It’s Hard to Eat Right in the Wrong Kitchen

There’s no place like home for getting healthy; that is, if it’s organized and filled with things that nourish your well-being. But far too often, the place where we live is part of the problem. When it’s a cluttered mess, with a kitchen filled with sugary, processed, high calorie foods, it interferes with our efforts to eat healthy.

That’s why one of the first things I do when I begin working with someone new is meet them at their home to do what I call a ‘Healthy Spaces Makeover.’ I start in the kitchen by opening up the cabinets and refrigerator and I take a photo of each. Then I get out a hefty trash bag and I go to work. Out goes the half-eaten box of sugary cereal, the leftover potato chips, cookies, Pop Tarts, sodas, ice cream and such. Everything that’s packed with empty calories and practically devoid of essential nutrients must go.

Then, it’s off to the grocery store to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, brown rice, oatmeal, lean sources of protein like salmon, chicken, eggs, protein powder, light yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese, as well as plenty of pure water.

Transform Your Kitchen from Fat to Fit

Then it’s back to the kitchen where we put these new items in the cabinets and refrigerator. Then I take another photo and I paste it, as well as the photo taken before, on a sheet of paper. The before and after comparison is often very dramatic — like the difference between night and day. In just a matter of a few short hours, we change the kitchen from a health hazard to a vibrant source of nutritional energy. I tape the sheet of paper with both photos on a cabinet near the refrigerator so the person has a crystal-clear example of how I need that kitchen to look from this point forward. I suggest that you do this action step too — especially if you want to achieve your goals and be a winner in the Transformation Challenge! =)

Remember, it is hard to eat right in the wrong kitchen — it is much easier to do the right thing in the right environment. So, give your kitchen a Healthy Spaces Makeover this weekend — in doing so, you will be setting the table for your success!



  1. JIllian Tindall says:

    Got it!!!! You’re right. It’s time to check and chuck. Having plenty of Right shakes on hand and stocking up on healthy foods makes all the difference. I love the Eating for Life book. The recipies are fun and easy to make, and the shopping lists keep me on track and save money also. Thank you Bill!

  2. What do you suggest for people who live with 3 other adults who are not interested in changing their habits?

    • I’m in the same boat, Micky. I’m thinking about getting a small fridge (to put in my room or basement) and using that as my own that no one can “pollute” it with their garbage.

  3. So much less stress too when you’re in a hurry and need to grab something quick to eat. If the pantry is filled with the “Right” stuff (yes….pun intended), then just grab it and go!

  4. Same question, what do suggest when you live with a Husband that does not care what he eats, and buys unhealty food and two children. For the last 5 years I have asked him to stop buying junk food, and Ive had NO success

  5. I did this over this past weekend and now I gotta tell you: I need to go grocery shopping to say the least. I didnt realize how much CRAP I kept in the house and pinned it on the kids! “I gotta keep the swiss cake rolls because the kids like those!” The reality is: they dont! It took 2 days and what my stomach thought was sacrefice but I got it done. It was like kicking out the mooching roommate you always kept around so you dont get lonely. LATER CRAP FOOD! Good food is moving in!

  6. Done

  7. This is a great post but seriously made me laugh. Up until a few months ago my kitchen always looked like the picture on the right. I’ve been a “clean” eater for many, many years even though my weight is not what it should be. I recently moved my 85 yr old Mom in with me. Now, my kitchen looks like the one on the left! And I have to admit that chips, cookies and ice cream have made their way back into my diet. I don’t know how she lives on these foods but try as I might I can’t get her to keep away. My “WANT” power is going to be kicked up to “10” in order to stick with the new plan.

  8. Phil Rhodes says:

    How do you sign up?

  9. I want to be part of the contest

  10. Kerry Ohnesorge says:

    I’m in


  1. […] this helps with portion control and I really suggest you give it a try. In my previous blog called ’It’s Hard to Eat Right in the Wrong Kitchen’ I ask people to do a ’Healthy Spaces Makeover’. That means going through the […]

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