Podcast: Looking back at Body-for-LIFE and ahead to a fit future

I get so many questions from people who want to make the change from before to after and enjoy good health again. In this new podcast, which you can watch and/or listen to at the link below this text, I talk all about the Body-for-LIFE mindset and the 5 key questions that you can answer to get back on track. This interview is with the bright young guys at ‘Barbell Shrugged’ who have the #1 rated podcast on iTunes right now. If you read my book Body-for-LIFE back in the day, you will like the content of this podcast I think. It’s free and available to you whenever you have the time to enjoy it! Let me know what you think after you listen to it. Thank You in advance for your time and for letting me share my passion for fitness with you!! ~Bill Phillips

Find the Podcast here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2-Q2rLOb0w


  1. coopdaddy1 says:

    The link is goofed up Bill…

  2. John Casoni says:
  3. John Casoni says:

    Bill, Thanks, I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast. Now let’s see if I get started on a Why!

  4. Is there any way we can sign up for your Challenge without signing up on facebook?

  5. I just watched this one Bill and it is fantastic. I’ve taken 2 pages of notes and I will work this into my next challenge.

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