Who else wants to lose 40 lbs of bodyfat while gaining energy and strength?


Some of you know my job used to be writing books and magazines and running a pretty big supplement business. I worked behind a desk most of the time and it had gotten to the point where I hardly ever got to do what I loved which is working directly with people and helping them transform their body and life. Today, working with people is almost all I do and I couldn’t be happier and more fulfilled. Through our transformation camps at my center in Colorado, we meet people (folks fly to us from all around the world) and educate them and motivate them. They learn how to take back control of their health. It’s powerful. And it is ALWAYS inspiring… and even stunning to see how much people can change. I never get tired of it and always get fired up when I see people succeed. Here’s an example…

The man in these photos is Steve Kracus. He’s 48 years of age, a husband, a father, and a computer engineer who also plays lead guitar in a local rock band in Ohio. Steve is humble and he isn’t one to brag, at all. So I want to brag for him a bit… this guy is changing his body and life right before my eyes. He has worked with great effort and determination to get rid of more than 40 lbs of bodyfat while he has gained a lot of solid muscle since he first came to transformation camp. He has literally made himself ten years younger physiologically. He is changing his body type completely… becoming a muscular athlete even though he started out not long ago as an average, aging American man. He is not just ‘losing weight’ — he is replacing fat with muscle and reshaping his body… and he is doing this in his late 40s. His heart health has improved even more than his body! The guy is going to be in the best shape of his life by the time he hits 50 and even then there is no stopping his improvement.

steve bill before to after.jpg

If you are in ‘before photo’ condition now, my advice is to BE LIKE STEVE. And by that I mean, start now to renew your body and life… and don’t give up! You can rebuild yourself… YOU REALLY CAN! If you want my help, write to me and we will help you sign up for my transformation camp: Bill@Transformation.com — and if you don’t want my help, still do it anyway!

Start by making the resolute decision to change. Take a before photo. Set an inspiring and specific goal of where you want to be in 12 weeks and 12 months. Start an intelligent and proven plan which includes balanced and healthy eating, complete nutrition, as well as strength training and aerobic exercise. Then connect with other good, positive people who are also making healthy changes so you can benefit from mutual and powerful support, encouragement, and accountability. Keep in mind that your healthy changes will inspire others to start getting fit too. And finally, never underestimate the change you can make; never underestimate the difference you can make. You have the ability to change and no one can take that away from you. You CAN do it, I promise!

Write to me if you want to see me at transformation camp: Bill@Transformation.com

Bill Phillips’ Embarrassing Before to Afters

From: Bill Phillips, Body-for-LIFE
December 13, 2015

How to Rebuild Your Body and Renew Your LIFE in 2016!

Life dealt me some adversity a few years ago in the form of a devastating injury to both my legs. I had to stop working out for months and I ate for pain relief instead of for fitness. The result is the before picture of me below. It was depressing and embarrassing and I realized that I am just like everybody else — when I stop working out and eating right my body gains fat, loses muscle and I feel old.



The good news is that even though adversity knocked me down, I was able to lift myself back up and get my health and fitness back on track. As you can see in the after photo of me above, I was able to lose the ugly fat and regain my strength. Now at age 51 I am still going strong and ever since I made my comeback, I have been helping other people get back on track. I teach a 3-day fitness transformation camp here at my center in Colorado and people have come from all around the world attend. Hundreds of people have done just what I have, some even did better than I did which is exciting and inspiring!

I teach people exactly what to do when they come to my 3-day workshop, workouts and interactive learning seminar. We train together, we eat together, we talk about how to achieve the health and fitness goals that inspire you. People leave with energy, clarity and motivation! Then they connect with a Team of others who are working to achieve their challenging changes too. When you put it all together, what I offer through my camps is a surefire formula for your SUCCESS!

What I teach at my camp comes partly from Body-for-LIFE, partly from new findings in recent science, and partly from my own experience of falling off track and then learning how to put the pieces back together and get healthier than ever, inside and out. What I teach is practical, proven, effective, and sustainable. It Works!

