1. Clarence Gaul says:

    I want enter the contest. I am to do it from my IPhone.

    • mnugentdesign says:

      Hi Clarence,
      On your iphone, scroll to the very bottom and click on View Full Site. Then look at the top of the sidebar on right side. You should see the ‘Follow Blog via Email’. This is where you enter your email address. Congrats on making the decision to enter the challenge!

  2. Marti DeLee says:

    In it to win it!

  3. Janet Young says:

    Please inform us on the new cardio as well as lower body 5*25… I can’t wait!!💪

  4. Christina says:

    We love the Bill Phillips Eating for Life book. However, I would love some new recipes. I’m hoping there’s another recipe book available? Any suggestions? Also, I’m not sure if this is still correct, but I remember having to fill out grocery list by hand because there was no way online to add meals and it auto generate a grocery list for me. ? I know this is body for life, but maybe someone can help me in regards to his book? Thanks

    • So happy you like the recipes in Eating for Life, Christina. No new EFL book at this time. We are working on an Eating for Life App for smartphones which will help with grocery shopping and planning. We’ll announce when that is available here on Bill Phillips Fitness News. ~Bill

  5. Victoria says:

    Am I enter been trying for 2 hours with the iPhone.

  6. Jerome Jostes says:

    I didn’t know where to put this so I hope here is ok 🙂

    I’m currently taking Strongevity Rx and since taking this supplement I have noticed improvements with my Parkinson’s disease. Yes improvements, I’ve stopped taking Artane which is suppose to help with tremors and since being on it I’ve seen no improvement not not bit BUT since taking Strongevity Rx my tremors are diminishing and I’ve been able to stop taking Artane and my Neurologist is dumbfounded! I told him what has happened and he couldn’t believe it?! He is extremely happy for me and continues to monitor my Parkinson’s. He said be careful and I am, it’s finally great to be able to grab a glass of water without spilling it or dicing fruits and vegetables without cutting my fingers all the time. I’m so happy that Strongevity Rx is my miracle supplement and I owe it all to you Bill Phillips!! Praise God that I can now not be ashamed at checkout when I’m trying to use my debit card or at a restaurant and not need a spoon to eat my food. Finally I honestly have relief….thank you so much and,
    God bless
    Jerome Jostes

  7. Brian Balentine says:

    With the 5-25 program, will I see any size gains? I’m not looking to be a bodybuilder but I would like to gain a little size from where I am at? Will this program produce growth or just muscle density?
    Brian Balentine

  8. Good Morning!
    This is my second day of the challenge!
    I find myself overwhelmed with info!!
    Where do I find the daily workout form?
    Thank you!

  9. Marty Kopelow says:

    Dear Bill,
    You have been my “Guru” for decades. From early EAS times to Body for Life challenge to your Lamborghini and Corvette gifts to Muscle Media to Eating for Life to using the Success Journal to track my food and workouts.
    In 2002 I completed the 84 days (after a couple of tries. Felt like a Lamborghini but couldn’t keep the results. Have tried 5 or 6 times since then but faulterrd around 32-45 days. I remember a finalist that lived in Abbotsford British Columbia Canada ( which is 50 minutes away from me. )
    Does he ever food and fitness coach? I am thinking of hiring a chef to prep the meals so I can have them ready on hand in the freezer. I’m approaching a monumental age and would like cross this milestone (7 months away) in the best shape possible.
    That could be two programs of 84 days a couple weeks of rest and then another 84 days again.
    This time I willing to invest in someone that could be with me like a BFL or Transformation Coach. Any suggestions?

  10. Benjamin B Bush says:

    Just wanted to say HELLO! Great to see and hear from you as a long time follower.

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