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I’ve been in love with helping people get fit for the vast majority of my life. I’ve spent years learning everything I possibly can about training, nutrition, supplementation, motivation, and all the essential components of transformation. This love has led me to train pro athletes, celebrities, and millions of people around the world. It also forms the foundation of my 12-week Back to Fit transformation program.

Back to Fit launches on Monday, January 19. It contains multiple video overviews, daily workouts, motivation techniques, a full meal plan based on many successful transformations, a suite of healthy recipes, and much more—all for free. Before the program goes live, click the link below to learn more about my story, my own transformation, and the lifetime of work that forms the core tenets of Back to Fit!

Click here to sign up for the FREE Program and see the new Transformation Video!!


  • Video overviews on training, nutrition, supplementation, and motivation
  • Complete 12-week training program
  • Daily workouts you can add directly to your calendar
  • Sample meal plan and healthy foods lists
  • Delicious, trainer-approved recipes
  • Tips to help you stay on track and transform for life
  • And much more!


  1. I’m 72 years old . I live in a 55 and older condo community. I listen to and see too many of my neighbors with health issues. I do not want to be like them. I am looking forward to starting your program. I will do whatever it takes.

  2. Ulisses Carsi says:

    Thank you Bill

  3. The most appealing reward I can think of is one of the last comments made in this video: reconnecting with myself. In 12 weeks, I can make huge strides to regain the person I lost. That’s huge . . .

  4. Tobi Tanksley says:

    Can’t wait! 🙂

  5. Great idea! Can’t wait to try it out

  6. Thank you Bill. We look forward to getting back to sassy.

  7. Will the Right Light shakes be back in stock in time to use them in this challenge? ( I’m aware that whole food is best, I just prefer to use 2 shakes a day to supplement and would love to use these.) Thanks!

  8. Heatherlyn says:

    Beautiful video! I did your body for life way back when. My husband had passed away and I had two babies. I went through every emotional stage there was. I got to the mad stage and watched your first video, it helped me so much. I got sad, mad, crying I lifted weights in that pyramid style. Fast forward 16 years, now with herniated disc and cant work out like before. 44 year older woman and gained a disgusting 40 pounds.Im going to do your new 5/25 starting the January 19th 2015. Your very inspiring, wish me luck, here I go !!!

    • Heatherlyn,

      Your story is so similar to mine l I was 35 and my husband passed away. We had the kids 1 to 6 years old. I was overwhelmed, depressed, and got out of shape. Bill and the Body-for-Life video inspired me so I didn’t miss a day or cheat on my food. I went from a size 14 to a 4 in 12 weeks. Then a few years later, I injured my back at work and have gained 70 pounds. I’m 54 now and losing weight is harder than ever so I’m gonna try this. Bill is a great motivator l.


  9. I am 65 years young. I want to gain muscle and weight(5’6,140 lbs) can this program work for me?

  10. Jamee Harrison says:

    Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2015 08:49:43 +0000 To:

  11. My husband & I did the Body for Life program in 2000 and had extremely fantastic success! Unfortunately a few years later, we began the yo yo dieting & exercise, and now eventually have gained it back, plus a lot more. This new Bill Philips program speaks right to us! It’s like he personally knows us! 😊 We’re ready to get back to our BFL shape & have signed up for the program! Can’t wait! Thank you Bill, for being such an inspiration to us & so many others!

  12. It is Monday, January 19th, but no email or updates? I have a whole crew that hasn’t gotten anything and we planned to star together today? Help 🙂

  13. I started the B2F anbout 3 weeks ago. I love the clean recipes you have on, however I was hoping there might be some more out there? Are these recipes the same as the “Fit for Life” recipes such as same ratios of carbs/veggie/protein. If so I will check that out. I want to succeed and learn healthier cooking and eating habits. Thank you in advance.

  14. Hello Bill,

    I have two more weeks of the plan and I’m done. What should I do next? Should I restart it?

    Thank you for everything,

    • Hi Danny,

      Congratulations on making it 10 weeks so far! The program works no matter how long you have been doing it. Many people set new goals and start another round of the 12 week program. It is up to you though, but that is our recommendation!

  15. Bill, when doing the 5-25 cardio, on the last minute I’m giving my best effort (8/10) which is recommended on the program, should I do a cool down 26 minute?

  16. Thank you

  17. Bill, would you have any recommendations for speed volume to maximize my results that I could follow with my stationary bike for the cardio portion of the program. Pre program I used the stationary bike typically for twenty five minutes at speed 9. My heart rate ranged between 135-145. I pushed myself to level 11 for the last two minutes. The highest speed on my stationary bike is 20.

  18. Thank you very much!

  19. I did the Body4Life program years ago and loved it! But the years and life have put me back into a bad spot physically. I was going to go through the program again, when I came across Back To Fit. I already have a BodySpace account, that’s how I found it. Though I’m a bit confused by the setup of this one. While I see that it’s setup very close to Body4Life, the workout log on BodySpace, appears to be an entire body superset done for five sets. Is that accurate? I go to a commercial gym and it’s tough to tie up five stations. Any help is appreciated. I’m really excited to start the program very soon! Thank you

  20. Hi Bill,
    when would you recommend I attempt to move up in weight on the upper body program. I currently completed my second upper body workout of the week. I performed 40 lb. dumbbells on bench all five sets for ten repetitions. On my last 2 sets it was challenging and I pushed myself to complete the tenth rep? I made sure to do a slow 1-2 count on the way up, and down. Thank you!

  21. I would love to complete this program but I have two workout questions. Rather than a treadmill, can I use an eliptical? Also, for the workouts, can I do the entire thing with dumbbells at home? I can’t get to the gym between work, school and kids so would rather do this at home.

  22. Hey Bill, I am 67 yr old female who has had 3 total knee replacements. I can do the upper body workout, but I’m not sure I should tackle the squats in the lower workout. Any suggestions for alternative strength moves?

    • start with a half hour of walking instead of the leg exercises. Be sure to check with your doctor and physical therapists. It’s essential to strengthen the quadriceps and other leg muscles after knee replacements in order to regain mobility and the freedom to be active.

  23. Hi Bill, I’m 46 years old and work out in my garage. I a have a power rack, 400# barbell set, lots of Kettlebells, suspension rings and a speed jump rope. I like your circuit concept for training. This is my plan. Lower circuit 1: barbell squat, KB 2 hand swings , goblet squat, jump rope, incline abs. Upper circuit #2: barbell bench press, rings Pullups, KB press, soft style swings, close grip push ups. Lower circuit #3 : barbell stiff leg deadlift, KB front SQ, KB snatch, jumping jacks, hanging leg raises. Circuit #4 barbell mil press, KB rows, ring push ups, KB cleans, KB push press. I follow your circuit format for reps and keep it to 25 minutes along cardio on my airdyne on off days. I’m loving it!!

  24. It’s not free anymore. is charging for it now.

  25. Kevin Kanter says:

    Its not free anymore. I went on and they say you have to purchase a subscription to access it.

    • Hello Maya, has changed their structure and it is now on a membership. We have nothing to do with their decision and are not able to bypass their system. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

  26. I had the page bookmarked – but the program is no longer free on 😦

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