3 Simple Steps to Making Resolutions Work

Bill Phillips Books

3 Simple Steps to Making Resolutions Work

1) Resolutions should be about ACTION; NOT just ‘someday’ wishes. Transform wishes into concrete resolutions by simply using the word NOW in place of ‘someday’ when describing how you want to be. For example: “Someday I will get on the program and get in great shape again.” Transform that to: “NOW I will.”

2) Next, turn that action-focused resolution into a real and powerful goal by making it specific, objectively verifiable, and measurable: “NOW I will get on the program, and become 35 lbs lighter within the first 12 weeks of 2014!!”

3) Then, write your powerful goal down and post it to your bathroom mirror and on your refrigerator door. Read your goal daily… make it your mantra, and see it coming true in your Mind. Focus on your goal everyday and do what you need to do to make that goal come to life.

Follow these 3 Simple Steps and you WILL succeed… it will start in your Mind and flow through your body and life.


  1. Karen Bracken says:

    Thank you for your continued inspiration, Bill. As I prepare for new year goals today, I have found a website personalsuccess.com the website of John W. Richardson. He has several great templates for goal setting, daily priotities and a focused fitness template that mentions it works great with Body for Life. The website also talks about how to develop and change habits. What an awesome resource for us BFL ers (2002)who also are interested in the psychology of change to help us achieve our fitness goals.

  2. Dear Bill, Something you said in one of your older videos gave me the courage to find a better doctor for my DVT in an arm. I have been keeping on track at the medical facility that is further from home, and well worth the effort to be there. Thank you for being so public with your private life.I really am doing well now.

  3. bettejeanb says:

    I will try. I would really like to do something that works.

  4. Thank for excellent blogs – Not sure why but i cannot make comments on your facebook page. Hope you are doing well!

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