Transform your Bench Press with Mark Bell and Bill Phillips

In this brand new 25 minute video Bill Phillips trains with Mark Bell, one of the best strength coaches and strongest men in the world. Bill Phillips is traveling around the country this summer learning from experts like Mark Bell and others; always looking to improve, even at age 50 and with over 30 years of experience teaching transformation and Body-for-LIFE. Watch the video to get some new insight about what workouts produce strong results and also get some motivational insight along the way!


  1. John Casoni says:

    Almost the best part is the very end when Bill tells about his start and his goals and what drives him. And what you should invest your time in — that is to say, what you’re passionate about. Very inspirational.

  2. Hey Bill,
    I am 24 years old and I am seriously overweight at 240 lbs standing 6’1″ tall. I kinda feel stupid asking this question knowing that all types of workout is good for anyone. But will doing this workout help me lose some fat and weight ? having noticed that there were a lot of people in the older age bracket that have been commenting on this program and you as well mentioning that age bracket, I just had this doubt.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Dear Bill,
    I am fatter this year. Lots of stress from other people’s health problems.
    I have sent you notes for a few years, and nothing has got me off my bum.
    I have about 50 unused exercise videos including Cory Everson who has a similar health problem. I have a tendency to get blood clots, managed with blood thinners.
    Reading your story online about how you got care after a something happened, got me to find a better doc for a blood clot in an arm. That process saved my life because the new doctor gave me a test for a rare problem and I take blood thinners for life instead of the usual aspirin a day that might have been prescribed.Thank you for sharing the hard details of your life at that time.As much as I hate being 180 pounds, food is my go to stress reliever and I do not smoke or drink.
    I signed up for the challenge and actually do not want the trip to Maui because I care for my 88 year old mom and she cannot tolerate a long plane trip from Massachusetts. She is cranky at times so I cannot leave her with someone else.
    For me it’s all about finally getting in shape again.
    I looked good my whole life so being this chubby is really ego bending.
    I like you.

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