The 25-Minute Workout Which Burns Fat for 40 Hours!


Why Does High-Intensity-Interval-Training work so much better than old-fashioned cardio?

Forget about how many calories the cardio machines tell you that you are burning from your workout. The real measure of the exercise benefit is in how many calories your body burns AFTER the training is done!

In this chart, you see the results of a scientific study which measured the energy expenditure (calorie burning) during and after a HIIT workout vs. a regular effort workout (like jogging at a steady pace).

HIIT causes your body to burn more calories for 40 Hours After your workout. HIIT has been shown to help people lose twice as much bodyfat over 6 weeks of training (twice as much as people who did longer but average intensity workouts).

It was 15 years ago that I wrote Body-for-LIFE and taught people the ‘High-Point Training Method’ which is a form of HIIT. Today, more than a thousand scientific studies show it works best. Back then there were only a handful of studies and my suggestions of 20 to 30-minute workouts was criticized by the less informed ‘experts.’

HIIT is the BEST workout method for burning fat and also for improving heart health… and c’mon… EVERYONE can make time for 5-25 HIIT workouts!!

+++ See my specific High-Intensity-Interval Strength Training Workout video by clicking the link here: Bill Phillips 5-25 Upper Body Strength Training Workout


  1. I love doing my 20 minute interval training from Body for LIFE. I even timed how many beats per minute I am walking and running for the 20 minutes and I programed the musice to change every minute. Keeps me focused and excited…

  2. Brennan Crist says:

    I have a question about frequency of these workouts. If I have the time to do an aerobic hiit workout 5 days a week as well as a strength training hiit workout 3 days a week will that be more beneficial in terms of fat loss than doing just 5-6 total hiit workouts a week?

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  3. Shakti Krishnamurthy says:

    Hello Bill – Can you PLEASE post a video of you doing a LOWER BODY 5-25 Workout ?
    I know there’s one from Brandon/Clarissa floating around, but seeing your form ( like in the upper body video) is truly inspiring.. So do please post a LOWER body video.
    Also – I noticed that the new 5-25 Program does not include anything for Abs !
    Do you NOT it’s necessary ?

  4. So we do the same muscle group exercise 3 times a week. Is there any variation like instead of doing incline press one week, can we do decline press on the 2nd week and the same question for other muscle groups. Or do you want us sticking to the upper body routing listed above. I’m trying to find a chart of the full 12 week plan but cannot find it anywhere?

  5. I remember, Body for LIFE had the Abs workout during the lower body days. The 5 25 does not include Abs. When do you suggest working Abs? I had been doing them on my aerobic days. What has been your suggestions today. Thanks.

    • Hi Glenn, Unless you are under 15% bodyfat it is not necessary to workout abs separately. You will be getting a lot of great core and ab work from doing the free weight exercises. Once you are under 15% bodyfat you can add 4 sets of 25 crunches and leg raises.

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