This is NEW and State-of-the-Art in Protein Science!


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For Right Light fans… we are sold out of Right Light at this time but we have a brand NEW product coming to you later this month.

While most protein supplements are going down-hill in quality, using inferior raw materials to cut costs, I have taken our formula up to the next level with the procurement of what is arguably the world’s best protein supplement source… 100% natural, pure, cold-processed, micro-filtered whey protein isolate with biologically active (undenatured) peptides, fractions (Immunoglobulins [IgG1, IgG2, IgA and IgM], Lactoferrin, Alpha-lactalbuminand), light molecular weight moieties that are assimilated with maximum efficiency (PER of 170 compared to egg white at 100 on the protein efficiency ratio scale.)

NO other protein source has this level of quality… it is medicinal protein which has been shown in scientific studies to increase protein/muscle retention, improve fat loss (in people who exercise), boost the immune system, and prolong satiety so we find it easier to manage our appetite (key for long term weight loss). The NEW Right Light has over 3,000 mg of glutamine per serving and over 5,000 mg of BCAAs which are very beneficial for those of us who workout with weights and who do intense aerobic training.

This protein source is the gold standard and it costs a lot to buy and put into this shake formula… I use this everyday though and I wanted a product that was THE BEST and state-of-the-art! THIS IS IT. We don’t sell it in health-food stores because there is no margin in it… no profit margin for the retailer. So we just sell it direct and keep the price down to half of what a Starbuck’s coffee costs these days.

Right Light offers the benefits of great nutrition in a convenient and simple to use nutrition shake that tastes great. It is loaded with vitamins, probiotics, anti-oxidants and electrolytes while being sugar free, gluten free, lactose free, fat free.

From MET-Rx to Myoplex to Right Light… nutrition shakes have been a key for eating right and staying healthy for me. This is a safe and scientifically-proven, sustainable, practical method for improving fitness. I eat two or three health whole-food meal a day and have two or three Right Lights each day. I have been using this new formula for about three months and it is absolutely the best nutrition shake and protein supplement I have ever tried.

The New Right Light is also cholesterol free which is important not just because powered cholesterol is bad for heart health but also because if there is cholesterol in your protein shake, it is NOT the best quality. Look at your protein label and if you see cholesterol, remember it is a sign the protein source isn’t pure or as good as it could be.

This new product is produced only in the highest-quality, FDA-certified, good-manufacturing practices compliant facility. This is pharmaceutical quality manufacturing.

The New and Improved Right Light complete-protein nutrition shake will be available later this month — I’ll share more information soon!



  1. Kathleen says:

    How do you always know when I run out of my chocolate Right Light?

  2. I cant wait to see and try the new formula!!!

  3. Are they sweetened with setevia or are they still filled with sucrose?

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  4. Jerome Jostes says:

    Wow another great nutritional supplement! I may not be able to afford many but I can get at least two boxes per month if I can catch a sale going on. When I saw that not only does it have pure protein it also has the probiotic blend which really helps me with my digestion. Also NO Cholesterol that in itself is freaking great! I have bought some protein with a little cholesterol thinking if it’s there then I guess it’s fine but after reading what you wrote about protein supplementation I was like are you serious? Wow I’m sure glad you sent this email out when you did!!

    Bill thank you for putting your best quality protein mix in Right Light! I’ve always enjoy the shakes before when you supplied them to me. Now that I can save a little I really would like to try this new nutritional shake. A sample would be great but since I cannot wait I would like to get in my first order. So please let me know when they are ready?
    Again thank you for all that you do!

  5. What is BCAAs in the ingredient

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  6. Shakti Krishnamurthy says:

    Bill, the last time I purchased the RIGHT Light, I was a bit surprised to see 2 new changes to the formula as compared to earlier versions :
    1. Protein – there was more than Whey Protein Isolates in the label ( it had Whey Concentrates) as well.
    2. Carb matrix – now seems to have Maltodextrin mixed in, where as earlier you had only Oat flour.
    Have to say was a bit disappointed with the change, as now – the formula is no different than the other cheap formulae available in the market !!

    • Not sure when the last time you purchased Right Light was. It is definitely one of the best, if not THE best complete protein shake on the market. We only use 100% whey protein isolate as it is the best quality protein you can find… but thank you for sharing your opinion.

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