1. “Absolutely, positively, YES! I am in 100%, Bill!” I have completed several challenges over the years, including the first Body-for-LIFE challenge in 2000 and I have gotten great results. I am recommending your challenge to all my readers as well.

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    This is well worth checking out.

  3. I did the program in 2003. I was in my 50’s, looked great and thought I’d be a winner of the prize. However, I was not. Therefore, I forgot all about the program and gained everything and more. Over 11 yrs, I gained 62 lbs. I am totally ashamed of myself. I am really healthy and want to stay that way. I am 64 years old. I will do this challenge, not to win a prize, but to get healthier as I age. The program DOES work, but you have to stick with it for life.

  4. I’m looking forward to another challenge :). I do miss the education forums, community and daily accountability support groups so very much! I hope the site is up again soon. It is such a key factor to our success. Thanks again for all you do Bill…

  5. Lupe Atencio says:

    Hi Bill, I am excited to take this challenge. I will begin my challenge tomorrow. Photos for these 12 weeks will be taken today along with measurements. My official start date is January 20, 2014. I have my health back and ready to give this challenge my 100%. thank you for giving us this gift to keep going strong and for your guidance towards healthy body, mind, and soul! I am looking forward to an amazing Spring with great health thanks to you! Yes, and my commitment! Love you! I AM IN!!

  6. Jason Haugen says:

    Congratulations to everyone signing up for this great challenge, and best of luck! I will be joining all of you on this journey. Take it one day at a time, and remember, each day you are either improving your health, or letting it decline. It’s up to you!

  7. scubagirl says:

    How long is this going on? Does it have rounds like BFL did?

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