From Before to After to A Whole New Life

Great day today! I got to workout with my friend George at our fitness Transformation Center. I have attached a ‘before photo’ of George which was when he first came in to workout with me three years ago. He lost almost 150 lbs in about a year (with healthy eating and exercise–no diets or extreme measures). I have also included a photo of George and I from today (June 7, 2015) and one of us working out this afternoon. George hasn’t gone backwards at all… he is going forward, with healthy eating and an active life. He has not gained any weight back. At 6’4″ and 225 lbs he is fit and is able to get on with doing fun things in life… he is a competitive ballroom dancer now and a good tennis player too. George turns 25 tomorrow… Happy Birthday George and keep going strong! Your Friend, Bill Phillips



  1. I love you Bill for your love of people and your great skill set, Happy Birthday George

  2. Jo Ann Shane says:

    What a great effort and accomplishment! You keep going George!
    Jo Ann

  3. Great to see George he is an inspiration for long term lifestyle changes

  4. Terry Hlibichuk says:

    I have the world going for me and I’m barely surviving.. This should pull me out of it

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Matt Fonk says:

    That is exciting to see his personal success! I hope more people are able to see that it change can be had. Glad to see he picked up some great guidance.

  6. Kevin 'Humdinger' says:

    Haha…KING GEORGE!!!!

    Plain and simple. This NEVER gets old. And Bill, man I could be wrong…but it looks like maybe the young dancing linebacker could kick your butt!

    What makes this MAGICAL is George accepted your coaching ‘kick in the butt’ and simply hasn’t looked back. Peeps…are you paying attention?!! This is available. To. Us. ALL.

    Thank you so much Bill and thank you so much George…for everything.


    ps. Don’t buy that line about George taking Bill. 😉


  7. Kevin 'Humdinger' says:

    Oh yeah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KG!!! It’s gonna be an EPIC year. BOOOOOM!!!

  8. That’s Awesome Bill-Congrats to the both of you. Mark

  9. Cynthia says:

    Way to go George! Happy birthday and wishing you many more to come!

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