One-Day Only SALE on Bill Phillips Supplements

From: Bill Phillips
Date: April 8, 2015
We are having a One-Day Only SALE for our Best Customers and you can Save $120 if you order today!
Science clearly shows that yes, you can get better fat loss and muscle building results faster from your workouts if you take the Right supplements.
To help you improve your results and save money, I’m having a One-Day Only SALE and special deal.
I’ll give you a FREE 30-serving bottle of our new cellular energy supplements called STRONGEVITY Rx (valued at $50) when you stock up on 8 bottles of RIGHT protein nutrition shakes at my online store. I will also give you 2 FREE containers of RIGHT (24 protein and vitamin packed shakes). That is $120 of Free supplements if you order today!

Please Note: You won’t see your bottle of FREE STRONGEVITY Rx on the invoice but I will personally make sure that it is shipped with your order of RIGHT nutrition shakes.

FREE Strongevity Rx offer good for the next 24 hours only!
To Order Visit ——->


  1. janine hollinger says:

    Is this sale with the free products still available? Thanks Janine

    Sent from my iPhone


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