Bill Phillips Updates on Camps, Right Nutrition Shakes, and the NEW Challenge!

From Bill Phillips
May 17, 2016

CAMPS: We are excited to be getting ready for our next sold-out fitness camp this weekend! We have a great group of people coming to Colorado for our 3-day seminars, workshops and workouts. We will have beautiful sunshine and 80-degree weather and a lot of energy and motivation to go around!

Our special Body of Work 20th Anniversary Camps in June and July are fully booked and sold out also. The only way to get in at this point is to be on the waiting list in case somebody with a reserved spot can’t make it. If you are not on the ‘stand-by list’ already and want to be, just in case a spot opens up, please email us at: — we have some very exciting, fun, and inspiring experiences planned for participants of Body of Work Camp!!

The last summer Camp we have scheduled for this year is August 12, 13, 14. There are a couple spots available and if you’re interested send us a message at:

RIGHT NUTRITION SHAKES: Our inventory of RIGHT protein and vitamin-rich, meal-replacement shakes has been next to nothing for 7 weeks now. Even I am down to my last 12 servings of vanilla RIGHT and have been eagerly waiting for news that more is on the way. Today I got that news thank goodness… and I am happy to pass this update along to my fellow RIGHT-dependent fitness transformers.

Our warehouse will be filled with RIGHT (Vanilla and Chocolate) again next week. We will fill back orders right away and then quickly move to shipping pre-orders, which you can place starting today. Orders will ship in within 7 days and if you reserve your next supply now, you can make sure you will be restocked for the summer. You save $70 (you get 24 shakes FREE) when you stock up with an order of 8 containers of RIGHT. If you pre-order this week, I will also throw in 30 servings of our popular cellular energy supplement STRONGEVITY Rx for free (valued at $50) along with every 8 containers of RIGHT you order. This special gives you $120 of free supplements for every 8 containers (12 servings each) you reserve by pre-ordering this week.

I am putting aside a couple cases for myself–I have RIGHT shakes 3 times a day along with a 2 or 3 healthy whole food meals. It’s my simple, sustainable, surefire way to eat right and get the quality nutrition my body needs day after day. If you are interested in our healthy supplements, you can visit our online supplement store is at: and learn more.

Because I am consistently eating right and getting in my workouts 5 or 6 days a week, I am as strong as I have been since my early 30s and I stay below 9 percent bodyfat all year long. Most importantly, my recent medical exam shows I have A+ heart health. This program isn’t just for me of course. It can work for anyone who follows it consistently and many of our Camp students are proving that with their own health transformations. Whatever you do, please don’t let being over age 40, or over age 50 (like me) slow you down or stop you from being as healthy and strong as you have ever been!

TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE: This past week we announced that the Winner of our most recent Transformation Challenge is Bill Belfert — who at age 51 completely rebuilt his body (50 lbs of fat lost; 10 lbs of muscle gained this year!). Bill Belfert had an incredible reason for making this health transformation happen… his doctors needed him to be strong and fit to donate one of his kidneys in an exchange program which will allow his wife to receive a life-saving transplant. Mr. Belfert has his surgery this week and we have him and his wife in our thoughts are prayers. We will keep the many friends of Bill Belfert who are reading this updated on the success of his surgery. The Belferts will have an all-expenses paid, dream vacation to Maui waiting for them to enjoy as soon as they recover. That is one of the prizes and rewards for Winning the Challenge and WOW… Bill Belfert has earned it!

Looking for motivation, direction, and support to take your own health and fitness to the next level? If so, please get ready to join our new Challenge which kicks off June 21. This next one will be the 20th Anniversary of the Body of Work Challenge that was documented in our Body of Work film. A lot of fun things are in store for this exciting summer Challenge. In just a couple weeks, I will post some very exciting information and news about how to enter this 20th Anniversary Challenge and participate in our motivating online program for FREE!

FREE WORKOUT CLUB FOR COLORADO ALUMNUS: As I mentioned recently, we are starting a series of free workouts here at our Transformation Center starting in June. We will host 12 workouts (not for beginners–for Alumni) and our first two dates are June 7 and 14 at 6:30 pm on each date. We’ll workout and then have a support group meeting to help everyone set some motivating summer fitness goals and to help everyone get connected. We have some great Colorado people who have attended Camps over the last year and I want to make sure you all get a chance to meet each other. We will be able to add 20 people to our group and to get on the list, please email us at and officially sign up. It will be a lot of fun and we will be enjoying some effing brutal summer workouts together… I will be leading the exercise sessions myself!

image3121241.jpgTHANK YOU: My wife Maria and I have been working overtime to keep up with our growing Camp and Coaching programs and we are so grateful to all of you who have supported us so far this year. We love helping people improve their health and fitness. We can’t reach everyone out there who needs to make a healthy life change but we know this is our calling and we are committed to doing our part. We know what it is like to be stuck in a body that doesn’t look for feel healthy and we know that getting out of shape can happen to anyone, us included. We have had to both go through big health transformations of our own and this helps us approach our teaching with a humble and empathetic grounding. Maria and I also know that every body has the power to change and can be successful at this… everyone can improve their health this way. No diets, no fads, just the right facts and science in action.

Maria and I also want to thank all our customers for helping us continue our support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Part of our proceeds continue to go to Make-A-Wish; we just sent them another check which will go towards granting a child’s wish. Over the years, and through projects like the Body of Work film and through sales of the Body-for-LIFE book, over 600 children’s wishes have been granted. We remain committed to doing our part to strengthen this worthy charity and anytime you support us, you are helping to make a difference and we are grateful.

TRANSFORMATION LIVING: Maria and I both teach a proven, practical, safe and sustainable method for transforming your body and health. If you have been to one of our Camps and you are living the transformation now, keep going strong and never quit! Make transformation your lifestyle, not just a 12-week program.

If you are not on a healthy path now and you want to get back on track, we are here to help as much as we can. This isn’t a staged TV show or gimmick for us… this is a mission and we plan to be doing this work far into the future.

Stay tuned for an exciting summer of transformation and fitness! I’ll post another update soon; until then, and always, I’m wishing you health and happiness. ~Bill Phillips


  1. I completed the very first Body for LIFE challenge waaaaaay back in 2000. It changed my life in so many positive ways. Thanks for all the inspiration over the years!

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