Science News: Build Muscle, Gain Energy Faster

“I started with MET-Rx, then launched EAS and Body-for -LIFE. Now I’ve developed STRONGEVITY Rx, a new supplement that takes it to the next level. It’s not just for better fitness — it’s for a better life.” ~Bill Phillips


I’ve been using STRONGEVITY Rx since last year and I’m stronger now than I’ve been in a decade. And my doctor recently commented, after a thorough check-up, that I have the heart of a 25 year old.

When I started using the pilot production samples of STRONGEVITY Rx, the benefits kicked in fast — I started feeling stronger and more energetic within 2 weeks. I gained the endurance to workout even harder and recover more quickly. And I’m absolutely certain that this breakthrough has the potential to restore, rejuvenate, and empower you too.

“I started with MET-Rx, then launched EAS. Now I’ve developed STRONGEVITY Rx, a new supplement that takes it to the next level. However, it’s not just for better fitness — it’s for a better life.”

I know it sounds too good to be true. If I were you right now, I’d be skeptical — excited and interested — but skeptical nonetheless. Don’t worry. Everything that I’ve stated above, can be proven, with objective scientific data. STRONGEVITY Rx is the most exciting breakthrough supplement I’ve seen going all the way back to when I introduced and launched MET-Rx Engineered Food, and the world’s leading performance nutrition line, EAS, back in the 1990’s.

I am absolutely convinced STRONGEVITY Rx has Body-forLIFE-like potential in terms of how many people it can help.

The scientific foundation of this new product is a compilation of what I’ve learned over the last 25 years as well as the contributions of over 200 scientists, medical doctors and researchers from around the world. Let’s now take a look at the science behind the claims, so you can see for yourself what an incredible breakthrough-discovery STRONGEVITY Rx is.


STRONGEVITY Rx: The Solution for the Problems of Premature Aging

As I expanded the scope of my personal interest and research focus beyond fitness and into the science of longevity, what I saw mostly was a bunch of well intended, anti-aging theorists who are literally looking for life in all the wrong places. No, the fountain of youth isn’t just artificial Growth Hormone (GH) injections. The answer isn’t sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber or eating nothing but raw-foods.

Up until now, exercise and eating right have really been the only two practical, proven methods to live a longer, healthier life. I believe all of us should be consistently working out and eating frequent, nutrient dense, calorie compact meals. Beyond that, the life-extension theorists haven’t been able to get traction with anything else. As I mentioned above, that’s partially because they haven’t been looking in the right places.

The fact is, when it comes to maximizing both quality and quantity of life, there is an ideal cellular target which has been shown time and time again, in recent scientific studies, to be very responsive to the supplementation of key nutrients, in precise dosages and combinations. That target is the mitochondria — the microscopic power plants which transform the food we eat into the energy which fuels all biological life. This universal energy molecule which provides 95 percent of the body’s energy is called ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

ATP is cellular energy — it is not a stimulant like caffeine which merely activates excitatory neurotransmitters for a short period of time. Cellular energy is different — it provides strength from within each and every one of the trillions of cells which make up you, and me. It’s literally energy for life.

Good News: When we’re young, the mitochondria work very efficiently and energy flows throughout the body like water coming out of a fire hose. Physical and mental strength are vital as a result. Heart disease, lifestyle cancers, and neurodegenerative conditions are virtually non-existent.

Bad News: As we age, especially beyond the 40-year mark, cellular energy levels begin to slump due to wear and tear on the mitochondria. That’s a problem. In fact, that’s a BIG problem. Scientists have discovered when mitochondria become unhealthy, they start to sputter like the engine in an old pick up truck with over 100,000 miles on it.

As the mitochondrial structure, including its DNA (mtDNA) suffer damage, they begin to dysfunction creating cellular energy deficiencies and excess oxidative damage to the genetic material within cells. Without consistent energy supply (energy homeostasis is what the scientists call it), brain cells (neurons) simply die. Muscle cells wither. Skin cells age rapidly. Other bodily cells misfire, mutate, and act differently than they’re supposed to. Deleterious conditions ranging from cancer to fatal heart disease, depression, diabetes, as well as neurodegenerative conditions including Alzheimer’s, find fertile ground.

Science now shows us: It is not merely the accumulation of years that makes us old — it is the accumulation of mitochondrial damage.

Even the highly promising focus of lengthening human life by preventing the shortening of telomeres (chromosome caps) appears to be dependent on maintaining and/or restoring optimal mitochondrial health and function (as reported in Nucleic Acids Research).

STRONGVITY Rx Protects, Restores, Rejuvenates, and Energizes Your Mitochondria

STRONGEVITY Rx is the first nutraceutical supplement of its kind that has been specifically, scientifically developed to restore and renew mitochondrial structure and function. Its formula contains a precise combination of 6 pharmaceutical quality, nutritional supplement ingredients that work additively and synergistically. This new natural medicine represents the real-world application of the ground-breaking clinical research findings in this field.

