The Beautiful Transformation of Maria

—-In today’s blog I’m sharing the story of my beautiful wife, Maria. Her transformation started with a decision — a downright-determined, fully-committed decision that she made at a turning point in her life. This is something Maria has in common with many other people who have successfully made a healthy change from before to after. It’s the same conscious decision you have to make to experience breakthrough success.

Before and After Maria is very beautiful. I have loved her all along and I will continue to adore her no matter what. The reason I am so happy about her transformation is that it has not only improved her health but it’s helped her discover her true self — beautiful, intelligent, inspiring and self-confident. I love being married to her and yes, I realize everyday, I’m a very lucky guy!

The letter below was written by Maria and shared with her community and friends. As you read about her personal experience and positive results I think you’ll learn some key insights that will help you make exciting changes too. I’ve included some before and after pictures of Maria as well as a couple of her and I from our dream wedding last year in Maui. Hope you’re having a great day and that you enjoy Maria’s message! ~Bill—-

Maria's Before to After

How I Finally Got it Together —- By Maria

I’m Maria and this is a look at what worked for me… finally, after years of trying! My before and now pictures above show how much I have changed on the outside. I am 64 pounds lighter than I was before (180 lbs to 116 lbs). What you can’t see is how much I have grown and learned and healed on the inside (and I still have more to do).

I remember that it didn’t matter what anyone else told me, it didn’t click until I made the decision to change and do it for my own personal reasons; it wasn’t because my friends or family told me too. My doctor had mentioned that it would be good for me to lose weight and so I would try diets but I never got anywhere. I was beginning to accept that being overweight was destiny for me. That way of thinking changed in a big way one day though.

Maria's Dress Before to After

I was looking at a friends photo of a weekend party we were at. I pointed to an overweight woman in one of the photos who I didn’t recognize at all and I asked “Who is that?” My friend quickly replied, “Don’t be silly Maria, that’s YOU!” I said to my friend “Seriously though… who is that?!” My friend held the picture closer to my eyes “Maria, I’m not kidding… this is you!” I looked at the overweight woman I didn’t recognize again… and under all that weight… it was me after all.

I was speechless and it felt like my heart hit the floor. I burst out into tears. I was completely shocked. Then I became mad and sad both at the same time. I was mad for letting myself get this far off track. I was scared, too. I will never forget that day; looking back I can see it was maybe the most important awakening of my life. I had the will at that point and I found a way to do it.

What worked? It is simple. I started doing interval exercise 5 days a week for 25 minutes. I worked out with weights and did aerobics. But more important than the workouts for me was the nutrition. I had to go against my own thinking at first and that meant eating throughout the day and not skipping meals. I started planning what I was going to eat and when the night before and I started eating before I got hungry. These were all new habits for me and not easy the first month. With time though, this healthy way of eating became my new routine and today it still feels very good and isn’t complicated.

Bill and Maria

What makes the eating plan work for me is that I don’t have to cook meals 6 times a day. Bill and I eat a combination of protein and carbohydrate balanced whole food meals and Right Light Nutrition Shakes. For example, on a typical day I’ll have 3 shakes and 2 meals. Bill aims for 3 meals and 3 shakes. One of the things that really helped me make progress is when the days got really busy and didn’t go according to schedule, I wouldn’t skip meals or grab something unhealthy — I’d just have a nutrition shake or a Right Nutrition Bar which I kept with my in my purse. When Bill and I are travelling and are just too busy to get to a kitchen or café we’ll put our backup plan into action… it’s a really simple backup plan… more shakes. Sometimes Bill will have 5 shakes and then dinner; I’ll have 4 then a meal. Our favorite meal is salmon, yam and steamed broccoli or spinach.

We follow the Eating for Life plan most days but occasionally we will have a ‘Free Day’ where we eat whatever we want. For example, we go to our favorite pizza place and order a large pizza — I have 2 slices and Bill eats the other 10 (he says it goes straight to his muscles!).

I think what is most important is that you are truly ready to change your eating and exercise habits. I know I was, and I continue to live this way today. Nothing worked for me until I was downright determined to changing. Once you make that shift in your mind, the body will follow. This is how it worked for me and I believe this is how it can work for you too.

