NEW: Fitness Entrepreneurs Success-360 Camp!

From: Bill Phillips
Date: April 5, 2016

NEW! Fitness Entrepreneurs Success-360 Camp!

Personal Trainers, Gym Owners and Managers, Nutrition Experts, Strength Coaches, Vitamin Sellers, Fitness Writers and Teachers… all of you have a very important role in the future of Healthcare. In fact I believe that anyone who works in the fitness business, and does it the right way, can help people as much as a Doctor.

As I see it, the BEST time to GET WELL is BEFORE you get sick… before you have chronic disease. Helping people develop healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits is an essential part of the future of Healthcare in our nation. Our current system of medicine is incomplete. What is missing is the element of prescribing exercise and optimal nutrition as not just prevention but treatment of the most prevalent (and often preventable) illnesses such as: type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, anxiety and depression and so on. My future work is focused on building a credible fitness industry that is respected as a legitimate partner and part of our healthcare system and where training, nutrition and supplement experts can make a purposeful, positive, exciting and rewarding career.

We need to get away from the diet and fitness fads and frauds that have held our industry down for far too long. We need leaders who passionately practice what they preach and who know that being healthy and fit requires effort and commitment… being in good shape does take some work, but when you think about it, being sick isn’t exactly easy either. In fact, being sick is expensive and consuming and it is something no one wants for their future or the future of their family and friends. We have to recognize this and help others see this too, we have to change the collective mindset of America when it comes to what healthcare means to us. We have to be proactive and not just reactive when it comes to health. I believe we can truly and completely transform the health of our nation, and the way to do it is one person at a time. Each person who makes that change, makes a difference… they show others what is possible. That is the way it can happen. And it HAS TO happen! There is no way our the current medical system can deal with the tidal wave of preventable illness that looms on the horizon. That is the way I see it… what do you think?

What you just read is merely one of the many important topics we will be discussing in depth at our upcoming Success-360 Camp for Fitness Entrepreneurs this summer. This is a 4-day event being held at my Transformation Center in Colorado, August 4th through 7th.

At this first-of-its-kind Camp, I’ll not only challenge each and every participant to get in the best shape of their life with the help of me and our expert coaches, but I’ll be challenging each person to embody and passionately embrace the purpose of helping others transform their bodies and lives… and to do it for a living. Because I believe this industry offers the opportunity to do well by doing good, I’ll also share the keys I have used to succeed in business throughout my EAS and Body-for-LIFE endeavors. Going back to my MET-Rx business in 1991, and through the publication of over 100 issues of my Muscle Media magazine, and right on up to today. I have had success and yes, some setbacks, and I have learned a lot from each. Anyone who worked in this industry for nearly three decades would have a lot of knowledge to share and I am not special or much different than anyone else. I have a lot of experience that I have learned from and I have a lot to share and teach. I have launched businesses that have sold over 2 billion dollars worth of consumer products during my fitness career and I have had some good luck in publishing, with Body-for-LIFE being the bestselling fitness book of all time (all BFL proceeds that would have gone to me were donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. We have helped grant 600 kids wishes over the years and this is the accomplishment I am most proud of in my career so far).

Now I want to teach the next wave of fitness entrepreneurs how they can accomplish even more. My business teachings are aimed at helping you achieve ‘full circle success’ (Success-360). And by that I mean, you are enjoying the very best health while making a good living AND having the time , energy, peace of mind, and freedom to LIVE your life to the fullest.

This Camp is not all about making money, but at this event I will introduce you to two young entrepreneurs that I’ve mentored over the years, who have built businesses that have earned each of them more than 50 million dollars. Like me, they both started with nothing… no money, no advanced education, no short cuts or easy path… they worked hard and made some key decisions along the way which have paid off, BIG TIME, and they now are living the American dream. They will tell you in their own words what the keys to their success have been. To me, what’s more inspiring than what they each have gained is what they have given. Their success has made it possible for them to reach out and help their families and friends and numerous, noble charities and causes by sharing their blessings generously. At this Camp, you will learn all about their path to success and you will hear about their setbacks and challenges as well.

This will be an absolutely open, honest, straightforward Camp experience and what you learn here will change and expand the way you see your own realistic potential, I promise you that!

This Fitness Entrepreneurs Success-360 Camp will be body AND LIFE changing for everyone in attendance. It is about complete success. The ONE message I have for everyone at this event is: Never underestimate the Change You can Make in Your LIFE; and Never underestimate the Difference You can Make in the LIVES of OTHERS. Only 25 participants will be accepted in this Camp group. If you are interested (or if you know a personal trainer or fitness entrepreneur who might be) please contact us at:

We want people who are passionate about success and fitness to attend… we are looking for people who can get fired up and inspired about make a big difference in the lives of others. This is not just a ‘get rich’ summit, this is about gaining and giving. It is about becoming as healthy as you can be inside and out, it is about full-circle success! Still interested? Send me an email and let’s see if we can help you decide if this Camp is right for you, and if it is, let’s get you signed up so you don’t miss out! Like all our Camps, this one will sell out in advance so don’t delay! We guarantee the investment you make in this Camp will benefit you many times over!


  1. Todd Koester says:

    Sounds like a fantastic opportunity Bill. Best of luck to all the participants. Love to hear how it goes.

  2. This sounds amazing.

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