Key Ingredient #1: Pure, Micronized Creatine Monohydrate

Back in the 1990’s when I owned EAS, we were the first to introduce the fitness world to creatine supplementation. At the time, there were just a handful of scientific research studies which indicated creatine significantly increased muscle strength and lean body mass. After experiencing great results from using creatine myself, I wrote about it in my magazine at the time, Muscle Media. From there, as other fitness buff’s began to feel the power of creatine firsthand, the product just took off. There had never been a natural performance enhancer that worked this well ever before.

What we didn’t know at the time was that the powerful effects creatine has on muscle strength is just the tip of the iceberg. Fast-forward to today… now more than 500 scientific studies have been conducted showing that creatine supplementation is not just for athletes; it can help virtually every adult man and woman, young and old, live longer, stronger, and healthier.

It’s truly incredible to see how far creatine has come over the past two decades. The new science proves that creatine, especially when it’s combined with the other key ingredients in the STRONGEVITY Rx formula, not only improves muscular function, but it also boosts intelligence, makes the heart healthier, and extends lifespan. Creatine has also been shown to restore healthy blood lipid levels (lowering the dangerous form of cholesterol, LDL, as well as triglycerides).

Guess where the pure creatine in STRONGEVITY Rx exerts its positive effects. If you jumped up from your chair and screamed “Bill, it’s the mitochondria, for goodness sakes!” you are spot on correct (and you need to chill out a little — you’re starting to act like me). It’s true, creatine monohydrate works by increasing the capacity of the mitochondria to produce energy. It does this by providing muscle cells, heart cells, brain cells and all the rest, with an extra phosphocreatine molecule that the mitochondria adds to ADP (adenosine diphosphate) to facilitate the rapid recycling of ATP. This basic biochemical reaction produces an incredibly profound positive effect on our strength, cognition, energy and longevity.

STRONGEVITY Rx contains pure, pharmaceutical grade, micronized creatine monohydrate — the exact form used in the most rigorous clinical studies and research centers around the world, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Here’s a look at what scientists are discovering in their creatine research projects…

  • The Journal of Investigative Dermatology published a study revealing the profound anti-aging and even anti-tumor effects of creatine supplementation: “These data indicate that increase of the energy precursor creatine protects from functionally relevant, aging associated mutations of mtDNA… [these] mutations play a role in neurodegeneration, normal aging, premature aging of the skin, and (cancer) tumors… In addition to this, mtDNA mutations have also been reported to be increased in several types of tumors affecting the colon, bladder, lung, breast, kidney, head, and neck.”
  • Research by scientists at the University of Sydney and Macquarie University in Australia has shown that taking creatine can give a significant boost to working memory (up to 20% improvement) and fluid intelligence (up to 40% improvement in IQ). “Creatine supplementation gave a significantly measureable boost to brain power.” explains Dr. Caroline Rae, Lead Investigator of the Research Project at The University of Sydney. “Oral creatine monohydrate supplementation improves brain performance in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial… Creatine plays a pivotal role in brain-energy homeostasis… and 6 weeks of supplementation had a significantly positive effect… these findings underline a dynamic and significant role of brain energy capacity in influencing brain performance.”
  • Creatine is both safe and effective according to scientific studies. Side effects have been more myth than fact. For example, it was rumored that creatine supplementation may cause kidney stress in some users. A study recently reported (June 2013) in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition disproved that speculation: “… creatine supplementation did not affect kidney function in resistance-trained healthy individuals consuming a high-protein diet; thus reinforcing the safety of this dietary supplement.” (However, I do recommend that anyone with existing kidney, liver or heart disease consult with their physician before using STRONGEVITY Rx).
  • And of course there are literally hundreds of studies which show creatine supplementation increases strength, lean body mass, and athletic performance. “University of Queensland (St. Lucia, Australia) researchers reported that lifters taking creatine increased the number of reps they were able to complete with 85% of their one-rep max by 40%, while those taking a placebo experienced no change in the number of reps they were able to complete with the same weight.”
  • Red meat is the richest dietary source of creatine — a couple servings of STRONGEVITY Rx have as much creatine as a steak the size of a laptop computer. I don’t eat anywhere near that much red meat; in fact, I typically just have an 8-ounce filet twice a month. For people like me who don’t eat a lot of steak, STRONGEVITY Rx will produce especially noticeable results within 2 weeks. According to The Journal of Human Evolution, there was a time long ago where our ancestor’s were almost exclusively meat eaters. Experts believe that the abundant creatine supply in those ancestors way of eating led directly to the rapid expansion of brain size which separates human beings from other primates. With this consideration, it is possible that our modern brains are creatine deficient and lack a consistent supply of the high-energy fuel they need to perform at their fullest potential. Supplementing with STRONGEVITY Rx will help ensure that creatine supplies are optimal to fuel a strong body and mind.

