Before You Change Your Body, You Must Change Your Mindset


—-This blog is all about how to set your mind in an empowering direction. Now is the right time to learn how to utilize the power of positive perspectives and focus. I hope you enjoy reading it and if the spirit moves you, please leave me a comment to share how you can apply this lesson to YOUR transformation, starting today! ~Bill—-


As I have been saying for a few years now, what I have seen first hand is that most every great transformation I’ve witnessed was preceded by a dramatic increase of self-responsibility. The moment you truly decide to accept ownership of your health, your happiness and your life is the moment when everything begins to change. When you stop blaming others, give up the complaining, and you accept responsibility, it’s then and only then that you can harness your true power and ability to take control and make remarkable changes for the better.

Unfortunately, in our society today, we’re conditioned to do pretty much just the opposite. Not happy? It’s because of the people in my life. They’re the ones making me miserable. Not healthy? It’s the genetics I inherited. Darn ancestors! Crummy job? It’s because of the government and how they screwed up the economy. Haven’t been able to consistently eat right and exercise? That’s because I don’t have time–how could I with my ‘crazy busy’ life.

These kinds of excuses can seem very real and valid when we mistakenly believe that someone else is responsible for how we’re doing. When we do that, we literally give away our power to change. And as much as we might want to lose weight, gain muscle, feel more energetic and succeed, we’ll experience frustration, disappointment, and before long, we’ll quit. And then of course, we’ll blame someone else for it!

Accepting responsibility means taking control of the things you can and letting go of everything else. This is a very important point. What other people do, what they say, what they think… that’s their responsibility, not ours. We have no control over anything that happens in the world except what we do, what we say, what we think, and how we choose to respond to the events of this day.

It’s unfortunate to see that so many folks waste such vast quantities of valuable energy worrying about, gossiping about and complaining about things that are beyond their control. When we do that, we’re not solving anything, we’re not transforming anything, we’re not helping ourselves or anyone else. The only thing blaming and complaining really does is attract other people who do the same.

We must each give up blaming others for our lack of fulfillment, well-being and success. Instead, we can accept full responsibility for the condition of our lives. When we do, then and only then will we tap into our fullest potential and ability to change. As we continue on, we give up our excuses and fully realize it’s up to us to consciously choose how we respond and what we do in any given moment. By taking responsibility for those things that are within your control, and surrendering everything else, you will discover renewed energy, power and peace of mind.


  1. Karen Wells says:

    Amen! I learned this lesson well last summer.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Bill! Just what I needed to hear today! I am so pleased to see you writing again on this new blog!

  3. Hey does anyone know where I could get a copy of the motivational quotes that were on either a Body-For-Life poster/12 week calendar or an EAS poster. My daughters and I are getting motivated to start the challenge!!

  4. Dennis Funk says:

    This by far is the most challenging lesson, but is very Right On. I am still learning to practice this, but because i have been able to do so, i have lost 35 pounds in the last 12 weeks, and feel better than ever. Thanks Bill!

  5. Teagan Ewens says:

    Wow this is seriously just what I needed to be told today! Thank you Bill for the post! Great lesson

  6. Clinton Morin says:

    i really felt this lesson today i made a decision to eat efl do the 525 and my wife and i got a gym membership so we could work out together and restrengthen our damaged relationship through sweat and health. so thank you bill i have been a fan of yours for a great while and the only success ive had are your programs.

  7. Clinton Morin says:

    actually to follow up i ate efl and did the 525 yeah!

  8. Rita Thompson says:

    Im starting my challenge Sunday. No more excuses!

  9. Thanks Bill, for this reminder. I think that most of us know this to be true (at least for myself), Accepting it and moving forward is the challenge. I appreciate your inspiration!

  10. I get a high from starting something new and then quit,and then play a blame game to not have to follow through. Today you caught me cheating myself out of a better lifestyle.I didn’t exercise yesterday and had a blame already working to not exercise today. I accept responsibility for the quality of my life and start today with a happy heart.:)

  11. Simple but Powerful!

  12. Thank you Bill for telling me what I need to hear. So true in all aspects of life. The Blame Game is a demon.

  13. I totally agree with what you said and needed to hear it myself. It is so easy to get caught up in what is easy — excuses.

  14. Shelly-Anne says:

    Well said! Thank you for that reminder. I tend to forget that I can not control people, places and things and that I am responsible for is ME. I am taking responsibility for my health transformation and doing everything I can right now to make that happen. Planning, preparing and sticking to a routine is helping me get there. Mindset is even more important and starting every day on a positive note is a great prescription. Here is a to another super TRANSFORMATION day!