Bill and Maria Wedding

Thank you for reading my story and allowing me to share my experiences. I hope it helps at least one person out there who is stuck in a body they don’t like and a life they don’t love. -Maria Phillips


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  1. Jasun Light says:

    Great Story Maria !! Very Inspirational !! I hope to meet you one day, and show you my own Transformation !! 🙂

  2. scott berkich says:

    Bill, I have followed you for alot of years, first may i say congradulations on your wedding. I wish you and your wife many years of happiness. I am 46 years old, and i can say i finally say i get it. I am ashamed to tell you this, but i have a quality that i am sure you never had, but i was the worst procrastinator, when it came time to taking care of myself. But i will bust my ass never to be that man again. I am writing you this, because i want you to know that i RESPECT YOU, for the man that you are, and your mission in life, helping people. I read a article of yours one time, that said working out will flow into every aspect of your life. I UNDERSTOOD IT, BUT NEVER APPLIED IT, TIL NOW, WHAT A HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT. WITH THE DEEPEST RESPECT.. Sincerely, Scott Berkich


  3. Maria’s story “stuck a chord” within me. I am retired at 59 and have no excuse not to do whatever it takes to be in the shape that I need to achieve. Thanks for providing me the inspiration to get going again.

    -Jessie Trotter 🙂

  4. I can eat less.I can eat less. I can eat less. Thank you.

  5. Hi Maria,
    What a great story! I too am at the weight you were and am 45. Reading your story is the mirror of my life. I have my own non profit Society where I help sick children have more time with their families. This last year my father became ill and I have lost myself in it all. Now I want a change to take care of me aswell as everything I do for everyone else. I need to find my self confidence again and hope to do this through your husbands program. Wish me luck and keep up the amazing life journey.
    Cheers Monique

  6. Wow! Great for you. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I have one question, when you have a “free day” is that all day or is that just one meal?

    Thank you again for the inspiring story,

    • Free Day for me is whatever I want. Some days I will fast and only have Nutrition Shakes. Other times, it will be reserved for a birthday party or special outing. Sometimes I have one free meal and other times I have three. What matters is that you are consistently on plan 6 days a week. When you do that you have a lot of freedom on Free Day. As Bill says: It’s not what you do some of the time, it’s what you do most of the time that counts! =) *Maria

  7. Hi can you tell me how to put on weight…
    I am 37 years old South African Indian male and am 47 kilograms…
    Tried eating a lot and had protein shakes with no glory…
    Wish I had some fat…

  8. awesome story. she’s beautiful Bill.

  9. Hi Maria…thank you for the inspiring story… I am really lost as to how to start it is very overwhelming at the moment … I have ALOT of weight to lose … I have a question do you mentor? I really need someone to guide and the extra encouragement thanks for your wonderful story

    • You should join an accountability group, studies show that people who make challenging changes in a group have 225% better results. Have you ever considered coming to one of Bill’s 3 day intensive fitness camps in Golden, Colorado? *Maria

  10. Don Kerber says:

    That’s great Maria. Bill’s an awesome guy, I know him from high school. We went to Golden together, I even admired him back then. He was and still is just incredibly in such great shape. Of course I never told him that back in high school but even back then I was curious as to how anyone could get in such great shape. He is amazing and has dedicated his whole life to fitness. I’ve tried the body for life and eating for life and have a good idea of what to do but still having a hard time following through. I think everyone that succeeds in Bill’s program deserves recognition. Great job Maria!!!

  11. What an inspiring story Maria. You are a remarkable woman and beautiful inside & out. I have been on a mission to finally lose the weight this year (43 pounds so far, but still have a way to go). I love to read success stories for the motivational reasons. You and Bill are an awesome couple and I truly appreciate you sharing your heart. You look amazing!

  12. Sue Hanna says:

    OMG! First I must say you are an inspiration and I’m so happy you shared your real story… I recently had a similar experience but it was more like looking in the mirror and not even recognizing myself – then not being able to fit into ANYTHING in my closet… Like most people I have a range of sizes in my closet… needless to say this made me cry to no end, asking myself, “how in the hell did this happen & when?” Since my doctor put me on insulin, I’ve gained 30 lbs. and when I tell her that, she blames it on my eating… Yeah, okay… that’s why they call it the “fat storage hormone”. I’ve been focusing on everyone else for so long, I had forgotten about me. So ashamed. I even had to purchase new exercise clothing since my sweatpants were too tight! Who’s ever heard of that? Your sweatpants were too tight? I will be starting my challenge this weekend – yes… just prior to the “start” deadline. Thank you again for sharing – you and Bill are truly a blessing.

  13. elsie pallanes says:

    wonderful story! a huge inspiration..thanks for sharing.

  14. Maria! So good to hear YOUR story as well. I have been following Bill for years and as much as I relate to his approach, seeing the results on a woman’s body (as well as in her mind and spirit), whom I can relate to….really warms my heart. I am turning 40 this year, I have 40lb to lose! I’m so thankful to have the support of the 12 week challenge (you and Bill) to escort me on my journey! Let’s do this! 🙂


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  2. douglas pitassi

    The Beautiful Transformation of Maria – Bill Phillips Fitness News

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