Key Ingredient #2: Precise Blend of Ubiquinol and Ubiquinone forms of Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is a substance similar to a vitamin. It is found in every cell of the body where it is utilized to produce energy within the mitochondria. It also functions as an antioxidant which protects mitochondria from damage caused by harmful molecules, free radicals. CoQ10 is naturally present in small amounts in a wide variety of foods but is particularly high in meats. Unfortunately, most people over the age of 30, and especially 40, have suboptimal levels of CoQ10 in their system and this is why CoQ10 supplementation is so important.

CoQ10 is available as a supplement in 2 primary forms: Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol. Combining them both helps increase the absorption of CoQ10 and ensures that a consistent supply will be available to aid mitochondrial function. Coenzyme Q10 has been shown in scientific studies to improve heart health, decrease risk of fatal heart attack, and help keep brain cells younger for longer.

Here’s the BIG NEWS I’m so excited about: Breakthrough new research shows when CoQ10 is combined with creatine, the effects of both increase dramatically. What the scientific studies have revealed is that a combination of CoQ10 plus creatine has powerful effects that neither have on their own.

  • A study published in the Journal of Neurochemistry, evaluated the effects of creatine supplementation alone, CoQ10 supplementation alone, and the effects of a combined treatment (creatine and CoQ10 used together) on lifespan. Because, as you might imagine, clinical studies to evaluate human lifespan would take decades to complete, researchers used ‘R6/2’ mice with remarkable similarities to the human genome. The lifespan of the R6/2 that were given creatine increased by 17%; those supplemented with CoQ10 increased by 14%; and the ones being given both creatine and CoQ10 had a remarkable 22% increase in lifespan. “CoQ10 and creatine are promising agents for neuroprotection via their effect on improving mitochondrial function and cellular bioenergetics and their properties as antioxidants.” the study reports.

Creatine and CoQ10 chart

This incredible discovery offers tremendous promise to those of us who are passionate about living longer and living stronger. Creatine and CoQ10 each exert powerful effects on the mitochondria although they work through different mechanisms and pathways. Creatine plays a key role in energy production, and CoQ10 plays a supporting role in the creation of energy, by acting as a co-factor to the electron-transport chain within the mitochondria. CoQ10 also accepts unbound electrons which are byproducts of cellular energy production and neutralizes them before these (free radicals – unbound electrons) can damage genetic coding within mitochondrial DNA.

The combination of creatine and CoQ10 is so powerful that a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical giant is aiming to capitalize on a massive study funded by the NIH which is in Phase III clinical trials at this time. The drug company is preparing to petition for FDA approval, classifying these two natural supplements as a ‘drug’. It would be prescribed specifically to help people suffering from neurological diseases such as Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Although doctors may very well soon be writing scripts for a pharmaceutical medicine made up of creatine and CoQ10, because they’re natural supplements we will still be able to get them over the counter for the application of enhancing our health and fitness. The pharmaceutical company may gain exclusive rights to provide the creatine + CoQ10 combination as a treatment to slow the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. Hopefully, they wont convince the FDA to make creatine + CoQ10 available by prescription only (that would suck because it would become so much more expensive and not available to all those who can benefit from this natural approach).

Key Ingredient #3: Biologically Active Cholecalciferol

This nutrient is the biologically active form of Vitamin D (D3). Although technically it’s not a vitamin; it’s a hormone precursor. In the liver cholecalciferol is converted to the hormone calcitriol. Experts, including Dr. John Jacob Cannell, M.D., Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council, conclude that approximately 70 percent of the population in America is deficient in this very important nutrient. A primary source of cholecalciferol is produced in the skin as a result of exposure to sunlight. However, since most people work indoors and have been admonished to stay out of the sun, deficiency has become the rule, not the exception.

Low levels of cholecalciferol are directly associated with early death; in fact, it’s as high of a risk factor as smoking and not exercising. As such, it’s my opinion that blood levels of cholecalciferol should be measured by your physician during every health screening. A deficiency of this hormone precursor should be as much of a red flag as dangerously high cholesterol is. Optimal blood levels of cholecalciferol have been shown to reduce our risk of heart disease, depression, diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune illness, at least 13 different types of cancer, and osteoporosis.

