The only way to truly fail is to quit trying

I was at a book signing at a Barnes & Noble store in Wichita, Kansas. A healthy 34-year old woman named Kimberly introduced herself. Somewhat sullen, she asked if I could write some encouraging words in her book, explaining that she’s tried several times to complete my 12-week Program but had “failed” each time. “Failed?” I replied. “You look wonderful!” She explained that through her efforts she had lost 15 lbs. of bodyfat and increased her muscle definition and energy. But again she explained that she had “failed” because each time she tried to complete the 12-week Program, something would come up and she would fall off track. What I explained to Kimberly, and what I want to share with you, is that as long as you keep trying, you will never fail. The only way to fail is to quit trying. Setbacks offer opportunities to learn and grow and improve. And I need you to see PROGRESS as SUCCESS. Focus on what you have achieved not on what you haven’t. Give yourself credit where credit is due — celebrate any and all progress and build momentum from each little step forward. Keep your chin up and have faith in yourself and my program. You can and WILL succeed as long as you keep trying… that much I can promise you! ~Bill Phillips


  1. Karen Wildman says:

    Thank you for sending!! Still trying, rereading all notes from camp for inspiration. 🙂

    Karen Wildman


  2. C-tina Caswell says:

    Beautiful wisdom Bill. Thank YOU so very much!!! c-tina

  3. Thanks for believing in me! Your words have instructed and guided me for many years. I will definitely recommend your new book and pick up a copy when it comes out!

  4. Cynthia says:

    word of wisdom!!! I try to teach my kids this lesson too… celebrate even the smallest things… and when something APPEARS as a negative, turn it around and look from all sides… sometimes there’s a positive in it that you can still celebrate or use as motivation to succeed. Now if I can just get MYSELF on track with this awesome logic…!

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