Bill Phillips, Body-for-LIFE, Searching for One Person

A Public Message to Only One Person

Hundreds of people will read this quick message but I’m actually writing it to JUST ONE PERSON.

I know there is one person reading this message right now who has been thinking about making a significant, healthy change in their body and life. A person who is quietly, privately worried and frustrated with the layers of unhealthy bodyfat that have covered what used to be a strong and able body which felt young and energetic. This person is successful in other areas of their life and they realize that being out of shape isn’t consistent with who they really are deep down inside. The one person I am writing this message to is also at the tipping point right now… they are capable of making a powerful and bold decision, TODAY, that changes their life, and maybe even saves their life.


If this person is YOU, please accept my invitation to come work with me in person at my body for life transformation center here in Colorado. Over the last year I have helped dozens of physicians, attorneys, business owners and managers, even military officers, make an extraordinary breakthrough in their health, strength, motivation and energy. I am 100% confident I can help you too. Please come spend 3 days with me and my team of exercise and nutrition experts and let me help you bring the condition of your body up to the shape of your successful life. My professional fee for the 3-day course is much less expensive (and less painful) than what a heart attack will cost you… of course I am speaking about a heart attack that you survive. I can literally help you save your life… and I can help you enjoy it more and live it with energy and passion.

For over two decades, I have been doing this for celebrities, world champion athletes, doctors, lawyers, and people from about every other walk of life you can imagine. IF YOU ARE READY TO MAKE A DECISION NOW, I can help you too. If you are the ONE I am speaking to, please email me right away with your name and phone number at BILL@TRANSFORMATION.COM and let me know you are SERIOUS about this and READY. I can see you in early October or the first week of November. I am accepting only ONE person today into my 3-day intensive program. If it’s not you, please disregard this post. ~Bill Phillips


  1. Fit at Fifty Plus! I would love to be in tip top shape and attend your seminars but not having the money holds me back. However I think you do amazing things! God Bless, Carol

  2. Hi there Bill,
    I am writing you from South Africa – Mpumalanga. I did the BFL challenge on my own in 2002 and have since been using this lifestyle as my compass. I seriously need to partake in this challenge, since I have gone through a divorce and as Potential Development, wellness and grooming Coach (and Emotional Intelligence speaker) I seriously need motivation, renewed and challenging goals and focus on becoming the Champion I know I have been created to be! Could I still qualify ? Any way I can get hold of Betagen ?

    Amazing enough : MY coaching and development program is called Potential Champions – Back on Track – Transformation 2013 –

    I look forward to hear from you.

    Amanda Van Zyl

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