  • In addition, cholecalciferol supplementation was shown in a recent scientific study to help up-regulate the body’s ability to burn fat in response to exercise. A study conducted by researchers from the University of Minnesota (funded by the National Institutes of Health) found that overweight people have better success in losing weight when their Vitamin D3 levels are increased. When combined with healthy eating, supplementation with Vitamin D3 helps promote increased weight loss among those whose levels are low. For each nanogram per milliliter increase in blood cholecalciferol levels, it was observed that an extra half-pound loss in weight occurred. “Evidence suggests adequate levels of Vitamin D may improve success with weight management programs and lower levels of obesity.” summarizes one expert.
  • The primary reason cholecalciferol is included in the STRONGEVITY Rx formula, is that recent scientific discoveries show that many of the health-enhancing effects of cholecalciferol supplementation are a result of its positive effects on (you know it by now…) mitochondrial function, especially in muscle. A breakthrough study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism proved that test subjects who received cholecalciferol treatment had significantly improved mitochondrial function. The lead researcher on this study stated: “… for the first time, we demonstrate a link between mitochondria and Vitamin D in human skeletal muscle.” At the beginning of this study, test subjects were suffering muscle weakness and fatigue due to Vitamin D deficiency. ALL participants reported an improvement in fatigue and energy by the end of the research project. Here, yet again, we see evidence that improving mitochondrial performance leads to significantly positive effects in the daily lives of people like you and I.

Ingredient #4: Pure, Pharmaceutical-Grade, L-Glutamine

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue and has long been known to support protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Glutamine also plays a key role in supporting the immune system. It is included in the STRONGEVITY Rx formula not just for these benefits but rather, because it is a source of cellular energy (after glucose) and even more importantly, glutamine helps protect mitochondrial structure and function under conditions of stress, as confirmed by a study published in The American Journal of Physiology. Again, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to our overall health, strength, and longevity to apply scientific knowledge such as this.

Ingredients #5 and #6: Zinc Citrate and Carnosine.

The mineral zinc (citrate form) and the amino acid carnosine round out the STRONGEVITY Rx formula. Each of these nutrients have been added for their neuroprotective and anti-oxidant properties which help support mitochondrial health and function.

STRONGEVITY Rx is naturally-flavored, sweetened, and colored. A spoonful of powder mixed with a glass of cold water, stirred for a few seconds, results in a delicious glass of orange fruit punch (tastes like tang). It’s simple and easy to use and just now, for the first time, it is available for others to benefit from.

A limited supply of STRONGEVITY Rx is NOW available with priority being given to people participating in the Transformation Challenge. Click here to reserve your supply of STRONGEVITY Rx today.

Recap and Review

A virtual mountain of scientific research now exists that makes it crystal clear it is absolutely possible to protect the mitochondria and its DNA through targeted nutritional supplementation. That is what STRONGEVITY Rx is all about. As the number of years since our birth increase, and especially beyond age 40, unless we do something to intervene, we lose brain cells, muscle strength, and energy every year. We now know that getting old is not just a matter of age, it’s a matter of mitochondrial damage and dysfunction.

So we know that exercise helps mitigate premature aging. We know that eating right (not dieting) helps us prevent disease and allows us to live longer. And now, with this breakthrough discovery, STRONGEVITY Rx offers another powerful pathway to keep the body and mind stronger for longer. As I’ve explained in this report, supplementing with the ingredients in STRONGEVITY Rx have been shown to produce these benefits:

  • Boost Muscle Strength
  • Increase Intelligence
  • Extend Healthy Lifespan
  • Increase Weight Loss
  • Slow the Aging Process
  • Reduce Risk of Disease
  • Increase Energy

If you’re anything like me and you’re excited about experiencing these benefits, then I invite you to give STRONGEVITY Rx a try. It’s available now on a limited basis. You can order STRONGEVITY Rx by clicking HERE while supplies last.


Unfortunately, in the supplement market, we often see companies using low-quality ingredients in their products to compete on price and increase their profits. The supplement companies win — the supplement consumers lose in this scenario. I’ve been warning people about this practice for over two decades and it’s still as prevalent now as it’s ever been.

When I was CEO of EAS we went to great lengths to ensure that our customers received the highest quality products. With STRONGEVITY Rx, quality comes first as well. Remember, I originally built this new product for my own use. I don’t skimp on ingredients and I am willing to invest whatever’s necessary to get the full, potent effects from the supplements I use. After all, it’s our bodies and lives that we’re talking about here; we all deserve the best. And with STRONGEVITY Rx, that’s what you get. It’s guaranteed to contain all the ingredients the label claims and it is only manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified facility.

With STRONGEVITY Rx, you’re investing in the highest quality supplement with scientifically proven results. There is nothing else on the market that offers this much value and all for less than most people spend on their morning cup of designer coffee.

Remember, STRONGEVITY Rx is an investment in YOU that will pay back great dividends for your health in the short and long term.

Now You Can Experience the Power of STRONGEVITY Rx Yourself

I’ve added STRONGEVITY Rx to my online nutrition center. Click Here to reserve your very own supply. Each bottle of STRONGEVITY Rx contains 30 servings. I recommend one to two servings per day for women and two to three servings daily for men (men require a higher dosage because we have more energy-hungry muscle cells, and mitochondria, to feed). No loading dose is required (it was once thought that for creatine and other such nutrients to be effective, we had to take extra amounts for the first week. Science has shown that is not necessary though). I go through six, 30-serving bottles, every two months. Most men will see great results at two servings of STRONGEVITY Rx a day (six, 30-serving bottles for a 12-week supply). Women can get good results with three, 30-serving bottles, as a 12-week supply.

