QUICK WARNING: Inventory Shortage of Right Light

QUICK WARNING: Inventory Shortage of Right Light Nutrition Shakes

I am very sorry to have to report this bad news today: Due to significantly greater sales of Right Light Nutrition Shakes these past 4 weeks, our inventory is nearly all sold out.

heroshot[1]If, like me, you are using Right Light protein and vitamin shakes to help you accelerate fat loss and improve your energy and health, this news is for you — once we sell out the small inventory we have left, we will not have any more for up to 10 weeks. I apologize for this inconvenience.

Vanilla and Chocolate Right Light Nutrition Shakes will both be completely sold out.

If you want to stock up on shakes and bars, you need to do so right away while you still have time.

I have set aside 12 boxes for my own personal inventory. I have a Right Light Nutrition Shake with a serving of STRONGEVITY Rx in it everyday for breakfast, and again right after my workout in the afternoon. (For guys like me who are over 40, you will do well with 2-3 servings of STRONGEVITY Rx a day. Women will benefit from just 1 serving a day.)

Reserve Your Supply of Right Light Today: www.EatingRight.com

20130719_Strongevity0549What’s working best for me right now is to have 3 Right Light shakes a day, 1 Right Nutrition Bar, and 2 meals (one of the lunches and one of the dinners out of my Eating for Life book). This is the best, and most practical nutrition plan there is for losing fat while gaining energy, health, and strength. You don’t need to make it any more complicated than that.

Unfortunately, we may not have anymore Right Light shakes for about another 2 months. That’s why I have set aside 12 boxes for my personal inventory and that is what I recommend for you too.

The good news is that while supplies last, we will give you 4 Boxes of Right Light FREE when you purchase 8 —– OR get 2 FREE boxes when you order 4. This brings the price per serving down to $1.95 — which is much less than the average price of a coffee from Starbucks.

Please, don’t wait until the inventory is sold out — Click the link below to stock up on Right Light today, before it’s too late.


Bill Phillips

Reserve Your Supply of Right Light Today: www.EatingRight.com (When you get to the order form, be sure to scroll down to find Right Light shakes and bars!)