  15. Kirsten Soriano says:

    Great blog! You’re right – I blame the fact that I don’t have time to take of myself because I am a ‘crazy busy mom’. That (being a mom) should be reason enough TO take care of myself. Thanks, Bill! Looking forward to reading all your blogs.

  16. So so true Bill!

    You have inspired me and millions of others from all around the world to change their lives. Thank you for everything!

  17. Theresa says:

    There is really no one like you Bill; you always say it like it is. No gimmicks just down to earth, good hearted, honest instruction and encouragement. I have been following you since the early 90’s. Love and read everything you do… Now it’s time for action. No more blaming no more excuses. Xo

  18. Brad Willaby says:

    I do agree with this but somethings in life aren’t so easy and sometimes getting over it is easy said than done. I totally agree that we have to take responsibility for our actions and the mistakes we have made in our lives but sometimes life hands you things you cant handle at that time. Like death for example. You know it happens and everything that lives dies but sometimes life kicks your butt. They say God only gives what you can handle but sometimes that isn’t so. I made a mistake and in 2004 and sat back and reflected on how great life was and little did I know what shit storm life had for me in 2005. One thing after another fell apart. I have been in a rut since then but Im not giving up I will make a comeback and it all starts with me losing this weight and building myself back up from there. Its not easy. Dwelling on the bad and the self blame is very poisonous. U just have to believe in a brighter day and that it is attainable. Keep hope and love in your heart. Hate in your heart will eat you alive consume your life. Thank you and Im glad I found my way back to Bill. I love the body for life and cant wait to start my challenge.

  19. Awesome post Bill. So true! I still struggle with this, but more good days then bad now. Have lost 30 lbs so far and am a much more positive person which happens when u start taking responsibility for your actions instead of joining the negative tornado. Off to finish my workout for today. Got my run in today now time to strengthen and tone LOL! Have a great one!

  20. You’re right . Plain and simple .

  21. Reblogged this on wrrjourney and commented:
    Bill Phillips is fabulous. My brother and I had used his program many years ago with great success. I had actually reached my goal weight (losing 70+ lbs). I am so glad to find him here on WordPress. This is the path that I strayed from, Bill has the map back. Coincidentally, the next round of his challenge starts this month… Is this a sign that I should enter?

  22. Hal Marshall says:

    Even with the best of intentions you have to keep looking at your motivations and inclination to blame others. Accepting personal responsibility is a new habit for most of us, and we also have to learn to let go and stop blaming others. I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of my mother’s death. As executor of her estate, I have found people who are willing to take advantage of those who are grieving, and it has made me furious. As I lay in bed fuming last night I realized I couldn’t change their behavior, but I can change my behavior and my attitude. I don’t have to punish them for their misdeeds, but I am (literally) duty bound to do the right thing for the estate’s beneficiaries. I’ll do what needs to be done, let the chips fall where they may, and stop letting it eat me up with anger.

  23. I think there are layers to this lesson. The first time you spoke/wrote about this, Bill, I recognized the truth of it. I don’t know why it took me years to incorporate this wisdom into my life. Maybe unlearning bad habits can be as difficult as learning new ones. In any case, I’m glad to re-(re-re) learn this lesson.

  24. Hi Bill! I read this over and over and over again. This is so powerful! This sounds like me all the way. I blame everyone around me for my gain weight, for my bad food choices, my lack of exercise. Its time to take control of my life. Time for changes.

  25. oh Bill… here it is January 6 2015 and i have a stomach ache and feel pretty crappy about myself. your message here is just the thing i need to get off my a** and DO something about my body. yes i have made too many excuses in the past. i have your Body for Life and transformation books.. have read them and started to work on the programs.. you see the little devil on my shoulder is always telling me i’m going to fail.. AND i believe that bastard..not anymore. this is MY year MY time. the good news is i found out i love to lift weights..that is a real positive. i am so pumped. will keep you posted.. best to you and Maria..

  26. I love this! I used health issues as an excuse for 4 years and, 6 weeks ago, went to your Transformation Camp to finally get off my duff and stop making excuses! I can’t recommend enough how powerful and inspiring the camp was and how amazing it is to now have a support system with the group of friends and teammates I made at Camp!

  27. Every day waking up means a new chance to try again and do better. Thanks Bill 🙂

  28. I’m a believer! 😀 It is so simple, yet we always manage to come up with excuses and throw up barriers which prevent us from getting our wishes and achieving our dreams, no matter what they may be. You’re so right, it does not have to be that way. Enjoyed your succinct and motivational writing and am passing the link on 🙂

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