I take a serving of STRONGEVITY Rx in the morning — it has a clean, natural orange flavor, and it’s great mixed with 6 oz. of ice water. I also really enjoy adding it to my Vanilla Right Light Nutrition Shakes in the morning. I have another serving of STRONGEVITY Rx in the afternoon, usually after my workouts. And I have a third serving at night before I go to bed, so that while I’m sleeping my cells can be rejuvenating and re-energizing. My wife, Maria, takes just one serving of STRONGEVITY Rx in the morning with her Right Light Nutrition Shake.

STRONGEVITY Rx is not available in stores — the only way to get it is by clicking here and placing your order, while supplies last.


Try STRONGEVITY Rx for 12 weeks. If you don’t feel stronger, more energetic, and healthier, return the used bottles along with your receipt to me at: Bill Phillips Transformation Research Center, 221 Corporate Circle, Suite K, Golden, Colorado, 80401. I’ll send you a prompt refund for the complete purchase price, including shipping charges. I’m offering this unconditional guarantee because I KNOW STRONGEVITY Rx will work for you too.

Limited Supply of STRONGEVITY Rx Available: Click Here to Reserve Your Own Supply Today.




  1. Sounds Good, I still follow your 1 free day a week system and its been working great for me. Look forward to this coming out

  2. sylvio calheiros says:

    I am in Brasil
    How can I buy STRONGEVIT RX ?
    let me know

    • Hi Sylvio,

      Thank you for your message. I would love to help you place your order for STRONGEVITY Rx. Please email me at: and I will get this out to you as soon as possible!


      • HI Bill!,
        I have started taking Strongevity Creatine. I am now very sleepy, very often when I take it I scoop per day. It’s yummy and I am happy to have it, but why am I sooo sleepy. It’s a good sleepy, like my body is really resting, but for the past two weeks I have slept in and not gone to work out. I feel good emotionally, just super deep sleepy. Could this be an affect of the creatine? Am I not taking it correctly? I mix it with water and drink it.

      • Hi Kelly, there is nothing in the product that would have that kind of effect. What it could be is dehydration. When you are using Creatine you may want to increase your water consumption.

  3. Sounds great. I have food sensitivities. Where can I read the ingredient label? Thanks.

  4. Hey Bill I been following your advise for over 20 years, I will be turning 70 July 7th and I’m in the greatest shape ever thanks to you. I’m getting ready to do 150 bike ride with the MS Society called Pedal to The Point next month and I’m also prospering to do a the BCS Marathon in Taxes in December.
    I did order Strongevity Rx ten days ago but have not received it yet. I’m very excited .

  5. I really like the idea of this!
    I have been looking for something to raise my energy levels for some time now. I’ve tried spirulina powder (got rid of my hay fever type allergies) bee pollen, barley grass powder, macca root powder (did…nothing?) and moringa. They all seem healthy but didn’t do much for energy. I like to sleep a bit too much.

    I did have a question though, does the amount you should take vary based on whatever size of a person that you are? For instance if I weigh 92 pounds do I need less of it? Or does it just not matter and everyone should take the same? Thanks for any info, this is an exciting product!

    • I would recommend one serving (two scoops in water) per day for you. Most women will take one to two servings per day and for men two to three servings per day is appropriate. Thank you for your question, enjoy!

  6. Chantale Leduc says:

    How can I order these products if I live in Québec, Canada ?

  7. Are there many carbs or sugars in the Strongevity?

    • Thank you very much for your question.

      A serving of STRONGEVITY Rx has 4 grams of carbohydrate (a couple from cane sugar and a couple from maltodextrin). These all-natural ingredients help the cellular absorption of a STRONGEVITY Rx key ingredient (see study pull-quote below and references to the studies). Simple carbs increase creatine transport–even a very small amount of carbs like 4 grams can help cells take in more of this key energy nutrient. The level of carbs in STRONGEVITY Rx is very safe and only mildly affects glucose levels. It is ok to use on a carbohydrate restricted eating routine. For athletes (and for people who work out regularly) I do suggest consuming a serving of STRONGEVITY Rx, within an hour after exercise, mixed with a nutrition shake balanced in protein and carbohydrates to further increase absorption of the key nutrients.

      “…studies by Green et al., have shown that combining the creatine with a simple carbohydrate, such as glucose, will increase creatine transport into the muscle even in subjects with near normal levels of muscle creatine, possibly via an insulin-mediated effect.”

      Green AL, Simpson EJ, Littlewood JJ, MacDonald IA, Greenhaff PL: Carbohydrate ingestion augments creatine retention during creatine feeding in humans. Acta Physiol Scand 158: 195–202, 1996.

