Over 40? Trying to Lose Bodyfat and Gain Muscle?

Research Experts and Real People from across America are talking about the Scientific Breakthrough New Supplement called STRONGEVITY Rx. “It works!” is what Everyone is saying!


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From Body-for-LIFE Bill Phillips who introduced the fitness world to MET-Rx and EAS

STRONGEVITY Rx is an easy to use and delicious orange powder drink mix made with pharmaceutical grade, quality ingredients. Stir a serving into a cup of cold water or blend it into your favourite protein shake. For women, I recommend using one serving (two scoops) in the morning. Men will want to use one serving (two scoops) in the morning and another serving right after working out for best results.

  • Scientifically Proven to help you get better results faster from your workouts
  • Scientifically shown to increase muscle strength by as much as 25% in just 6 weeks
  • Research Studies show increased mental performance and energy (by as much as 40%)
  • Breakthrough Studies reveal Extended Healthy Lifespan by up to 22%

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——> Click Here to Read the Full Scientific Report on STRONGEVITY Rx

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