2 people are about to transform their health forever… are you one of them?

Today is the Day 2 People Will Never Forget!
This is a life-changing day for 2 people. They don’t know it yet, but they are about to make a decision that will change their life and maybe even save it too. Just two more people are being allowed to sign up for our total transformation, live video coaching program which starts on Jan 1 and goes all the way through Jan 31, 2017.
What is live video coaching with Bill Phillips?
I come to you live everyday to lead you through your workouts and I give live video seminars/workshops to teach you exactly what to eat to lose fat and get fit and I help you set goals that keep you motivated and focused. I will be there everyday of January to help you get going and stay on track!
I am looking for just 2 more people who want to make this year’s fitness resolutions into real results! By letting me be your live coach to kick off the New Year 2017 you are certain to make big and healthy changes! I have helped thousands of people from all walks of life reduce their bodyfat by 25 lb to 125 lbs — the unhealthy weight will be gone and in its place, firm, strong, healthy muscle. I teach you the sustainable daily action steps that will become your habits in time. We follow the science of building a better body and we also use exercise as medicine to improve our heart health and boost our longevity.
I am looking for just 2 more people to join my live video online coaching group. To qualify you must have been to one of our Transformation Camps over the past 5 years or you must have completed at least 12 weeks of Body for Life workouts and nutrition at some point in the past.
Do you want to make stunning changes in your body and life in 2017? Do you meet the qualification requirements? If so, send us a message at Bill@Transformation.com and save $95 off the regular price of coaching (now just $12 a day vs $65 an hour for an average personal trainer at the local gym).
Two people are about to change their lives forever… are you one of them? Write to me quickly, Bill@Transformation.com and tell me YES you want in! We’ll get right back to you with details on how to enrol.
I’m Bill Phillips and I guarantee I can help you transform in the New Year! Click the link to write us an email now:  Bill@Transformation.com


  1. So a person that really needs help can’t respond to this contest because they haven’t been to a camp or done the 12 week program. Well those people already know how to lose the weight. Why can’t someone that needs to lose but doesn’t know where to began?
    Just saying….

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