      Green AL, Hultman E, MacDonald IA, Sewell DA, Greenhaff PL: Carbohydrate feeding augments skeletal muscle creatine accumulation during creatine supplementation in humans. Am J Physiol 271: E821–826, 1996.

  8. I just recieved my Strongevity Rx. Very excited to get started taking this new supplement. One question, is Strongevity the only supplement I am needing to take? I have Right Light Shakes and Right Nutrition Bars and I am following the workout/cardio schedule. Am I trying to build muscle, do I need to add HMB supplement to enhance muscle growth?

  9. Michael Dwyer says:

    Hi Bill, first let me say I’ve been following your work since your first ever challenge with MetRx published in Muscle Media 2000. You are to the supplement industry, what Steve Jobs was to Apple and the computer industry at large.
    I received the email announcing Stongevity and immediately placed an order for 6 bottles, after a small mix up in my order, due to my change of address as I’m preparing to deploy to Afghanistan with the Army which was handled most professionally and graciously by Jodi, whom deserves a raise;-). I received my Strongevity today tore into it and added it to my mid afternoon meal of RightLight Vanilla shake and slurped the creamsicle down, yummy.
    When I read the ingredients label my heart broke to see sucrose and maltodextrin in the mix. I am we’ll versed in both schools of thought on the subject of these sugars and I don’t want a rational for there use, rather I would like to petition for an absolutely free of all sugars version of your products. I know maltodextrin is also used in RightLight but being in my business, there is no better alternative Protein supplement than Right Light to throw in my ruck sack and get into my system while on the side of an Afghan mountain.
    My body has been grain/grain product free for sometime and I am growing younger like Benjamin Button because of it. I am 42 and people think I look 30. I am a military athlete, I move extreme distances under heavy load and then transition into a violenty explosive speed/power event the moment a reach my destination.
    Since I’ve been feeding my body only foods that require absolutely no processes other than picking them from the Earth or catching them and killing them for nourishment I have been re-born, all my metabolic processes are online and my body functions in accordance with its original intent.
    I know that a formulation of Strongevity without these sugars is probably not going to come into existence because of the misgivings of one guy, but hey I figured I’d give it a shot.
    To me, the taste of secondary forms of nutrition or supplements should be of little concern, if one needs a sweet taste I think it better to leave the adding of sweeteners to the individual.
    I really wanted to try this product but not at the expense of ingesting these sugars and I hope that I can return the five unopened bottles for a full refund.
    I have been ordering and reccomending products with your name on them since you started and will continue to do so with Right Light shakes. I trust you.

    Sincerely and respectfully,
    Michael Dwyer

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you very much for your question. There is a reason for the use of each ingredient of STRONGEVITY Rx, not for taste.

      A serving of STRONGEVITY Rx has 4 grams of carbohydrate (a couple from cane sugar and a couple from maltodextrin). These all-natural ingredients help the cellular absorption of a STRONGEVITY Rx key ingredient (see study pull-quote below and references to the studies). Simple carbs increase creatine transport–even a very small amount of carbs like 4 grams can help cells take in more of this key energy nutrient. The level of carbs in STRONGEVITY Rx is very safe and only mildly affects glucose levels. It is ok to use on a carbohydrate restricted eating routine. For athletes (and for people who work out regularly) I do suggest consuming a serving of STRONGEVITY Rx, within an hour after exercise, mixed with a nutrition shake balanced in protein and carbohydrates to further increase absorption of the key nutrients.

      “…studies by Green et al., have shown that combining the creatine with a simple carbohydrate, such as glucose, will increase creatine transport into the muscle even in subjects with near normal levels of muscle creatine, possibly via an insulin-mediated effect.”

      Green AL, Simpson EJ, Littlewood JJ, MacDonald IA, Greenhaff PL: Carbohydrate ingestion augments creatine retention during creatine feeding in humans. Acta Physiol Scand 158: 195–202, 1996.

      Green AL, Hultman E, MacDonald IA, Sewell DA, Greenhaff PL: Carbohydrate feeding augments skeletal muscle creatine accumulation during creatine supplementation in humans. Am J Physiol 271: E821–826, 1996.

  10. Tracy Novak says:

    Is there any problem getting this product to Australia? I would love to order it for both my husband and I.

  11. I have ordered this for my client that is a 90 yr old male suffering from diabetes and a bout with prostate cancer as well as a sudden decline in health and strength recently. He isn’t eating And barely drinking, but I am a fan of Met Rx And I am thankful Dr. Joe Vitale recommended this product. I will keep you posted on his progress. Grateful.

    • Hi Felicia,

      Thank you for your message. I admire and respect your role as a dedicated caretaker. A serving of STRONGEVITY Rx blended with a MET-Rx nutrition shake is a very effective nutritional boost, especially for our aging population and in particular the client you are caring for. Keep me posted please… Wishing you the best of health.

