Planning overrides Procrastination

What I’ve discovered is that one of the reasons people put off, procrastinate, and postpone is simply because they’re not prepared. Quite often, that’s what it comes down to. And while the stereotypical advice, “Stop Procrastinating!” certainly has merit and may be offered with the best of intentions, the solution is conspicuously absent. How do you stop procrastinating? How do you “Just do it!”? Procrastination is a side effect of a lack of preparation and planning. By “preparation,” I mean gathering the essential information and acquiring the knowledge you need to accomplish your goals. And by “planning” I mean deciding how and when you will apply the information you’ve acquired. When you are prepared, and you have a plan, you will not procrastinate. You will move forward and you will ‘just do it,” because you’ve prepared to do it and planned to do it! ~Bill Phillips


  1. Clarence Gaul says:

    This is not about this post this is about your previous post I notice you have something for upper body, lower body, cardio, with doing strength training for 25 min(s) the new way. But I notice I didn’t see anything for abs. Do you have a program for your abs? Or what do you suggested?


    I am committed

  2. Tara Summers says:

    Wow. You’re spot on and SO right. What an insightful observation about a simple truth that makes complete sense. Thank you for writing & sharing this Bill, it has truly been a blessing to my spirit today!

  3. Straightforward! Thanks for this Bill. Dilly-dallying is utterly detachable if you keep a focused mind on your goals. Preparation comes first, of course.

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