NEW – Natural Growth Hormone Supplement, GH10x


NEW GH10x: Scientific-Research Based Supplement + Workout for Building Muscle, Burning Fat

Produced by the pituitary gland, growth hormone supports health in a variety of ways and plays a key role in lipolysis (fat burning) and the anabolic process of muscle building. Unfortunately, research shows that as we age, growth hormone levels diminish. For those of us 40 and over, this can be one of the factors that lead to weight gain, reduced energy, and muscle loss.

Prescription growth hormone (GH) medicine has been touted by some anti-aging experts as a kind of fountain of youth. Celebrities and world champion athletes have paid over $20,000 per year to receive GH injections. What many of them don’t know is that there is a much safer, natural, economical way to boost GH and receive the anti-aging as well as fitness benefits.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that taking safe dosages of key amino acids (building blocks of protein) can significantly increase growth hormone levels. Additional research shows that a specific method of exercise training adds to the supplement effects – producing a huge boost in natural growth hormone secretion. When it comes to GH the body is its own best pharmacy. With specific nutritional supplementation and exercise, we have a safe, practical way to enjoy the benefits of increased growth hormone without any of the side effects of prescription GH medicines.

GH10x is an all-new, scientifically designed, nutraceutical – a natural supplement with safe, medicinal like effects. I highly recommend this supplement for people over 40 who have already made a commitment to eating healthy and exercising intensely (GH10x will not work for people who do not exercise).

Use 2 servings of GH10x per day and follow the recommended workout and you will increase your natural growth hormone levels by up to 10 times, allowing you to lose more bodyfat, build more muscle, increase energy and prolong healthy lifespan.

GH10x will be available in our online store beginning in September 2014!


  1. Joseph Gabriele says:

    How much $$ ???

  2. Another great supplement on the way! Thanks Bill for addressing the issues that are age related and necessary for maintained physical health and leanness! Look forward to trying this one asap! Wendy

  3. can this be combined with Strongevity or should it be a substitute for it>

  4. Phil La Mere says:

    Sounds like a fantastic product to take in addition to my Strongevity!

  5. Hi, can I take Right Light Protein,Strongevity Rx and GH10x together?
    When are you accepting order for GH10X?

  6. Hi there, I currently use the new and improved Right Light and Strongevity together. Can I add Gh10x to the mix?

  7. Bill,
    I’ve used your products and programs for years and have always been impressed with your dedication to helping other improve their lives. So, please pardon my next question!
    Whenever I hear about GH I’m always worried that it is something akin to those banned substances that are constantly in the news. Is the new GH10x something that is a natural substance that has been proven safe with no negative side effects? (I’m sure you’ve done extensive testing, but it makes me feel better to hear it again!)Also, should it be taken on its own, or in addition to the Strongevity supplement?
    Thanks Bill!

  8. What are the ingredients in this? Can we see that?

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