      Bill Phillips

      P.S. Joe Vitale is one of my favorite modern day philosophers and thinkers. He’s also one colorful character! =)

  12. Where is Strongevity Rx manufactured?

  13. Robin Kee says:

    can this take the place of a multi vitamin supplement?

    • Hi Robin,

      Thank you for your question.

      STRONGEVITY Rx is a specifically targeted supplement that contains 6 key nutrients that work additively and synergistically to boost the quantity and quality of cellular energy, produced by mitochondria.It is not designed for broad spectrum essential micro-nutrient replenishment — we all still need to feed our bodies with the 23 essential vitamins and minerals that you would find in a good quality multi-vitamin supplement.

      I don’t take a capsule or pill to get my daily allowance of vitamins and minerals — I get them in my Right Light nutrition shakes (2 daily servings have over 100% of most all of the 23 essential vitamins and minerals).

      ~Bill Phillips

  14. Debby Stinson says:

    Bill, Thank You! I think about you so often, and I just want you to “hear” how much you matter. Today you replied to an email to one of our group members, Charlotte and she was so thrilled – she even mentioned it tonight on our group call!!! Every day I am grateful for what you are doing. Every day is one day closer to your ten year goal. Every person, every story you influence towards health and happiness sends out a hundredfold message. Just want you to know that I notice. And four years later, every day, I count my blessings to have found your transformation program and website. (((((HUGS))))) Debby

    • Than you Debby — your messages have always been so consistently intelligent, light, and supportive. I hear often from the people you are helping and it is greatly appreciated by them and me. My best to you and your husband. Wishing you health, always! ~Bill

  15. I was wondering if I could use Strongevity Rx in conjunction with a Full Strength shake?

  16. Jerome Jostes says:

    Hey Bill, I just received the Strongevity and two samples of Right Light and a Peanut Bar! Thanks that was nice!! I sure do miss your nutrition shakes….
    I will let you know how Strongevity effects my Parkinson’s. I am looking for great results here!! 🙂

    God bless 🙂 Jerome

    • I have been on Strongevity Rx for a couple months now and I can honestly say it helps my Parkinson’s disease. Tremors are a bit less and clarity is more. Will continue to take this supplement as long as you sell it. Thank you Bill!
      God bless

  17. Jina Penn-Tracy says:

    Hi Bill,
    Since I was at Transformation Camp in February, I began taking some these ingredients based on your “sneak preview” advice and the surprising side-effect was a MUCH lower level of nerve and muscle pain that has bothered me since my car accident in 2010. I am ordering 3 jars to make sure I don’t run out.
    Thanks so much for the work that you do.

  18. andy morris says:

    hi Bill,
    on the Strongivity label it states as the 1st ingredient is SUCROSE… as in White Sugar?
    is this correct ?
    I am a diabetic type 2, is the quantity of 3 servings per day going have too much Sucrose or am missing something?
    By the way, I think Strongivity tastes great… like a orange Creamcycle pop.
    Thanks, Bill.

  19. Jon Woodman says:

    Hi Bill. Just got my first bottle of Strongevity. Excited to be using it. My one question is: whats the calorie content of Strongevity. Didn’t see that listed on the label.

    • Hi Jon,

      Thank you for your question. Each scoop of STRONGEVITY Rx has about 15 calories which are in the form of simple carbs, included to help improve the uptake of creatine, CoQ10, and glutamine especially. It’s not a significant source of calories — I like to mix a serving of STRONGEVITY Rx with a Vanilla protein shake (I use Right Light)… it mixes up like a delicious Orange Julius (orange cream shake). It’s a great post-workout shake because you’re getting the cellular energy nutrients from STRONGEVITY Rx and all 23 of the essential vitamins and minerals, along with a serving of the highest quality protein, all in one delicious, nutritious shake!

      Bill Phillips

  20. I am a transformation challenger on Eric and Debbie’s group. I have Bill’s book, transformation. I am very inspired by Bill’s work. I wanted to ask if the strongevity was Vegan. I also wanted to ask what type of sweetener is used in it. And I wanted to know the caloric content. Thank you for your help.
    Sincerely, Kat

    • Hi Kat,

      Thank you for your question. Yes, STRONGEVITY Rx is vegan and only natural sweeteners, flavors and colors are included in the formulation.

      Supplement Facts
      Serving Size: 15 grams (2 scoops)
      Servings per Container: 30

      Amount per Serving
      Vitamin D-3 (Cholecalciferol) 2000 IU
      Zinc (Citrate) 5 mg
      Creatine (Monohydrate) micronized 2500 mg
      L-Glutamine 1000 mg
      Coenzyme Q-10 100 mg
      (Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol)
      L-Carnosine 50 mg

      Other Ingredients: All-Natural Cane Sugar, Maltodextrin, Natural Flavor, Momordica Grosevonia
      (Monk Fruit Aka Lo Han) Fruit Extract, Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf Extract, and Talin.

