, their willingness and sense of urgency to commit themselves to the Transformation Challenge is high. Their compliance is strong. They workout hard and they say no to unhealthy foods all day long while saying YES to nourishing their bodies and minds with what will help them become stronger and healthier. Many of these people have a stunning before to after experience.

I’ve also noticed that a lot of people come to accept my Challenge to Change because they saw the positive results someone else achieved and a light switched on for them… I believe I can do this too! These folks are motivated and excited and they work hard throughout their 12-week program to earn great results too!

It doesn’t matter if you are accepting the Challenge out of desperation, like the people I described above in the first paragraph; or if you are here with inspiration… the path forward is the same in that we all must harness both the Power of Positive Pressure and we must ignite a sense of urgency to propel us forward to our highest success!

Big Goals and Deadlines Create Urgency!

Accepting new challenges invites positive pressure into your life. And believe me, you want, in fact, you NEED positive pressure and a sense of urgency to succeed and to harness your latent abilities and strength! Think of Superman… he is ONLY super when the power of positive pressure and urgency  transform him from an average Clark Kent  to the heroic Man of Steele! You and I have something akin to that same ability!

By accepting my Summer Challenge you can bring to life the energy of urgency and use it to change your body and life! Here’s how: Take your before photo today if you haven’t already. Then get out a calendar and mark the date exactly 12 weeks from now. Set a challenging goal like becoming 30 lbs lighter while gaining energy and strength within that timeline! Promise yourself you will get in at least 60 workouts during those 12 weeks. Remember that each and every day matters from here on… to win the $10,000 top prize, and to renew your body and life, you have to give it all you’ve got, each and every day–let the pressure and urgency move you forward each day!

By accepting challenges and setting big goals that you promise you will reach within a firm deadline, you are creating a strong sense of urgency and a healthy amount of positive pressure. Use that energy to take action and get out there and do something absolutely heroic–like changing or maybe even saving your own LIFE!


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