Christen Manak is our Newest $5,000 Challenge Winner!!


Christen Manak is our Newest $5,000 Challenge Winner!!

Christen Manak is the women’s category $5,000 winner of our Transformation Challenge Contest, which started at the beginning of this year. We selected her because not only did she make great progress during the time of her 12 week Challenge; but also because of the incredible perseverance, patience and determination she has shown over the past 3 years. Christen has successfully completed challenge after challenge — moving forward each time towards the direction of her long term health and fitness goals.


Christen has been a positive and active member of the Transformation Challenge support groups and has been a humble hard worker — leading by example.

Christen Manak’s story has now come full circle in a beautiful and healthy way. She started this journey at 214 lbs and set her sights on getting back to a healthy weight after becoming a Mom. Now, 65 pounds lighter (149 lbs) with a lifetime filled with healthy habits around eating and exercise, Christen and her supportive, loving, husband are now blessed again with another baby on the way.

Congratulations Christen Manak for truly Transforming your Health for LIFE and inspiring others to do the same!

Bill and Maria Phillips

+++ Christen shares part of her story in her own words below:
From Christen Manak: I started my first challenge three years ago. I had just finished a difficult pregnancy and because of bed rest and lack of healthy nutritional choices I had gained sixty five pounds! Over the past three years I’ve had some life setbacks with a broken leg/ankle and long distance move, but I’ve kept returning to a healthy lifestyle and it feels great!

At the conclusion of this challenge, my husband wisked me away for a romantic tenth anniversary cruise to Bermuda! It was so amazing to get dressed each day and see the pride and joy in my husbands eyes as he looked at me. Even at my heaviest he always made me feel loved and told me how beautiful I was to him. As he looked at me on that cruise and again whispered how beautiful I was to him, I could finally believe it! I knew it to be true!

But…I guess being so beautiful and fit has it’s consequences! About a week after our return home, we discovered someone else jumped on board through our romantic getaway! I am so excited to welcome this new little baby into our lives and I’m also looking forward to continuing to live healthy and not fall into my previous unhealthy pregnancy patterns. Body-for-Life has been put on hold for Body-WITH-Life, but the knowledge and habits I’ve formed don’t need to change! ~Christen Manak

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  1. John Casoni says:

    Awesome transformation. So inspirational.

  2. Christine, you are beautiful inside and out, and congratulations for your hard work and sick-to-it-ness! You are a supreme example of success. I congratulate you on your new addition “Body With Life”.

  3. Ralph Desimone says:

    Congratulations Christen! Your dedication to taking better care of yourself is really inspirational. More than that though, your dedication to your husband, four (now five) children, family and your Catholic Church community are even more beautiful and inspirational to so many around you. Mom and I are especially delighted at the beauty of your organ playing at Sunday Mass. Thank you for making this a more beautiful world in so many ways. You are a real treasure!

  4. Daniel Sanchez says:

    What a beautiful and very inspiring and motivating transformation!!!

  5. Jerome Jostes says:

    I didn’t know where to put this so I hope here is ok 🙂

    I’m currently taking Strongevity Rx and since taking this supplement I have noticed improvements with my Parkinson’s disease. Yes improvements, I’ve stopped taking Artane which is suppose to help with tremors and since being on it I’ve seen no improvement not not bit BUT since taking Strongevity Rx my tremors are diminishing and I’ve been able to stop taking Artane and my Neurologist is dumbfounded! I told him what has happened and he couldn’t believe it?! He is extremely happy for me and continues to monitor my Parkinson’s. He said be careful and I am, it’s finally great to be able to grab a glass of water without spilling it or dicing fruits and vegetables without cutting my fingers all the time. I’m so happy that Strongevity Rx is my miracle supplement and I owe it all to you Bill Phillips!! Praise God that I can now not be ashamed at checkout when I’m trying to use my debit card or at a restaurant and not need a spoon to eat my food. Finally I honestly have relief….thank you so much and,
    God bless
    Jerome Jostes

  6. B. Michelle says:

    I may be late to reply, but this is truly an awesome transformation. I signed up today, and cannot wait to get started.

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