Are you ready to get back on track with your health and fitness? Have you been knocked down by adversity like I was? Do you want feel younger, look better, and have your doctor tell you your health is great? If you said YES to any or all of these questions, for God’s sake, come see me and let me help you make a transformation in your body and life that you can be proud of and get excited about.

If you want next year to be different than this year, you have to CHANGE your approach… you have to get new information, new motivation, and you have to put into action healthy habits that you can sustain for life! I am confident I can help you do all that and more.

Your investment in camp is $1,495 and that includes all three days of workouts, workshops, intense personal consultation with me, and we include all your healthy meals while you are here. I even take you out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants (yes we will eat healthy!) which give us a chance to get to know each other well. Camp is challenging work and a lot of fun. It is also exciting because what it is all about is YOU and how to transform your body and health for life! Camp can be one of the very best investments in yourself that you could ever make, I guarantee it!

Our January Camp is completely sold out but we still have 4 spots open for our New Year’s Kick Off Camp on February 19, 20, 21. If you are truly READY to make serious and lasting healthy changes, write to me quickly at:


IF you are SERIOUS about changing your lifestyle and READY to transform, I urge you to TAKE ACTION and plan NOW to make 2016 your best and brightest and healthiest year ever!!

Write to me at: Bill@Transformation.com

And finally, I want to wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year! May you ALWAYS enjoy the best of health.


Bill Phillips


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Forgiveness: The Priceless Gift You can Give for Free

One of the things I’ve noticed about people in general is that they’re too darned hard on themselves. I see so many good people who don’t even know how good they are. They carry bags of guilt with them, filled to the brim, day in and day out, expending precious energy. Their internal dialog is critical far to often. I said if you talked to your friends the way you talk to yourself you probably wouldn’t have any friends!

baggageNegative thoughts and feelings are ‘baggage’ and like pounds of unhealthy bodyfat, it can weigh you down. We need let go of the baggage in order to move upwards and onwards. The process of breaking free involves forgiving. Forgiving others, and most importantly, forgiving yourself.

Perhaps you haven’t cared for your body the way you feel you could have or should have. Perhaps you’ve broken self-promises. Perhaps you’ve let yourself down. If so, you’re not alone. Virtually everyone has felt like that at some point. But you don’t have to let that stop you. The past does not equal the future if you don’t want it to. The key is to forgive and let go of what might be holding you back. Resolve to learn from the past and vow to do better… start by taking good care of your health right now and on into the future. Drop that baggage and move forward! ~Bill Phillips

Focus on What You Gain

I cannot emphasize enough that my programs and fitness challenges are not simply about weight loss. Unlike virtually all the popular diet programs that basically measure your success by how much less space you take up on the planet, my programs are different: It’s about gaining energy, increasing strength, renewing health, and decreasing bodyfat. So please, don’t make the mistake of measuring your success each day, each week, or each month, by the amount of weight a scale says you have lost. Measure your success by what you gain, not by what you lose. Gaining strength. Gaining muscle. Gaining energy. Gaining self-respect. Gaining self-awareness. Gaining self-trust. Gaining self-esteem. Gaining back control of your life! This is what Body for life, Transformation, and Back to Fit are all about! ~Bill Phillips

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MusclePharm Football Camp Teaches Skills, Life Lessons


This past weekend, our company, MusclePharm, held a special 3-Day Camp for 160 youth football players. MusclePharm CEO Brad Pyatt, who played high school football here in Colorado and went on to play in the NFL, brought in some of the best current and former football coaches and players to help mentor the kids.

Super Bowl Champion David Diaz Infante, who blocked for John Elway at the Denver Broncos; Zerick Rollins who helped coach the Seattle Seahawks for nine seasons; and Tony Graziani, who played quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, were all there at the MusclePharm Camp to share their knowledge and their experience with the kids as well as to give their support and motivation. I got to talk about the importance of nutrition, proper exercise, and vitamins with the coaches and players which is a topic I am so fired-up about I could have gone on for days! =)

Brad Pyatt called this event the “3D Football Camp” — the 3 D’s refer to what he believes are the absolute essential keys to be successful in any area of life: Desire, Discipline, Dedication.

