Incredible Before to After Photos

Transformation Camp Alumni Geri Fisher: Before and After

Stronger, Healthier, Happier, More Energetic… and 50 lbs Lighter…

…Transformation Camp Alumni, Geri Fischer, mother of 5, has worked hard and earned all of those results and more.

In her photos above, we see where Geri was a year ago, and on the right, we see her now.  She worked out for 25 minutes 5 days a week, fed her body with a balance of protein and carbohydrates 5 to 6 times per day (a lot of Right Light Nutrition shakes and Eating for Life meals), she practiced the mindset exercises we teach at Transformation Camp and very importantly, she connected with other good people who were also on the journey of making challenging changes in their lives too.

Fischer Family Photo

The New and Improved Geri Fischer and her 5 Healthy Children Having Fun on the Beach!

Geri has taken a very humble, consistent, and smart approach to getting healthier. She took it one day at a time, and set specific short and long term goals. She focused on her progress instead of perfection, and never gave up. She never let adversity or her busy schedule stop her. Before she knew it, her change was making a healthy difference for the whole family — now, her kids even enjoy cooking Eating for Life meals with her and they’ve all become more active.

For the Fisher Family, the positive changes didn’t end after 12 weeks, or even 6 months… the transformation has become a new way of life.

Congratulations Geri for a job well done! Keep going strong — you’re an inspiration to others and a shining example of how a few basic lifestyle changes, practiced consistently and patiently, can transform your body and life!

~Bill Phillips


  1. Awesome Work Geri. This is such a inspiring Transformation. Keep up the great work..

  2. Karen Johnson says:

    How can I follow your program from home?

  3. Great job! What a transformation!!!

  4. Great job! What a transformation!

  5. Gary Grenier says:

    She looks awesome! A 10.

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