Be Proud of Yourself Today

To Everyone Who has Accepted the Challenge to Transform their Health:

Today, as we begin a new week, my message to you is very simple: I AM PROUD OF YOU!

I am proud of the DECISION you’ve made. Only a small percentage of people in modern nations have decided what you have: to do the work, to accept the responsibility, and to make being healthy a priority in your life. Because of this, in my eyes, you are already a winner.

Yes, I know you have days when you get on the scale and it  doesn’t give you the number you’re looking for. And yes, I know that some days  you get up and look in the mirror and scoff “this isn’t working!” I know, I  know… I have those days too.

I want you to step back and look at the bigger picture for a  moment. Let the results be what they may today. More importantly, what I want you to SEE is that YOU are now on a healthy path and THAT is what matters most. Please don’t get discouraged. I am absolutely positive that if you stay on this path you’ll get where you want to go. You WILL succeed! It is only a matter of time and consistent, honest effort.

“The changes you are making in your life now, will make a difference in the lives of others later.”

Always remember that the changes you are making in your life now, will make a difference in the lives of others later. More and more people will follow your example and make the life-changing decision that you have already made — the decision to feel great, to get well before you get sick; the decision to live a longer, stronger life.

For all that, I AM PROUD OF YOU and happy for you.

Please, keep doing the work today. Keep your chin up today.  Keep believing in yourself today. And… most important of all… be PROUD of  yourself today!



  1. Denna Achenbach says:

    My journey started 10 years ago- blood pressure through the roof rushed to ER thinking I was having a stroke. One side of face pulled… Close call. Age 50. Today 160 pounds less. Why? Trainers that were huge fans of yours. God put me in the right place at the right time. I am a huge fan that hopes not only I but my trainers Eric and Jen Bertoldo also can meet you some day. They give their all for everyone that enters their doors and now Jen has cancer but continues helping others teaching the eating for life way. Thank you – you inspire more than you will ever know.
    PS I loved your wife’s story….

  2. Thank you for sharing good ways to be courageous so often.

  3. I keep getting stuck at the exact same weight over and over and have not been able to get passed it. It is the pleatau from hell. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I need to lose these last 20 pounds!

  4. clinton morin says:

    well i didn’t do that great today i had a small bag of chips at lunch
    and dinner was some breaded mushrooms and potato soup. i had a small steak and some mashed potatoes and some veggies. i gave into temptation a little bit today and i am upset with myself but i am back on track and will get my goals for tomorrow accomplished. clean eating and intense 525 upperbody workout and some ab work.

  5. Thank you Bill 🙂

  6. i have received emails from you and seen your updates over the past year but if i’m honest haven really read them because i haven’t been ready to make the first step in the right direction and admit i need help. i just read your comments above and it made me realise that even though your in the usa and i’m in the uk and i will never be able to come and join you at one of your training camps and be in the photos of the winners who do, you can still touch me and make me realise that you can help me find motivation to reach my goals. I am 300+ pounds and 39 yrs of age, i want to live for myself, my 9 year old son and my pretty wife so i can have quality time with them for many years to come instead of keeling over one morning and thats that, seeing james gandolfini go in the way he did made me very sad but also put into perspective that i haven’t reached any of the goals i set myself and haven’t left my mark on this world yet and still want to, i am an actor and want to be able to succeed in my profession but in reality my weight is holding me back. Thank you for being consistent (even though i turned the volume down for the last year) and thanks for touching me with your words, the volume is back up to ten from now on. x

  7. Thanks, I needed that today…

  8. I really needed this today, of all days. Thanks, Bill!

  9. Be proud of myself TODAY!???….THAT’S a different “mindset” for me…..didn’t feel I was worthy of THAT …..UNTIL….I had lost ALL the weight….but i can see that THIS program is so awesome in helping to change my stinking thinking (mindset) about myself so that I can CHOOSE to be proud of myself “NOW” because its not about perfection….it’s the DAILY progression (actually…moment by moment for me). Thanks Bill….for your amazing generosity!

  10. Thank you for taking the time in your busy schedule to write this blog!

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