Momentum is the Energy You Need!

Success Tip from Bill Phillips

Keep the momentum going and the energy flowing!

Let’s talk a little basic physics — getting an object at rest to begin moving requires far more energy than it does to keep it moving. Think of a rocket: 90% of the energy is spent on the initial thrust — on getting the blasted thing into the air. The remaining 10% is all that’s needed to keep it going. In a way, the same applies to transforming our bodies — it’s the act of getting started that is, by far, the most challenging stage of the process.

If you are moving ahead right now and have that advantage of MOMENTUM, please keep it going! You are in a position to make an extraordinary transformation. But, if you were to stop now, you would lose all that momentum and you would have to start all over again. I don’t want you to have to go through that, and I know you don’t either. So please, hang in there! Keep the momentum going and the energy flowing!


  1. Bert Morgan says:

    God, I love these motivational messages you send Bill. They are timely as if you know exactly when someone is struggling a little bit. Then again you DO know when people struggle with this so for that I say thank you for the mini kick in the ass. I completed my first week and to put it mildly, it was a struggle. Four doctor visits, two episodes of aggressive heart racing due to A-Fib and then the waiting for the doctors OK to continue. I’m sure I haven’t lost an once. But I finished a week. I completed this challenge last 13 years ago. I know the effort necessary to “finish.” But I do need the kick in the butt at times. Good to know I’m not alone. Thanks Again. Bert Morgan.

  2. sherri sorensen says:

    It works when you are doing any thing negitive or poitive. You start eating candy then you have eaten have the jar , So when you think of snaking drink a glass of water ask yourself if you are really hungry? ,If you’ve gotten enough rest , Last but not least if you still have a craving do 5-10 min of exersise push ups ,plank ,squats or wallsits.

  3. cher bettencourt says:

    I am so thankful that you had sent me the E-mail a week ago. It it hadn’t of come through, I would be having just another fat November of not doing anything. Thank you and my team for all the energy you have given me. God Bless,

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