To Care for others, You must Care for Youself!

People care about you and count on you. Friends, family, and co-workers need you even more than you might realize. And in times of crisis, or unexpected adversity, you’ll be needed even more. It’s important to realize that the extent to which you can care for and help others will be determined by how much you care for yourself. If your energy is low, and you’re feeling weak and aren’t living up to your potential, you may be inadvertently hurting others as well. Likewise, if you are healthy, strong, and have energy to spare, you will be able to reach out and lift others up. A healthy lifestyle which includes physical fitness, balanced eating, and practicing positive mindset will improve your physical and mental strength each and every day. If life has gotten in the way, and you find yourself off track, recommit to fitness and health with the understanding that this is one of the best things you can do to help not just yourself, but those around you! ~Bill Phillips


  1. polly warner says:

    I found a copy 9th your book from 1999 at a thrift store on Friday i read 8th that night and started the meal program on Saturday and working out more. I’ve lost 26 pounds in the past year but need to tone up . I’m so excited to have found the book and to be starting this!

  2. kathleen says:

    Time to put myself first in my life. Time to make my own care a priority so that I can be the best for myself and my family. Time to work at becoming the person God has created me to be. Thanks for the words of wisdom and genuine care for all of God’s creation. God’s Blessings!

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