      Bill Phillips

  21. Luis Gomez says:

    Hi Bill, great info.. Exactly what I was needing. I am just two weeks to complete the body for life program :D. I am 46 and went from 87kg to 78kg so far (my goal is about 72kg but being 173cm need to concentrate on the belly fat).

    I am in Germany.. How can I get STRONGEVITY here?

    Thanks Bill!

  22. Thanks for everything you do. Would you recommend only taking Strongevity post-workout or will you see the same effects using it pre-workout as well?

  23. Jerome Jostes says:

    Hi Bill,
    It has been a full month and I would like to say that Strongevity does help with my Ailments unfortunately it is a bit too pricey so I cannot keep affording it. 😦
    When I’m able to get back on my feet (workforce) I will purchase again.
    It taste really good with my vanilla Protein shakes and I felt the energy it gave me amongst other things that were good for me. Thank you for making an awesome supplement like Strongevity!!!
    God bless

    • Jerome Jostes says:

      The comment I made in October of 2013 is no longer valid since I am now able to afford Strongevity Rx. I’ve been taking it for several months and can honestly say my tremors are not as strong as they were before taking this supplement. Having Parkinson’s Disease has been a downer for me and I’ve been trying my best to overcome this disease through Nutrition & Exercise and still nothing, but when I consistently took Strongevity Rx I started to know the difference. I have now been able to stop taking Sinemet but still taking Artane. It’s been really great to finally find a supplement that has everything I need to help battle my disease. It hasn’t been easy Bill, but I haven’t given up either. When I first read what Strongevity Rx has inside of it and you explaining every detail an I researching every thing you have written I felt I had a great chance in calming these tremors. It’s been horrible trying to go grocery shopping and when your ready to check out customers are being impatient because I’m shaking so bad trying to write a check for my groceries. Not any more! Since being on Strongevity Rx it has been easier to write checks and I don’t stress as much either.
      So Bill please continue to make this supplement because I really need it and it’s been very beneficial to me. I take two tsp twice a day with my protein.
      God bless you always Bill, you are an awesome person who I respect. When we first met I knew in my heart we were going to be good friends.

      • Jerome I had no idea you were going through this. You are such a beautiful person. You helped me so much when opened. I am so glad this is helping you. Adding you to my daily healing prayers. Love and great respect, MickyO

  24. I’m a believer! I have pretty aggressive Multiple Sclerosis, with that come a lot of cognitive problems, “brain damage” as I have not so affectionately termed it. I have religiously been mixing up a 6oz serving twice a day for about 2 months now. I am experiencing a noticeable improvement in memory and cognitive function of my everyday life. My Dad is a long time follower of yours, and now, I am too! Thanks so much for the EXTREMELY helpful product!

    • Jerome Jostes says:

      That is so awesome Alex!! Strongevity Rx has been great for us both! 🙂 keep taking it and you’ll see it will benefit you even more my friend…

  25. Tom Ranieri says:

    Hey Bill, I love your products but I have only 1 kidney and I’m frightened to use any creatinine for fear of worsening my renal function. My creatinine level is about 2.2 but a recent Dexa scan reveals 200lbs of muscle and 18 lbs of fat. So I’m sure some of the increase in creatinine level is due to my muscle. At the same time I am 61 years old and I don’t want decrease any chance of longevity… Thanks for all your work

    • Hi Tom,

      Thank you for your question. Sounds like you are in great shape already — 9% bodyfat is very fit for a man of any age. I would recommend that you get creatine through whole food sources like having a lean serving of beef/steak a couple times per week instead of using a creatine supplement. I also recommend that you use CoQ10 (100mg per day) and Vitamin D3 at 200mg per day. Keep working out and eating right and you’ve got the odds of living longer and stronger in your favor! ~Bill

  26. Can you take it if your diabetic

    • Hi Rick,

      Several of our diabetic clients have reported that their doctor sees an improvement in their blood sugar metabolism while they’re using one or two servings of STRONGEVITY Rx daily. You’ll want to check with your doctor so he/she can keep an eye on your glucose levels if you decide to try STRONGEVITY Rx. It would work best if you took STRONGEVITY Rx with a protein shake (like our Right Light Nutrition Product) or if you had a serving of STRONGEVITY Rx with a meal that contained a portion of protein. If you would like to place an order you can visit and we’d be happy to serve you. ~Bill

  27. Bill, if a person is not able to work out for the full 25 a day with HIIT but say maybe 2-3 sets, is that enough exercise to take Strongevity? Also I read something about creatine causing bladder stones. Have you read any studies like that? If so, do you recommend more water or any other measures to counteract this? Thank you so much for everything. I bought a supply but wanted to get strong enough to be actually building muscles before taking it.

  28. Lynn Morin says:

    I should mention that I do excercise a little each am and pm. Not vigourously but enough to maintain with gentle calisthenics and stretches. I cannot overdo or I loose what I have even faster. But I do some.


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