Do You Remember The Red Lamborghini?



From: Bill Phillips
March 16, 2016

“It’s the same one. And Yes, we are giving it away… again! Seriously, Yes.” 

That is my answer to the question people have been asking about what we have planned for our 20th Anniversary Body of Work Challenge which kicks off this June 20th. “YES” we are putting up a blood-red exotic sports car, Lamborghini Diablo, as the top prize again… just like we did before. But not any ol’ Diablo… through weeks of research we have tracked down the original one from the Body of Work film (it is right now sitting in a garage in Los Angeles where the owner keeps it in mint condition) and we are getting it back… to give it away! People coming to the Body of Work Camp this summer can test drive the car and get pics with it… it’s kind of a famous car! Is it a practical thing to win or own… “No, not at all.” But it is cool and beautiful and fast… what’s more important though is it is a powerful iconic symbol of that breakthrough Challenge which started 20 years ago and which led to the Body of Work film and the Body-for-LIFE book which changed so many people’s lives. We are also aiming to raise another million dollars for our favorite charity, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, through the 20th Anniversary Challenge. Many more details coming soon!

The Red Lamborghini will be here at the Body of Work Anniversary Summer Camps. And lucky Camp participants really will be able to take it for a drive and get all the photos they want. It’ll be exciting and fun, and this is just one of the many surprises in store! For Body of Work fans, the Camp this Summer will be absolutely incredible. We will literally make the Body of Work film come alive and rekindle the spirit of that magical time of our lives.

All the spots we had available for the Body of Work Anniversary Camp have been reseved; however, I know from past Camps that plans do sometimes change due to unexpected circumstances. There are times we can make room for a few more people as we get closer to the event. If you are not already signed up for Body of Work Anniversary Camp, and you would like to attend, please send me an email right away to: and we will put you on our priority waiting list. We will do our best to see if we can fit you in. Like I said, for Body of Work fans, this is going to be such a motivating and inspiring, once in a lifetime experience. We are working on the details now — it all begins again this summer!


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