Who else wants to Win $5,000 and build Your Best Body?

Back on Track 2014

There’s Still Time to Enter my 2014 Back-on-Track Challenge!

Transform your Body, Renew Your Life! $10,000 in Rewards! ($5,000 to each of two winners!)

It’s FREE to sign up and no purchase of anything is required. This is a healthy and fun challenge, like my original Body-for-LIFE contests that have helped thousands of people make an incredible change from before to after! Now it’s YOUR turn!!

Read all about it and sign up today! Give yourself another chance to get your health and fitness Back-on-Track!

Are you in? If so, click the link below and let’s get started now!

CLICK HERE NOW to learn more and sign up for FREE!


  1. donnamaria2014 says:

    Reblogged this on happy2change2014 and commented:
    Anyone care to join the challenge?

  2. Tom Mammon says:

    Does this extend the finish deadline ? Sent from my iPhone


    • Yes it does, the new finish dealine is now June 22, 2014.

      • Carol Wilson says:

        This thread says that Bill Phillips Back on Track Challenge Deadline is today .. July 22, 2014! Woot! My 12-week pictures and measurements were taken this morning. Next need I will compose the 500-word essay.


        1) What is the deadline for you to receive our information?
        2) What is the mailing address or electronic we need to send it to?
        3) Do you have questions we are to address or should we just outline were we were at the start, the challenge experience, where I plan to go next and gratitude statements?
        4) Is their a maximum or a minimal number of pictures you need?

      • Hi Carol,

        You can find all the answers for your questions in the Rules and Recommendations that were emailed to you after you entered the challenge. We look forward to receiving your before to after kit =)


      • Carol Wilson says:

        Hey Maria – Found those 2014 Back-on-Track Challenge Rules & Recommendations in back in my April 4, e-mail! It contains my answers! Thank you for your reply above! Will review it for compliance! Yes, I am so excited about finally being able to send Bill & family my very first Transformation kit!!! EEK!

  3. Dan Diaz says:

    Hello I have a quick question. I started my own personal transformation about 4 months ago and have been taking pictures and documenting measurements regularly and stumbled on this physique transformation. My question is can I use one of my before pictures of lets say a month ago for this challenge? I don’t have a newspaper or anything displaying the date just the info from the digital photo that you get with digital photos. Metadata I think they call it. Should I take a new photo today with a newspaper or do I not need a paper? Thank you. I’m a huge fan of yours Bill btw from the 1st time you introduced Body for Life. I swear I watched the video tape you released a million times and really motivated me. I think it was called Body of Work. 🙂

    • Hi Dan, Your photos need to be 12 weeks apart. Please take a before photo on your start date and another photo on your end date 12 weeks after. ~Maria Phillips

      • Dan Diaz says:

        Perfect. I have the before photos taken care of and am hauling some serious butt in the gym and in the kitchen. Can’t wait till the 3 months is over so I can share my story with you and Bill. I’ve been wanting to do this since I was 16 when he was in charge of Body for Life and I’m 32 now lol. Long time in the making. 🙂

  4. Hello. I signed up for the challenge at the beginning of 2014. We have found out my mom has pancreatic cancer. I haven’t done anything towards the challenge. My body & mind need this more than I realized. May I sign up now using this as my new start date? I want to make sure I can enter again for the 12 week challenge & disregard the first entry at the beginning of 2014. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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