Recent Heisman Trophy winner, Johnny Manziel, also stopped by and spent some real quality time with the kids, talking to them openly and honestly about how much work it took for him to succeed as a college quarterback. Experts said he didn’t have the right skillset and that he was too small to make it. Many of the kids could relate to what Manziel was sharing with them and they really perked up and got fired up when he told them that if he could do it, so could they! It was very inspirational and motivating!

Manziel then talked to us about the adversity he has faced as he tries to make it in the NFL. He spoke about what he is learning from some of the mistakes he’s made and how his setbacks will not be the end but rather the beginning of new motivation and determination. These are important life-lessons of course and that’s one of the things I love about sports and teamwork — it creates an opportunity to learn and grow in all aspects of life.

As youth football camps go, this MusclePharm 3-day event was first class all the way but, unlike other such camps around the country which are only available to kids whose parents are affluent enough to afford the enrollment fees, this one was completely free for the families. MusclePharm very generously covered all the expenses which allowed many aspiring young athletes to participate who normally might have had to miss out on such an elite event. This is one of the reasons why my wife Maria and I are proud to lend our experience, energy, and support to the MusclePharm mission — we’re not a company that is just about selling supplements — the mission is to inspire and lead people of all ages toward a healthy and strong way of life.

Co-founders Brad Pyatt and Cory Gregory (who were both at the Camp to help coach the kids) are committed to giving back and making a difference. And I guarantee you, right now, there are 160 kids who got to attend this event for free, who are on their way to becoming better athletes and better young men because of what they learned at MusclePharm’s 3D Football Camp this past weekend. As I see it, that’s what it’s all about.

3d1 3d2

From Before to After to A Whole New Life

Great day today! I got to workout with my friend George at our fitness Transformation Center. I have attached a ‘before photo’ of George which was when he first came in to workout with me three years ago. He lost almost 150 lbs in about a year (with healthy eating and exercise–no diets or extreme measures). I have also included a photo of George and I from today (June 7, 2015) and one of us working out this afternoon. George hasn’t gone backwards at all… he is going forward, with healthy eating and an active life. He has not gained any weight back. At 6’4″ and 225 lbs he is fit and is able to get on with doing fun things in life… he is a competitive ballroom dancer now and a good tennis player too. George turns 25 tomorrow… Happy Birthday George and keep going strong! Your Friend, Bill Phillips


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To Care for others, You must Care for Youself!

People care about you and count on you. Friends, family, and co-workers need you even more than you might realize. And in times of crisis, or unexpected adversity, you’ll be needed even more. It’s important to realize that the extent to which you can care for and help others will be determined by how much you care for yourself. If your energy is low, and you’re feeling weak and aren’t living up to your potential, you may be inadvertently hurting others as well. Likewise, if you are healthy, strong, and have energy to spare, you will be able to reach out and lift others up. A healthy lifestyle which includes physical fitness, balanced eating, and practicing positive mindset will improve your physical and mental strength each and every day. If life has gotten in the way, and you find yourself off track, recommit to fitness and health with the understanding that this is one of the best things you can do to help not just yourself, but those around you! ~Bill Phillips

It’s What You Do Most of the Time, Not Some of the Time, that Shapes You

Today I want to share something that I would like you to keep in mind: No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Therefore, no one can follow any of my health and fitness programs ‘perfectly.’ Even I miss a workout and meals from time to time, and even my plans sometimes get interrupted by traffic jams, delayed airline flights, meetings that take longer than expected, and even over sleeping. But those things are the exception, not the rule. Most of the time, I eat 6 nutritious protein and carbohydrate balanced meals a day. Most of the time, I exercise intensely. Most of the time I keep a positive mindset and am optimistic. And most of the time, I feel healthy and energetic. Remember, it’s what we do most of the time that shapes us, not what we do some of the time. So don’t worry if you’re not ‘perfect’–focus on simple progress not perfection. ~Bill Phillips