Working Out Works at Any Age!

Bill Phillips at 50!!

Bill Phillips at 50!!

Took this quick pic with my cell phone camera yesterday — the day I officially became 50 years old. Honestly, I feel as good as I did at age 30 and even better than I did at age 40. I actually gained muscle this decade — I’m 195 lbs and 9% bodyfat. I had some ups and downs in my 40’s and a period of time where I got completely out of shape. But, I got back on track, started lifting weights, eating healthy meals, drinking my protein nutrition shakes and taking my vitamins and my body has just become healthier. I’m married to a beautiful woman, Maria, who makes every day feel special. Her and I work together helping other people get fit, lose weight and feel younger and more alive. If you are over 40, and not happy with the body you have, take it from me… You can get stronger and healthier as you go up in age. Fitness and a positive mindset can help us all enjoy a greater quantity and quality of life! ~Bill Phillips


  1. Carla Luther says:


    You are such an amazing man. You always have the most encouraging words for me, I hope to meet you and Maria some day.

    You look great!

    Happy birthday!

  2. Barbara McKee says:

    Happy 50th, Bill! I did my first Body for LIfe Challenge when I turned 50… I am now 62. I still rely your exercise program and love the new 5-25 program. And I love the Right Light Shakes, Strongevity, and just started with GH-10. Yes, you have a believer here! One of my goals is to visit your gym in Golden and meet you and Maria!
    Thanks for all you do! Barbara McKee, Houston, TX

  3. Sharon Wood says:

    Hi Bill! Happy Big 5-0! Funny but I was drinking a Right Light shake as I saw your message and pic! By the way, the new and improved shakes are AWESOME! Best you have produced yet! I am 54 now and am trying to help my son become fit. I showed him your 50 year YOUNG physique and it was very inspiring to him and to myself as well. We are reading all of your books and are working out together. So proud of what you have done to educate and help others! Thanks for all you have taught me and continue to teach me and my family! Sharon Wood, Bayfield, Colorado

  4. Tara Summers says:

    Dang Bill, marriage looks great on you! All the best, xo~Tara

  5. Happy 50th, Bill! Birthdays are a new start; fresh beginnings, a time to start new endeavors with new goals. I’m sure your goals will continue to be broken! You have brought so much high quality advice which is thoroughly enjoyed by all. May you have an amazing today and year! – Matt S.

  6. mark leonard says:

    Go getem Bill!

  7. Happy Birthday Bill!!! glad I have the opportunity to post that. It was you who gave me the incentive to get to age 50 being in the best shape of my life and thanks to you I still am at 52! BUT I always wondered where you would be at this time and now I see. You are the best and will always be. Happy Birthday , Wendy

  8. Good golly! You look fabulous. Happy birthday and good for you! I tell ya Bill, you are an inspiration. Yours has been the only program I have ever had success with. I wish I could say that I still enjoy that success, but things in life happen (like your accident) that have made me stop trying. But I keep following your site while your methods are always looming in my mind. I want that success back in a bad way and seeing your latest picture has given me another surge of hope. I am waiting on a thumbs up from a doctor and then I truly want to get back on track. I was in such a great place and I loved where I was headed. This detour is not at all fulfilling. Thank you for what you do. You don’t know how much of an encouragement you are.

  9. Bill, happy birthday! Impressive- what was your body weight and % 10 and 15 years ago?

  10. Way to go!! You keep inspiring — thanks so much. What kind of lifting routine do you follow these days?

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