Back-on-Track Challenge Runners Up who WIN $1,000!

Back-on-Track Challenge

Back-on-Track Challenge Runners Up who WIN $1,000!

Congratulations to each of the hundreds of people who completed our last Transformation Challenge! I admire and respect you all and wish you continued success! I look forward to sharing many of the success stories in the weeks ahead. Here are our Runners Up (in no particular order) who Win $1,000 each for working hard to change their bodies and lives!

Our $1,000 Runners Up are:


Joe and Wendi Pehrson

Cindy Gerus and Pete Haschytz

Kristie and Grin Pearce

Shanel and Nate Murdock


Danni Hall

Pamela Gibbons

Kelly Thurber


Jeff Spitzer

Dan Moyer

Charlie Sander

++Keep up the good work!! You are all inspiring others to make healthy changes in their lives by the way you are living yours!

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